Are you a fan of American Horror Story: Hotel and curious about how it ended?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: the season finale of American Horror Story: Hotel left viewers with a mix of emotions as multiple storylines converged and several characters met their fates.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the final episode of American Horror Story: Hotel and explore its themes, symbols, and unanswered questions.

The Countess’s End

One of the main storylines in American Horror Story: Hotel was the character of The Countess, played by Lady Gaga. Her journey throughout the season was filled with twists and turns, but ultimately it led to her demise in the finale.

One of the key moments in The Countess’s end was her showdown with Liz Taylor, played by Denis O’Hare. Liz had been one of The Countess’s loyal followers, but in the end she realized that The Countess was no longer worth following. The two characters faced off in a tense confrontation, with Liz ultimately emerging victorious.

Another important aspect of The Countess’s end was the revelation of her true love. Throughout the season, The Countess had been searching for a partner who could match her in power and ambition. In the end, she found that partner in the form of John Lowe, played by Wes Bentley. The two characters shared a bond that was both passionate and deadly, ultimately leading to The Countess’s demise.

It is worth mentioning that Lady Gaga’s performance as The Countess was widely praised by fans and critics alike. Her portrayal of the character was both seductive and menacing, adding to the overall sense of horror and dread that permeated the season.

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that American Horror Story: Hotel was not as well-received as some of the previous seasons of the show. However, it still managed to attract a loyal fanbase and cemented its place as one of the most memorable seasons of the series.

For those interested in learning more about American Horror Story: Hotel and its finale, there are a number of authoritative websites that offer in-depth analysis and reviews. Some of these include Rotten Tomatoes, Vulture, and Den of Geek.

The Fate of John Lowe

The season finale of American Horror Story: Hotel left fans on the edge of their seats as they watched the fate of John Lowe unfold. As the Ten Commandments Killer, John had been wreaking havoc throughout the season, leaving a trail of gruesome murders in his wake.

A final confrontation with the Ten Commandments Killer proved to be John’s undoing. The tense showdown between John and the killer culminated in a shocking twist that left audiences reeling. It is worth mentioning that this twist was one of the most talked-about moments of the season, with fans debating its implications long after the finale had aired.

However, the revelation of John’s true identity was perhaps even more surprising. As it turned out, John was not only the Ten Commandments Killer, but also a ghost who had been trapped in the Hotel Cortez for years. This revelation added a layer of complexity to John’s character, and made his ultimate fate all the more poignant.

It is worth noting that the fate of John Lowe was just one of many plot threads that were tied up in the season finale of American Horror Story: Hotel. The episode also saw the resolution of several other storylines, including the fate of the Countess and the tragic end of Liz Taylor.

Keep in mind that American Horror Story: Hotel was one of the most popular seasons of the show, and featured a star-studded cast that included Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Denis O’Hare. The season’s blend of horror, mystery, and drama captivated audiences, and left them eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

The Addiction Demon

One of the most memorable characters in American Horror Story: Hotel was the Addiction Demon, a terrifying figure that haunted the halls of the Hotel Cortez. In the season finale, viewers were finally given a shocking reveal about the true nature of this character.

It is worth mentioning that the Addiction Demon was portrayed by actor Max Greenfield in a decidedly creepy performance. However, it was not until the final episode that we learn that the demon was actually a manifestation of the character Sally’s addiction. This revelation added a new layer of complexity to the character and helped tie together the season’s themes of addiction, death, and redemption.

Unfortunately, the Addiction Demon’s actions throughout the season left a trail of destruction in its wake. It was responsible for several gruesome murders, including that of hotel guest Gabriel. Additionally, its presence seemed to exacerbate the already dark and twisted atmosphere of the Hotel Cortez.

On the other hand, the Addiction Demon’s role in the season finale was pivotal in tying up loose ends and resolving several character arcs. Its final moments on screen were both disturbing and poignant, serving as a reminder of the consequences of addiction and the toll it can take on those caught in its grip.

The Ghosts’ Redemption

As the fifth season of American Horror Story came to a close, viewers were left with a mix of emotions. The season, titled “Hotel,” was known for its dark and twisted storylines, but the finale gave the ghosts of the Hotel Cortez a chance for redemption.

Throughout the season, the ghosts of the hotel were portrayed as dangerous and vengeful beings who were trapped in the confines of the hotel. However, the season finale gave them a chance for closure and redemption.

The main character, John Lowe, who had been trapped in the hotel after being killed by the Ten Commandments Killer, was finally able to find a way out. In doing so, he made the ultimate sacrifice by releasing the ghosts from their eternal prison.

It is worth mentioning that the ghosts were not the only ones who found redemption. The season also explored the redemption of the serial killer James March, who was the owner of the hotel in the 1920s. Through a series of events, March was finally able to find peace and move on from his murderous past.

Keep in mind that the finale was not without its casualties. The beloved character Liz Taylor, played by Denis O’Hare, tragically passed away after finding love and acceptance at the hotel.

On the other hand, the season ended on a hopeful note, with the ghosts finally being released from their prison and able to move on from their past traumas.

Season Finale Highlights Season Statistics
  • John Lowe makes the ultimate sacrifice
  • The ghosts are finally released from the hotel
  • James March finds redemption
  • Liz Taylor passes away
  • The season premiered on October 7, 2015
  • The season consisted of 12 episodes
  • The season was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards
  • Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe for her role in the season

The Hotel’s Legacy

After a season full of terror, American Horror Story: Hotel finally came to a close. The finale left fans with plenty of questions, but it also provided some closure to the storylines that had been building up over the course of the season. One of the most significant outcomes of the finale was the hotel’s legacy.

Firstly, the finale revealed that the Hotel Cortez had a new owner. The hotel had previously been owned and operated by the vampiric Countess (Lady Gaga), but after her demise, ownership of the hotel had transferred to Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson). As the new owner, Drake had big plans for the hotel. He wanted to turn it into a trendy hotspot for the fashion and art crowds, much to the chagrin of the hotel’s ghosts and vampires.

Despite the new owner’s plans, the hotel’s legacy remained rooted in its gruesome past. The Hotel Cortez had been the site of countless murders, suicides, and atrocities over the years, and its dark history couldn’t be erased so easily. The ghosts of the hotel’s victims still roamed the halls, and the vampires who called the hotel home were still thirsty for blood.

However, the finale did offer a glimmer of hope for the hotel’s legacy. As a new beginning, the hotel was now home to a new generation of ghosts. These were the spirits of the hotel’s former guests, who had been killed in a mass shooting at the hotel’s annual Devil’s Night dinner. These ghosts were now united in their desire for revenge against the man who had taken their lives, and they vowed to haunt him forever.


In conclusion, the season finale of American Horror Story: Hotel delivered a satisfying conclusion to many of its storylines while leaving others open-ended for future seasons to explore.

The themes of addiction, redemption, and love were woven throughout the episode, and the performances of the cast, particularly Lady Gaga and Sarah Paulson, were outstanding.

Overall, American Horror Story: Hotel was a dark and twisted journey that kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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