Clean and white towels are a hallmark of any good hotel experience. But have you ever wondered how hotels keep their towels looking so fresh and new, even after multiple washes?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: hotels use a combination of commercial-grade laundering equipment, high-quality detergents, and strict guidelines for towel usage and replacement to keep their towels looking white and fluffy.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the specific methods and techniques that hotels use to maintain their towels’ pristine appearance, as well as some tips for keeping your own towels looking their best.

Commercial-grade laundering equipment

Hotels have high standards when it comes to the cleanliness and appearance of their linens, especially towels. To maintain the quality of their towels, hotels invest in commercial-grade laundering equipment.

Washing machines

Hotels use powerful washing machines that can handle large loads and deliver superior cleaning results. These machines are designed to remove tough stains and dirt from towels while being gentle enough to prevent damage to the fabric. They also use high-quality detergents and bleach to keep towels bright and white.

Some hotels even use ozone technology in their washing machines. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that can disinfect towels and remove stubborn stains without the need for hot water or harsh chemicals. This not only saves water and energy but also extends the lifespan of the towels.


After washing, towels undergo a drying process. Hotels use commercial-grade dryers that can handle large loads and dry towels quickly. These dryers are designed to prevent over-drying, which can damage the towels. They also have sensors that can detect when the towels are dry and automatically stop the drying process.

Some hotels also use steam dryers, which use high-temperature steam to remove wrinkles and sanitize towels. This ensures that the towels are not only clean but also look fresh and neat.

Ironing machines

To achieve a crisp and uniform look, some hotels use ironing machines. These machines use high heat and pressure to iron towels quickly and efficiently. They can also fold towels automatically, saving time and labor.

However, not all hotels use ironing machines as they can be expensive and time-consuming. Some hotels opt for a more cost-effective method of folding towels by hand.

High-quality detergents

One of the secrets behind the crisp white towels in hotels is the use of high-quality detergents. Hotels typically use industrial-grade detergents that are specifically designed to tackle tough stains and maintain the quality of the fabric.


Bleach is a common ingredient in many commercial detergents used by hotels. It is an effective whitener and stain remover that works by breaking down the chemical bonds that give stains their color. However, bleach can be harsh on fabrics and can cause them to deteriorate over time if not used appropriately. Hotels often use low-concentration bleach solutions to avoid damaging the towels.


Softeners are another essential ingredient in hotel detergents. They help to keep towels soft and fluffy, making them more comfortable to use. Softeners also help to reduce static cling and make the towels more resistant to wrinkles. Hotels typically use fabric softeners that are specially formulated for commercial use to achieve the best results.

Stain removers

Despite their best efforts, hotels cannot always prevent towels from getting stained. That’s why they often use stain removers in their laundry process. Stain removers are designed to target specific types of stains, such as coffee, wine, or blood, and remove them effectively without damaging the fabric. Hotels use stain removers in combination with bleach and other detergents to ensure that their towels are spotless and stain-free.

Guidelines for towel usage

Hotels have mastered the art of keeping their towels white and fluffy, and it’s not just because they have access to better laundry equipment. There are several guidelines for towel usage that can help keep them clean and fresh for longer.

Separate towels for face and body

One of the most important guidelines is to separate towels for face and body. The reason for this is simple: the bacteria on our bodies can transfer to our towels, and using the same towel for our faces can lead to breakouts and other skin issues. To avoid this, use a separate towel for your face and one for your body.

Regular towel replacement

Another important guideline is to replace towels regularly. Over time, towels accumulate bacteria, mold, and other harmful substances that can cause odors and skin irritation. Experts recommend replacing towels every three to four days, or more frequently if they become visibly soiled. Hotels often replace towels daily to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Proper drying techniques

Finally, proper drying techniques are essential for keeping towels clean and fresh. Towels should be hung up to dry after each use and never left on the floor or in a damp pile. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold that can cause odors and discoloration. Hotels often use industrial drying equipment to ensure towels are completely dry before being folded and stored.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help keep your towels clean, fresh, and white for longer. Remember to separate towels for face and body, replace them regularly, and use proper drying techniques to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Tips for keeping your own towels white

Have you ever wondered how hotels manage to keep their towels white and plush, even after frequent use? The secret lies in their laundry practices, which can be easily replicated at home. Here are some tips for keeping your own towels looking fresh and clean:

Use hot water

Hot water is your best friend when it comes to keeping towels white. It not only helps to remove dirt and grime but also kills germs and bacteria that can cause odors. Wash your towels in hot water (at least 60 degrees Celsius) to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.

Avoid overloading the washing machine

It may be tempting to stuff as many towels as possible into the washing machine to save time and energy, but this can actually be counterproductive. Overloading the machine can prevent the towels from getting properly cleaned and rinsed. It can also cause excessive wear and tear on the fabric. Stick to the recommended load size for your machine to ensure optimal washing results.

Skip the fabric softener

While fabric softener may make your towels feel softer and smell nicer, it can actually be detrimental to their whiteness. Fabric softeners can leave a residue on the fabric that can cause discoloration over time. Instead, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help remove any soap buildup and keep your towels fluffy and white.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your towels looking great for years to come. Remember to also avoid using bleach or harsh detergents that can damage the fabric. With a little bit of care and attention, you can enjoy the same luxurious towels as your favorite hotels.


In conclusion, hotels keep their towels looking white and fresh through a combination of commercial-grade laundering equipment, high-quality detergents, and strict guidelines for usage and replacement. By following these same methods and tips, you can keep your own towels looking their best for years to come.

Remember to separate towels for face and body, replace them regularly, and use hot water and high-quality detergents for optimal results. With a little extra care and attention, you can enjoy clean, fluffy towels just like those at your favorite hotel.

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