Trying to keep your clothes clean while traveling can be a hassle, especially if your hotel doesn’t have laundry facilities on-site. Fortunately, more and more hotels are offering guest laundry services and amenities to make washing clothes on the road easier.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Most hotels have coin-operated washers and dryers on-site, while some offer valet laundry service and laundry bags. Expect to pay $2-5 to wash and dry one load. Consider budget hotels with guest laundries and ask about laundry amenities when booking.

Types of Hotel Laundry Amenities

Self-Service Laundry Rooms

Many hotels today offer self-service laundry rooms as a convenient amenity for their guests. These facilities are equipped with washers and dryers that guests can use at their own convenience. It’s a great option for those who prefer to do their laundry themselves or for those who are staying at the hotel for an extended period of time and need to wash their clothes.

Self-service laundry rooms are often equipped with detergent vending machines, so guests don’t have to worry about bringing their own detergent. Additionally, some hotels provide irons and ironing boards in these rooms, allowing guests to freshen up their clothes before heading out.

Valet/Staff Laundry Service

For those who prefer to have their laundry taken care of by the hotel staff, valet or staff laundry service is available in many hotels. This service allows guests to leave their dirty laundry with the hotel staff, who will wash, dry, and fold the clothes before returning them to the guest’s room.

It is a convenient option for busy travelers who don’t have the time or desire to do their own laundry.

While valet or staff laundry service typically comes at an additional cost, it saves guests valuable time and effort. Some hotels even offer express laundry service, ensuring that guests receive their clean clothes within a few hours.

In-Room Laundry

For ultimate convenience, some luxury hotels offer in-room laundry facilities. These rooms are equipped with a washer and dryer, allowing guests to do their laundry without leaving the comfort of their room.

In-room laundry is particularly popular among long-term guests or families who may have a lot of laundry to do during their stay.

Having in-room laundry facilities allows guests to maintain their privacy and convenience while taking care of their laundry needs. It eliminates the need to carry dirty laundry to a public laundry room or rely on hotel staff for laundry services.

Laundry Bags and Kits

Many hotels provide laundry bags and kits in their rooms for guests who prefer to have their laundry taken care of by the hotel staff. These kits typically include laundry bags, laundry lists, and instructions on how to use the service.

Guests can simply fill the bag with their dirty laundry, fill out the laundry list with their preferences, and leave it for the hotel staff to collect.

Using the hotel’s laundry service is often a convenient option, especially for travelers who are on the go and don’t have time to do their laundry themselves. The hotel staff will take care of everything, from washing to folding, and deliver the clean clothes back to the guest’s room.

Cost to Use Hotel Laundry Facilities

Coin-Operated Machine Rates

Many hotels offer coin-operated laundry facilities for guests who prefer to do their own laundry. These machines typically require quarters to operate, and the rates can vary depending on the hotel. It is recommended to check with the front desk or look for posted signs to determine the cost per load.

While some hotels may charge a flat fee, others may charge per cycle. On average, guests can expect to pay around $2 to $5 per load. However, it’s important to note that this can vary depending on the hotel’s location and the type of machines available.

Valet Laundry Fees

For guests who prefer a more convenient option, many hotels offer valet laundry services. With this service, guests can have their laundry picked up from their room and returned to them clean and folded.

While this option may be more expensive than using the coin-operated machines, it saves guests time and effort. The cost of valet laundry services can vary depending on the hotel and the amount of laundry being cleaned. On average, guests can expect to pay around $10 to $20 per load.

Some hotels may also offer express service for an additional fee, which ensures that the laundry is returned within a shorter timeframe.

Using In-Room Laundry

Some hotels provide in-room laundry facilities, such as a washing machine and dryer, for guests who prefer to do their laundry in the comfort of their own room. This option is typically more expensive than using the coin-operated machines or valet laundry services.

The cost of in-room laundry can vary depending on the hotel, but guests can expect to pay an additional fee per load. It’s important to note that not all hotels offer in-room laundry facilities, so it’s recommended to check with the hotel before booking if this amenity is important to you.

When to Use Hotel Laundry vs. Dry Cleaning

When it comes to doing laundry while staying at a hotel, you have a few options. One of the main decisions you’ll need to make is whether to use the hotel laundry services or opt for dry cleaning. The choice will depend on a few factors, including the type of clothing you need to clean and the amount of laundry you have.

