Discover the smoking policy at Excalibur Hotel and plan your stay accordingly.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Smoking is allowed in designated areas at Excalibur Hotel.

In this article, we will explore the smoking policy at Excalibur Hotel, including where smoking is permitted and the options available for non-smokers.

Smoking Policy at Excalibur Hotel

Designated Smoking Areas

Excalibur Hotel understands that some guests may wish to smoke while staying at the hotel. Therefore, the hotel provides designated smoking areas for those who smoke. These areas are strategically located throughout the property, allowing guests to enjoy their cigarettes without infringing on the comfort of non-smoking guests. So, if you are a smoker, you can rest assured that Excalibur Hotel has taken your needs into consideration.

Non-Smoking Areas

For the convenience and well-being of non-smoking guests, Excalibur Hotel has designated certain areas within the property as non-smoking zones. These areas include the lobby, restaurants, and other public spaces where smoking is not permitted. By creating these non-smoking areas, the hotel aims to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests, regardless of their smoking preferences.

Smoke-Free Rooms

If you prefer a smoke-free environment, Excalibur Hotel offers a range of smoke-free rooms. These rooms have been meticulously cleaned and maintained to ensure a fresh and odor-free atmosphere. You can enjoy your stay in these rooms without having to worry about any lingering smoke smells. Simply inform the hotel staff of your preference for a smoke-free room when making your reservation, and they will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

It’s important to note that Excalibur Hotel takes the health and comfort of all its guests seriously. By implementing a comprehensive smoking policy, the hotel strives to create a harmonious environment where both smokers and non-smokers can coexist comfortably. So whether you smoke or not, Excalibur Hotel has options to cater to your needs.

Designated Smoking Areas

If you are a smoker and planning a trip to the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, you may be wondering about the smoking policy within the hotel. The good news is that Excalibur Hotel does have designated smoking areas where guests can enjoy their cigarettes without violating any regulations.

Location and Accessibility

Excalibur Hotel understands the needs and preferences of its guests, both smokers and non-smokers. Therefore, they have conveniently placed designated smoking areas throughout the hotel premises. These areas are easily accessible and can be found in various locations, including outdoor spaces and specific indoor sections.

When you arrive at Excalibur Hotel, you will be provided with a map indicating the designated smoking areas. The hotel staff is always ready to assist you if you have any questions or need directions to these areas.

Smoking Amenities

In the designated smoking areas at Excalibur Hotel, you will find a range of amenities to enhance your smoking experience. These include comfortable seating, ashtrays, and proper ventilation to ensure that the smoke does not inconvenience non-smoking guests.

The hotel takes great care to maintain a clean and pleasant environment for all guests, regardless of their smoking preferences. The smoking areas are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that they are in top condition.

If you have any specific requests or requirements regarding smoking amenities, it is advisable to contact the hotel directly before your arrival. They will be more than happy to assist you and ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

For more information on the designated smoking areas at Excalibur Hotel, you can visit their official website at

Non-Smoking Areas

Public Spaces

Excalibur Hotel is committed to providing a comfortable and healthy environment for all guests. As a result, the hotel has designated non-smoking areas throughout its premises. These areas are clearly marked and strictly enforced to ensure that non-smoking guests can enjoy their stay without the inconvenience of secondhand smoke. The hotel’s non-smoking policy applies to all public spaces, including the lobby, hallways, and common areas.

Restaurants and Bars

Excalibur Hotel offers a variety of dining options, including restaurants and bars. While smoking is not allowed in the majority of these establishments, some designated areas may permit smoking. It is important to note that these smoking-permitted areas are clearly marked and separated from the non-smoking sections to minimize any potential discomfort for non-smoking guests.

However, it’s worth mentioning that smoking policies can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check with the hotel directly for the most up-to-date information. The Excalibur Hotel’s official website,, is a reliable source for the latest information on smoking policies and designated areas within the hotel.

Smoke-Free Rooms

For those seeking a smoke-free environment during their stay at Excalibur Hotel, you’ll be glad to know that they offer smoke-free rooms. These rooms are specifically designated for guests who prefer a cleaner and healthier atmosphere, free from the smell and hazards of smoking.

Room Options

The Excalibur Hotel provides a variety of room options for guests who prefer a smoke-free experience. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, you can choose from a range of room types, including standard rooms, suites, and even premium accommodations.

These smoke-free rooms are equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a top-notch hotel, such as comfortable beds, modern furnishings, and high-speed internet access. You can relax and enjoy your stay without worrying about the lingering smell of smoke.

Booking a Smoke-Free Room

Booking a smoke-free room at Excalibur Hotel is a simple and straightforward process. When making your reservation, either online or over the phone, be sure to specify your preference for a smoke-free room. The hotel staff will do their best to accommodate your request and assign you a room that meets your needs.

It’s important to book your smoke-free room in advance, as availability may be limited, especially during peak travel seasons. By planning ahead, you can ensure that you have a comfortable and smoke-free environment for your stay at Excalibur Hotel.

For more information about the smoke-free room options at Excalibur Hotel, you can visit their official website or contact their customer service directly.

Tips for Non-Smokers

If you are a non-smoker planning a stay at the Excalibur Hotel, it’s important to know the smoking policies and take necessary precautions to ensure a comfortable experience. Here are some helpful tips for non-smokers:

Avoiding Smoking Areas

The Excalibur Hotel does have designated smoking areas, typically located in certain public spaces and casino areas. As a non-smoker, it’s best to avoid these areas if possible. Not only will you be exposed to secondhand smoke, but the smell can also be quite overwhelming. To ensure a smoke-free environment, stick to non-smoking areas whenever possible.

Did you know? Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including at least 70 that can cause cancer. Avoiding exposure can significantly reduce the risk of developing smoking-related illnesses.

If you find yourself in a smoking area and are sensitive to the smoke, consider carrying a small portable fan or a scarf to cover your nose and mouth. These simple measures can help minimize your exposure and make your visit more enjoyable.

Requesting a Non-Smoking Floor

When making your reservation at the Excalibur Hotel, it is recommended that you request a non-smoking floor. While the hotel does have designated smoking rooms, requesting a non-smoking floor ensures that you will be in an area where smoking is prohibited.

Pro tip: Call the hotel directly or use their online reservation system to specifically request a non-smoking floor. This will help avoid any confusion or inconvenience upon arrival.

The non-smoking floors at the Excalibur Hotel are designed to provide a smoke-free environment for guests who prefer it. These floors are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to ensure a fresh and pleasant stay for non-smokers.

Interesting fact: According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to secondhand smoke can cause immediate adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

By following these tips, non-smokers can enjoy their stay at the Excalibur Hotel while minimizing exposure to secondhand smoke. Remember, your comfort and well-being are important, and the hotel staff is usually more than willing to accommodate your requests.


Now that you know the smoking policy at Excalibur Hotel, you can make an informed decision for your stay.

Whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker, Excalibur Hotel offers options to accommodate your needs.

Enjoy your stay at Excalibur Hotel without any concerns about the smoking policy.

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