Looking for parking at Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, Los Angeles? This guide will provide everything you need to know about parking options, rates, validation, and tips for the best parking experience at this trendy boutique hotel.

Overview of Hotel Erwin Parking

Hotel Erwin, located in the heart of Venice Beach, unfortunately does not have its own parking lot or garage for guests. This is an important factor to consider when planning your stay at the hotel. However, there are several alternative parking options available near the hotel.

Street parking near the hotel is extremely limited

If you are lucky enough to find a spot, street parking near Hotel Erwin can be a convenient option. However, it is important to note that street parking in this area is extremely limited and often fills up quickly.

Additionally, there are certain restrictions and time limits that you need to be aware of. It is advisable to carefully read the parking signs and regulations before leaving your vehicle on the street.

Paid public parking lots within a few blocks of the hotel are the best options

The best parking options near Hotel Erwin are the paid public parking lots within a few blocks of the hotel. These lots provide a safe and convenient place to park your vehicle during your stay. They are monitored and offer 24/7 security, giving you peace of mind while exploring the vibrant neighborhood of Venice Beach.

One such parking lot is the Venice Beach Parking Lot located at 2100 Ocean Front Walk. This lot offers ample parking spaces and is just a short walk from Hotel Erwin. Another option is the Westminster Parking Lot, located at 612 Westminster Avenue, which also provides convenient parking for hotel guests.

It is important to note that these public parking lots charge hourly rates, so it is recommended to plan your parking duration accordingly. Additionally, during peak tourist seasons, these lots can fill up quickly, so it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot.

Parking Rates and Validation at Hotel Erwin

Self-parking rates at nearby public lots range from $15-25 per day

If you’re planning to drive to Hotel Erwin, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several public parking lots located conveniently nearby. These lots offer self-parking options, allowing you to come and go as you please during your stay.

The rates typically range from $15 to $25 per day, depending on the specific lot and the time of year.

While these rates may seem a bit steep, they are in line with the parking rates in the Venice Beach area. It’s important to keep in mind that parking can be limited, especially during peak tourist seasons, so it’s a good idea to arrive early to secure a spot.

Overnight parking rates around $35-40

If you’re planning to stay overnight at Hotel Erwin, you may be wondering about the overnight parking rates. The good news is that the rates are relatively reasonable compared to other hotels in the area.

On average, you can expect to pay around $35 to $40 for overnight parking at the nearby public lots.

While this may seem like an additional expense, it’s important to consider the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a secure parking spot for your vehicle. Plus, the proximity of the public lots to the hotel ensures that you won’t have to go far to retrieve or park your car.

Hotel validates for reduced parking rates at some lots – check with front desk

Hotel Erwin understands that parking fees can add up, and they strive to provide their guests with the best possible experience. That’s why they offer validation for reduced parking rates at select public lots in the area.

By validating your parking ticket at the front desk, you can enjoy discounted rates, saving you some extra cash during your stay.

It’s important to note that the availability of validation may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with the front desk upon your arrival. They will be more than happy to provide you with the most up-to-date information and guide you to the closest validated parking lots.

For more information, you can also visit the official Hotel Erwin website https://www.hotelerwin.com for details on parking rates and validation options.

Where to Find Parking Near Hotel Erwin

One of the biggest challenges for visitors to Hotel Erwin is finding a convenient parking spot. However, there are several options available within walking distance of the hotel. Here are some of the best parking lots to consider:

Best parking lots within walking distance of the hotel

  • The Venice Beach Parking Lot, located just a few blocks away from Hotel Erwin, offers ample parking spaces. It is a popular choice for visitors who want to explore the beach and the nearby attractions.
  • The Washington Square Parking Garage is another convenient option. It is located a short distance from the hotel and provides both covered and open-air parking.
  • If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Pacific Avenue Parking Lot is a great choice. It offers competitive rates and is just a short walk away from Hotel Erwin.

For a visual representation of the recommended parking locations, refer to the map below:

Map of recommended parking locations

Parking Lot Distance from Hotel Erwin Price
Venice Beach Parking Lot 0.3 miles $10 per day
Washington Square Parking Garage 0.5 miles $15 per day
Pacific Avenue Parking Lot 0.2 miles $8 per day

Here are some tips to help you find an open spot at each parking lot:

Tips for finding an open spot at each lot

  • Arrive early in the day to secure a parking spot, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • If one parking lot is full, try the next one on the list. Each lot offers a different number of spaces, so you have a good chance of finding an open spot.
  • Consider using a parking app or website that provides real-time information on parking availability. This can save you time and frustration.
  • If you’re staying at Hotel Erwin for multiple days, inquire about discounted parking rates or deals with the parking lot attendants.

Remember to plan ahead and allow extra time for parking, especially if you have a reservation or appointment at the hotel. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to find a convenient parking spot near Hotel Erwin without any hassle!

Alternatives to Parking Near Hotel Erwin

Take an Uber, Lyft or taxi to the hotel

If you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to reach Hotel Erwin, consider taking a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, or even a traditional taxi. With just a few taps on your smartphone, a driver will pick you up and drop you off right at the hotel’s doorstep.

This option is especially great if you’re traveling with heavy luggage or simply want to avoid the stress of finding parking in a busy area like Venice Beach.

Use public transportation like the Big Blue Bus

The Big Blue Bus is a popular public transportation option in the Santa Monica and Venice Beach area. It offers a convenient and affordable way to get around, and there’s even a bus stop near Hotel Erwin.

By using the Big Blue Bus, you can explore the nearby attractions without worrying about parking fees or searching for a parking spot. Plus, you’ll have the chance to interact with locals and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

Rent bikes or scooters to get around Venice Beach area

One of the best ways to explore the Venice Beach area is on two wheels. Renting bicycles or scooters is not only a fun and eco-friendly option, but it also allows you to navigate through the narrow streets and beachfront paths with ease.

There are several rental shops near Hotel Erwin where you can find a wide range of bikes and scooters to suit your preferences. So, hop on a bike or scooter, feel the cool ocean breeze on your face, and enjoy the scenic beauty of Venice Beach.

Parking Tips for Hotel Erwin Guests

Request early check-in to improve parking availability

If you’re planning to stay at Hotel Erwin, it’s a good idea to request an early check-in. By arriving at the hotel earlier in the day, you may have a better chance of finding available parking spots. This is especially important if you’re visiting during busy times, such as weekends or peak tourist seasons.

Remember, parking availability can be limited, so it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and secure your spot.

Have your parking ticket validated by the front desk daily

One of the perks of staying at Hotel Erwin is that you can have your parking ticket validated by the front desk. This means that you can enjoy discounted or even free parking during your stay. Make sure to ask the front desk about this service and have your parking ticket validated daily.

It’s a great way to save some money and make your stay even more enjoyable.

Avoid peak times like weekends and summer months if possible

If you have some flexibility in your travel plans, try to avoid peak times like weekends and summer months when parking can be more challenging to find. By choosing to visit during off-peak times, you’ll have a better chance of finding available parking spaces near the hotel.

Additionally, you may also be able to take advantage of lower hotel rates and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

It’s important to note that parking availability can vary depending on the time of year and local events. To stay updated on any changes or special promotions, it’s always a good idea to visit the Hotel Erwin website or contact their front desk directly.

Planning ahead and following these parking tips will help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience during your stay at Hotel Erwin.


With limited parking near Hotel Erwin, utilizing nearby public parking lots and getting validation from the hotel are your best options. Careful planning and following parking tips from the hotel staff can help make the most of your stay at this popular Venice Beach boutique hotel.

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