For Delicates and Formalwear

If you have delicate garments or formalwear that require special care, it’s usually best to opt for dry cleaning. Professional dry cleaners are equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle these items properly. They can effectively remove stains and odors without causing any damage to the fabric.

Dry cleaning is particularly beneficial for items made of silk, wool, or other delicate materials that may shrink or lose their shape if washed in a regular machine.

Pro Tip: To find a reliable dry cleaner near your hotel, you can check online directories or ask the hotel staff for recommendations. Many hotels also offer dry cleaning services, so be sure to inquire about this option at the front desk.

If You Have Lots of Clothes to Wash

If you find yourself with a large amount of laundry to do, utilizing the hotel laundry services may be more convenient and cost-effective. Most hotels offer self-service or full-service laundry facilities, allowing guests to wash and dry their clothes on-site.

This can save you time and money compared to using a dry cleaner, especially if you have multiple loads of laundry.

Pro Tip: Before using the hotel’s laundry facilities, it’s a good idea to check the cost and availability of the machines. Some hotels charge per load or per hour of usage, so it’s important to factor in these costs when deciding whether to use the hotel laundry or seek out a nearby laundromat.

It’s worth noting that not all hotels offer laundry services, so it’s essential to check their amenities before making a reservation. Additionally, keep in mind that some hotels may have restrictions on the types of clothing that can be laundered or dry cleaned.

Checking with the hotel beforehand will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when it comes to doing laundry during your stay.

Doing Laundry at Different Hotel Types

Luxury/Upscale Hotels

When staying at luxury or upscale hotels, guests can expect top-notch laundry services. These hotels often have their own in-house laundry facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machines and professional staff.

The amenities provided include high-quality detergent, fabric softeners, and even ironing services. Guests can simply drop off their laundry and have it returned to their room in pristine condition. The convenience and efficiency of these laundry services undoubtedly enhance the overall luxury experience.

Mid-Range Hotels

Mid-range hotels generally offer self-service laundry facilities for their guests. These facilities usually consist of coin-operated washing machines and dryers, as well as vending machines for detergent and fabric softeners.

Guests have the flexibility to do their own laundry at their own pace, without the need to rely on external services. This option is particularly beneficial for guests who prefer to maintain their privacy or have specific preferences for their laundry routine.

Plus, it can be a great way to save some money on laundry costs.

Budget Hotels

While budget hotels may not always provide dedicated laundry facilities, some may offer alternative solutions. These hotels may provide laundry services through partnerships with nearby laundromats or offer affordable laundry packages to guests.

Additionally, budget hotels often have irons and ironing boards available upon request, allowing guests to freshen up their clothes. It’s always a good idea to check with the hotel beforehand to see what laundry options are available.

Remember, regardless of the hotel type, it’s important to pack enough clean clothes for your trip. However, if you find yourself running low on clean clothes, taking advantage of the laundry options at your hotel can be a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Laundry Tips for Hotel Stays

Ask at Check-In

When checking into a hotel, it’s always a good idea to ask about their laundry facilities and services. Some hotels offer in-house laundry services where you can simply drop off your items and have them returned to you clean and folded.

Others may have self-service laundry rooms available for guest use. By asking at check-in, you can find out what options are available and plan accordingly.

Review Laundry Policies

Before doing your laundry at a hotel, take a moment to review their laundry policies. Some hotels charge a fee for using their laundry facilities, while others provide laundry services as part of your stay.

It’s important to know if there are any restrictions on what can be washed, such as delicate fabrics or items that require dry cleaning. Additionally, familiarize yourself with any operating hours or rules for using the laundry room.

Pack Laundry Supplies

To ensure a smooth and efficient laundry experience, it’s a good idea to pack some essential laundry supplies. This may include laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, stain remover, and dryer sheets.

By having these items readily available, you won’t have to worry about purchasing them at the hotel or finding alternatives.

Check Laundry Room Hours

When planning to do laundry at a hotel, it’s important to check the laundry room hours. Some hotels have limited operating hours for their laundry facilities, so it’s best to plan accordingly. If the laundry room has specific hours, try to schedule your laundry load during a time when it’s less likely to be crowded.

This way, you can avoid any potential wait times and complete your laundry quickly and efficiently.


Doing laundry while traveling can keep your clothes fresh and save on packing, as long as your hotel has the amenities. From coin-operated washers at budget properties to valet service at luxury hotels, understanding your laundry options and costs can make maintaining clean clothes on the road hassle-free.

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