Are you planning a stay at a Marriott hotel and wondering if they charge for long distance calls? In today’s connected world, it’s important to know the potential costs of making long distance calls from your hotel room. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, understanding the hotel’s policy on long distance calls can help you avoid any unexpected charges.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Yes, Marriott hotels typically charge for long distance calls. However, the specific charges and policies may vary depending on the individual hotel and location. In this article, we will explore the details of Marriott’s long distance call charges and provide you with helpful tips to minimize costs during your stay.

Understanding Marriott’s Long Distance Call Charges

When it comes to making long distance calls from your hotel room, it’s important to understand the charges you may incur. Marriott, like many other hotels, has specific policies and rates in place for long distance calls. Let’s take a closer look at how Marriott handles long distance calls and what you need to know.

Standard Rates for Long Distance Calls

Marriott typically charges for long distance calls made from their hotel rooms. The exact rates may vary depending on the location and specific hotel, so it’s always a good idea to check with the front desk or refer to the information provided in your room. Keep in mind that charges for long distance calls are separate from the regular room rates and may not be included in any promotional offers or discounts.

Marriott usually charges long distance calls based on the duration of the call and the destination. For example, you may be charged a certain rate per minute for domestic long distance calls within the same country, while international long distance calls may have higher rates. It’s essential to be aware of these charges to avoid any surprises on your hotel bill.

Additional Charges and Fees

In addition to the standard rates for long distance calls, Marriott may apply additional charges and fees. These charges can include taxes, surcharges, and any applicable connection fees. It’s important to review the hotel’s policies and ask about any extra fees that may be associated with long distance calls.

Marriott also offers options for making collect calls or using third-party calling services. These services may have their own set of charges and fees, so it’s crucial to inquire about them before making any calls.

International Calling Options

If you’re traveling internationally and need to make long distance calls, Marriott provides various options to keep you connected. Some hotels offer international calling plans, which can be a convenient and cost-effective solution. These plans may include discounted rates for specific countries or regions.

Alternatively, you can use your own mobile phone or a calling card to make international calls. Be sure to check with your mobile service provider for any international calling plans or roaming charges that may apply.

Remember to always double-check the specific policies and rates of the Marriott hotel you are staying in. It’s better to be informed beforehand to avoid any unexpected charges. By understanding Marriott’s long distance call charges, you can make informed decisions and enjoy a worry-free stay.

Tips to Minimize Long Distance Call Costs at Marriott

Use Internet-based Communication Apps

One of the easiest ways to avoid high long distance call costs at Marriott is to use internet-based communication apps. With apps like Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime, you can make voice or video calls over the internet for free or at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional phone calls. These apps are available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, making it convenient for travelers to stay connected with their loved ones without worrying about expensive long distance charges. So, why not take advantage of technology and save some money while staying at Marriott?

Purchase a Long Distance Calling Plan

If you anticipate making a lot of long distance calls during your stay at Marriott, it might be worth considering purchasing a long distance calling plan. Many phone service providers offer affordable plans that allow you to make unlimited long distance calls for a fixed monthly fee. You can contact your service provider and inquire about the available options. By having a long distance calling plan in place, you can make all the calls you need without worrying about the costs adding up.

Check for Special Packages or Deals

When booking your stay at Marriott, it’s always a good idea to check for any special packages or deals that include long distance calls. Marriott often offers promotional packages that include complimentary or discounted long distance calls as part of the overall package. These deals can help you save money and make your stay even more enjoyable. To find out about the current offers, visit the official Marriott website or contact their customer service directly. Remember, it never hurts to ask about any available discounts or perks!

By following these tips, you can minimize long distance call costs at Marriott and make your stay even more enjoyable. Utilizing internet-based communication apps, purchasing a long distance calling plan, or taking advantage of special packages can help you stay connected with your loved ones without breaking the bank. Happy travels!

Alternatives to Making Long Distance Calls from Your Hotel Room

When staying at a hotel, making long distance calls can sometimes incur additional charges. Marriott, like many other hotels, does charge for long distance calls. However, there are alternative options available that can help you save money and stay connected without breaking the bank.

Use a Local SIM Card

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make long distance calls from your hotel room is to use a local SIM card in your mobile phone. By purchasing a SIM card from a local provider, you can take advantage of local call rates and avoid expensive international roaming charges. This option is especially useful if you plan on making frequent or lengthy calls during your stay.

Find Nearby Public Telephones

If you don’t have access to a local SIM card or prefer not to use your mobile phone, another option is to find nearby public telephones. Many cities have public telephone booths or kiosks where you can make long distance calls at affordable rates. Some hotels also have public telephones available in their lobby or common areas for guests to use. Just be sure to have some change or a calling card on hand to pay for the call.

Use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Another alternative to making long distance calls from your hotel room is to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. VoIP allows you to make calls over the internet, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone calls. There are various VoIP apps and services available that allow you to make calls from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection to ensure good call quality.

By considering these alternatives, you can avoid any unexpected charges for long distance calls during your hotel stay. Remember to check with your hotel about their specific policies on long distance calls and any associated fees. Safe travels and happy calling!

Checking Marriott’s Long Distance Call Policy

Contacting the Hotel

If you’re unsure whether Marriott charges for long distance calls, the best way to find out is by directly contacting the hotel. You can call the front desk or the reservations department and ask them about their policy regarding long distance calls. They will be able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.

Checking the Hotel’s Website or Mobile App

Another convenient way to check Marriott’s long distance call policy is by visiting their official website or using their mobile app. Most hotels have a dedicated “Policies” or “Frequently Asked Questions” section where you can find information about their phone services and any associated charges. Make sure to look for specific details regarding long distance calls to avoid any surprises on your bill.

When checking the website or app, you might also find useful information about other services and amenities offered by the hotel. This can include details about Wi-Fi availability, parking fees, and room service options. Familiarizing yourself with these details can help you plan your stay more effectively and avoid any unexpected expenses.

Remember that hotel policies can vary, so it’s always a good idea to double-check with the specific Marriott hotel you plan on staying at. They will be able to give you the most accurate and relevant information for your particular reservation.


Knowing the details of Marriott’s long distance call charges can help you plan and budget for your stay. Remember that while Marriott hotels typically charge for long distance calls, there are ways to minimize costs, such as using internet-based communication apps or purchasing a long distance calling plan. Additionally, exploring alternative options like local SIM cards or public telephones can provide more affordable alternatives. Before your stay, make sure to check Marriott’s specific long distance call policy by contacting the hotel directly or checking their website or mobile app. By being informed and proactive, you can enjoy your stay at a Marriott hotel without any unexpected charges for long distance calls.

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