Finding an affordable hotel for $50 or less per night can seem daunting, but is possible if you know where to look. This comprehensive guide will uncover hotel deals to fit even the tightest travel budget.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Some of the best places to find hotels under $50 a night include budget chain hotels like Motel 6, independent motels, hostels, and hotels found using deal sites like Hotwire and Priceline.

Budget Hotel Chains

Motel 6

Motel 6 is a well-known budget hotel chain that offers affordable accommodations across the United States. With over 1,400 locations, it is a popular choice for budget travelers. Motel 6 focuses on providing clean, comfortable rooms at a low price point.

They offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary morning coffee, and pet-friendly policies. With rates often starting at $50 a night, Motel 6 is a great option for budget-conscious travelers.

Red Roof Inn

Red Roof Inn is another budget hotel chain that provides affordable accommodations for travelers. With over 500 locations in the United States, they offer clean and comfortable rooms at a budget-friendly price.

Red Roof Inn is known for its friendly staff, convenient locations, and amenities such as free Wi-Fi and pet-friendly policies. Their rates are often below $50 a night, making them an excellent choice for budget travelers.

Super 8

Super 8 is a well-established budget hotel chain with over 1,800 locations worldwide. They offer affordable accommodations without compromising on quality. Super 8 provides clean and comfortable rooms, as well as amenities such as free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking.

With rates starting at $50 a night, Super 8 is a popular choice for budget travelers looking for a reliable and cost-effective option.

Days Inn

Days Inn is a budget hotel chain that offers affordable accommodations in over 1,700 locations worldwide. They provide comfortable rooms, friendly service, and convenient amenities such as free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast.

Days Inn is known for its affordable rates, with prices often starting at $50 a night or even lower. For budget travelers, Days Inn is a great option to consider.


EconoLodge is a budget hotel chain that offers affordable accommodations in various locations across the United States. They focus on providing clean and comfortable rooms at a budget-friendly price. EconoLodge offers amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and pet-friendly policies.

With rates starting at $50 a night, EconoLodge is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for an affordable and comfortable stay.

When looking for budget hotel options, these budget hotel chains are worth considering. They provide affordable accommodations without compromising on comfort and cleanliness. With rates often starting at $50 a night or lower, these hotel chains offer great value for budget travelers.

Independent Budget Motels

When it comes to finding affordable accommodation, independent budget motels can be a great option for budget travelers. These motels offer comfortable rooms at affordable prices, making them an ideal choice for those looking to save money on their accommodation expenses.

Airport Motels

Airport motels are located near airports and offer convenient lodging options for travelers who have early morning or late-night flights. These motels often provide shuttle services to and from the airport, making it easy for guests to catch their flights without any hassle.

With their affordable rates and proximity to the airport, airport motels are a popular choice for budget travelers.

Roadside Motels

Roadside motels are usually situated near major highways and provide a convenient stopover for travelers on long road trips. These motels offer basic amenities such as comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, and parking facilities.

Roadside motels are known for their affordable rates and easy accessibility, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Weekly/Monthly Stay Motels

For travelers planning an extended stay, weekly or monthly stay motels can be an excellent option. These motels offer discounted rates for guests who stay for longer durations, making them a cost-effective choice for budget travelers.

With their fully furnished rooms and amenities like kitchenettes, these motels provide a comfortable and affordable stay for those looking for a home away from home.

When considering independent budget motels, it’s essential to do some research and read reviews to ensure the quality and safety of the accommodation. Websites like and can provide valuable insights and user reviews to help you make an informed decision.

So, whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, independent budget motels can offer you a comfortable and affordable stay without breaking the bank. With options like airport motels, roadside motels, and weekly/monthly stay motels, there’s something to suit every budget traveler’s needs.


When it comes to finding affordable accommodation for budget travelers, hostels are often the go-to option. Hostels provide a social and budget-friendly environment for travelers from all over the world.

They offer shared dormitory-style rooms, communal spaces, and often have facilities such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and common areas where travelers can mingle and share their experiences.

HI USA Hostels

One popular hostel network is HI USA Hostels, which has locations throughout the United States. These hostels are known for their clean and comfortable accommodations, friendly staff, and a range of amenities.

HI USA Hostels offer private rooms as well as dormitory-style rooms, making them suitable for all types of travelers. They also organize various social activities and events, providing opportunities for guests to meet fellow travelers and explore the local area together.

