If you’re a fan of the popular travel and hotel renovation show, Hotel Impossible, you may be wondering if the show has been cancelled.

Well, the answer is yes and no. While the show has not been officially cancelled, it has not been renewed for a new season either.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the current status of Hotel Impossible and explore some of the reasons why the show may have been put on hold. We’ll also examine the impact the show has had on the hospitality industry and what the future might hold for the show and its fans.

The Current Status of Hotel Impossible

Hotel Impossible is a popular reality TV show that premiered on Travel Channel in April 2012. The show follows hotel expert Anthony Melchiorri as he visits struggling hotels across the United States and helps them turn their businesses around. Over the years, the show has gained a loyal fan base and has been praised for its informative and entertaining content.

No New Seasons Announced

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding the cancellation or renewal of Hotel Impossible. The show’s last season, Season 8, aired in 2017, and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for news about the show’s future. However, despite the lack of updates, many fans remain optimistic and hopeful that the show will return with new seasons in the future.

Show May Be On Hold

While there has been no official confirmation about the show’s status, some rumors suggest that Hotel Impossible may be on hold due to various reasons, such as budget constraints or production issues. However, these rumors have not been confirmed, and it is important to take them with a grain of salt until there is an official statement from Travel Channel or the show’s production team.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Hotel Impossible’s future, fans can still enjoy watching past episodes of the show on various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Additionally, there are many other similar shows that fans of Hotel Impossible may enjoy, such as Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell and The Profit with Marcus Lemonis.

Why Hotel Impossible May Have Been Put on Hold

Hotel Impossible was a popular television show that aired on the Travel Channel for eight seasons. The show followed hotel expert Anthony Melchiorri as he visited struggling hotels and resorts across the United States and provided them with advice and guidance to improve their operations and overall guest experience. However, fans of the show may be wondering if it has been cancelled or put on hold. Here are some reasons why.

Production Costs

One potential reason why Hotel Impossible may have been put on hold is due to production costs. Reality television shows can be expensive to produce, and the cost of travel and accommodations for the production crew and host could have been a significant factor. Additionally, as the show progressed, the production team may have needed to invest more money in each episode to find hotels and resorts that were struggling enough to warrant being featured on the show.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Another reason why Hotel Impossible may have been put on hold is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the travel and hospitality industry, with many hotels and resorts struggling to stay afloat. With travel restrictions in place and fewer people traveling, it may have been difficult for the show’s producers to find suitable hotels and resorts to feature on the show.

Additionally, with social distancing guidelines and safety protocols in place, it may have been challenging for the production crew to film the show while adhering to these guidelines.

Changes in Travel and Hospitality Industry

The travel and hospitality industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the rise of home-sharing platforms like Airbnb and the increasing popularity of boutique hotels and resorts. These changes may have made it more challenging for Hotel Impossible to find struggling hotels and resorts to feature on the show.

Furthermore, with the increasing emphasis on personalized guest experiences, hotels and resorts may be more hesitant to allow a television crew to come in and critique their operations, even if it is for the benefit of the business.

While Hotel Impossible may have been put on hold for various reasons, fans of the show can still enjoy watching past episodes and learning from Anthony Melchiorri’s expertise. Additionally, there are other television shows and resources available that offer advice and guidance on improving hotel and resort operations.

The Impact of Hotel Impossible

For those who have been following the show, you may be wondering if Hotel Impossible has been cancelled. While there has been no official word on the show’s future, its impact on the hospitality industry has been significant. Here are a few ways that the show has made an impact:

Increased Industry Awareness

One of the biggest impacts of Hotel Impossible has been to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining high standards in the hospitality industry. The show has highlighted common issues that plague many hotels, such as poor customer service, outdated decor, and cleanliness issues. By showcasing these problems and providing solutions, the show has helped to educate hotel owners, managers, and staff on how to improve their operations.

According to a survey by Hotelier Magazine, over 80% of hoteliers believe that shows like Hotel Impossible have a positive impact on the industry by raising awareness and inspiring change.

Inspiration for Hotel Owners and Managers

Another impact of Hotel Impossible has been to inspire hotel owners and managers to take action to improve their properties. The show offers practical advice on how to make improvements, and viewers can see the results firsthand. This has motivated many hoteliers to implement changes in their own properties.

For example, in an interview with The Post and Courier, the owner of a hotel that was featured on the show said that the experience was a wake-up call and inspired him to make significant changes to his property.

Entertainment and Education for Fans

Finally, Hotel Impossible has provided fans with both entertainment and education. The show’s host, Anthony Melchiorri, is a charismatic and knowledgeable host who provides practical advice in an entertaining way. Fans of the show can learn about the hospitality industry while being entertained by the drama and excitement of each episode.

What the Future Might Hold for Hotel Impossible

Potential for Renewal

Hotel Impossible, the popular Travel Channel show, ended its eight-season run in 2018. Fans of the show have been wondering whether it will be renewed for a ninth season. While there is no official word yet on a possible renewal, there are indications that the show could return. The show’s creator, Anthony Melchiorri, has expressed interest in bringing the show back and has been working on developing new projects. Additionally, there is a strong fan base for the show, which could make it an attractive prospect for networks looking for content.

New Opportunities for Travel and Hospitality Shows

Even if Hotel Impossible doesn’t return, its impact on the travel and hospitality industry is likely to continue. The show was a pioneer in the genre of hotel makeover shows and inspired a number of similar shows, such as Hotel Hell and The Hotel Inspector. Its success also helped to popularize the idea of experiential travel and the importance of online reviews. As the travel and hospitality industry continues to evolve, there will likely be new opportunities for shows that provide insights into the industry and help travelers make informed choices.

Continued Impact on the Industry and Fans

Hotel Impossible had a significant impact on both the hospitality industry and its fans. The show shone a light on issues that hotels and resorts face, such as outdated decor, poor customer service, and unsanitary conditions. By providing solutions to these problems, Hotel Impossible helped to improve the quality of the industry as a whole. Its fans, meanwhile, were inspired by the show’s message of transformation and the idea that any hotel can be turned around with the right guidance. Even if the show doesn’t return, its legacy is likely to live on in the industry and the hearts of its fans.


While it’s uncertain if Hotel Impossible will return for a new season, the show has left an indelible mark on the hospitality industry and its fans. From increased awareness to inspiration for hotel owners and managers, the show has made a lasting impact.

As the travel and hospitality industry continues to evolve, there may be new opportunities for shows like Hotel Impossible to inspire and educate viewers. Whether or not the show returns, its legacy will live on.

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