Hostelling International

Hostelling International is another well-known hostel network with locations worldwide. They have a strong focus on sustainability and offer a variety of accommodation options, including private rooms, dormitories, and even camping facilities in some locations.

Hostelling International hostels often have a vibrant atmosphere, with common areas where guests can relax, socialize, and exchange travel tips.

Independent Hostels

In addition to the hostel networks mentioned above, there are also many independent hostels that provide affordable accommodation options. These hostels are often run by locals and offer a unique and personalized experience.

Independent hostels can be found in various destinations around the world and cater to different types of travelers, from backpackers to families. They may have fewer facilities compared to larger hostel networks, but they make up for it with their charm and local insights.

When choosing a hostel, it’s important to consider factors such as location, safety, cleanliness, and reviews from previous guests. Websites like Hostelworld and can be helpful in finding and comparing different hostel options based on these criteria.

Hotel Deal Sites


Hotwire is a popular hotel deal site that offers discounted rates for budget travelers. It works by allowing hotels to anonymously sell their unsold rooms at a lower price. With Hotwire, you can find hotels for as low as $50 a night.

The site also offers discounted rates for flights and rental cars, making it a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. It’s important to note that with Hotwire, you won’t know the exact hotel you’re booking until after you make a reservation.

However, you will be able to see the hotel’s star rating, general location, and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.


Priceline is another popular hotel deal site that offers great savings for budget travelers. One of the standout features of Priceline is its “Name Your Own Price” option, which allows you to bid on hotel rooms within your budget.

This can be a great way to snag a hotel deal for $50 a night or even lower. Additionally, Priceline offers a “Express Deals” feature, where you can book a hotel at a discounted rate without knowing the exact hotel until after you’ve made a reservation.

This can be a fun and adventurous way to find a great hotel deal while saving money.

Last Minute Travel

Last Minute Travel is a hotel deal site that specializes in offering discounted rates for last-minute bookings. If you’re a spontaneous traveler or have a flexible schedule, this site can be a goldmine for finding hotels at $50 a night or less.

Last Minute Travel works with a network of hotels to offer exclusive deals, often at deeply discounted rates. The site also offers deals on flights, vacation packages, and cruises, making it a great resource for all your travel needs.

Keep in mind that the availability of these last-minute deals can vary, so it’s best to check the site frequently and be ready to book when you find a great deal.

When using hotel deal sites like Hotwire, Priceline, and Last Minute Travel, it’s important to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of your booking. Some deals may have restrictions or non-refundable policies, so it’s essential to be aware of these details before making a reservation.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to compare prices and reviews across multiple websites to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your budget.

Tips for Getting the Best $50 Hotel Deals

Be flexible on location

When searching for cheap hotel options, being flexible on the location can significantly increase your chances of finding a hotel for $50 a night. Consider staying in the outskirts of popular tourist destinations or in neighborhoods that are not as well-known.

This way, you can take advantage of lower prices while still being within a reasonable distance from the main attractions. Keep in mind that public transportation can often be a convenient and cost-effective way to get around.

Check membership discounts

Membership discounts can be a great way to save money on hotel stays. If you are a member of any organizations or associations, such as AAA or AARP, make sure to check if they offer any exclusive hotel discounts. Additionally, some credit cards offer perks and rewards that include hotel discounts.

Don’t forget to take advantage of these benefits and save some extra cash on your accommodations.

Look for coupon codes

Coupon codes are another valuable resource for finding cheap hotel deals. Many websites and apps offer discount codes that can be applied during the booking process. Before finalizing your reservation, do some quick online searches for coupon codes related to the hotel or booking platform you are using.

You’d be surprised how often you can find significant discounts just by entering a simple code.

Avoid peak seasons/holidays

Peak seasons and holidays usually come with higher hotel rates due to increased demand. If you have the flexibility to plan your trip outside of these busy periods, you can often find better deals. Consider traveling during off-peak seasons or weekdays when hotels tend to have lower occupancy rates.

Not only will you be able to save money on your hotel stay, but you’ll also enjoy a more relaxed and less crowded travel experience.


You don’t need to break the bank to find affordable lodging on a budget. With budget-friendly hotel chains, cheap motels, hostels, and hotel deal sites, finding rooms for $50 or less per night is totally doable.

Use this guide to uncover the best deals and save on your hotel costs for upcoming travels.

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