Traveling with an infant can be challenging under the best circumstances, and attempting it while staying in a hotel room poses extra hurdles. Maintaining nap schedules, finding space for all your gear, and keeping baby happy in an unfamiliar environment makes hotel stays stressful.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Surviving a hotel stay with a baby involves thoughtful preparation like packing smartly, requesting the right room, sticking to routines, and taking advantage of hotel amenities for families.

Pack Smartly

When it comes to surviving a hotel stay with a baby, packing smartly is key. Here are some essential items to consider bringing along:

Portable Crib

A portable crib is a must-have item for any hotel stay with a baby. It provides a safe and familiar sleeping space for your little one, ensuring they get a good night’s rest. Look for a lightweight and easy-to-assemble crib that can easily fit into your luggage.

Sound Machine

A sound machine can be a lifesaver when it comes to drowning out any noise that may disturb your baby’s sleep. Whether it’s the sound of traffic outside or noisy neighbors, a sound machine can create a soothing environment and help your baby sleep soundly.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is essential for keeping an eye on your little one while they sleep or play in the hotel room. Opt for a portable and reliable monitor that allows you to see and hear your baby from wherever you are in the hotel.

Outlet Covers

Hotel rooms are filled with electrical outlets that can be dangerous for curious little hands. Be sure to pack outlet covers to baby-proof the room and prevent any accidents. These small but important items can provide peace of mind during your stay.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, especially when you have a baby in tow. Packing a small first aid kit with essential items such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and fever medication can help you handle any minor mishaps that may occur during your stay.

Remember, when packing for your hotel stay, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your baby. Every child is different, so make sure to pack items that will help keep your little one comfortable and happy throughout your trip.

Request the Right Room

When staying in a hotel with a baby, it’s important to request the right room to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay for both you and your little one. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Ground Floor

Opting for a room on the ground floor can be beneficial when traveling with a baby. It eliminates the need to navigate stairs or elevators with a stroller or a crying baby in tow. Plus, it provides easier access to outdoor spaces for a quick stroll or to let your baby play.

Adjoining Room

If you’re traveling with older children or other family members, booking an adjoining room can be a great option. This way, you can have a separate space for your baby’s crib or playpen while still being just a door away.

It allows for more privacy and convenience, ensuring everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Crib Over Booked Bassinet

When making your reservation, be sure to request a crib instead of a booked bassinet if your baby has outgrown it. Cribs provide a safer and more comfortable sleeping environment for babies who are no longer small enough for a bassinet.

It’s a good idea to call the hotel in advance to confirm the availability of a crib.

Bathtub over Shower

Having a bathtub in your hotel room can make bath time much easier and more enjoyable for both you and your baby. Bathing a baby in a shower can be challenging, as it requires holding the baby while trying to rinse them off. A bathtub provides a safe and convenient space to bathe your little one.

Fridge and Microwave

Having access to a fridge and a microwave in your hotel room can be a lifesaver when it comes to storing and preparing baby food and bottles. It allows you to keep perishable items fresh and warm up meals or bottles whenever needed.

Check with the hotel to ensure these amenities are available in your room or if they can provide them upon request.

Maintain Routines

When staying in a hotel with a baby, it is important to maintain their routines as much as possible. Babies thrive on consistency and familiarity, so sticking to their regular schedule can help them feel more comfortable and secure in a new environment.

Consistent Nap and Bedtimes

Try to maintain your baby’s regular nap and bedtime schedule as closely as possible. This means creating a calm and quiet sleep environment and sticking to their usual sleep routine. Bringing along familiar bedding or a favorite stuffed animal can also help create a sense of familiarity.

Regular Feedings

Keep to your baby’s regular feeding schedule, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. If you are breastfeeding, try to find a quiet and comfortable space in the hotel to nurse. If you are bottle-feeding, make sure to pack enough formula and bottles for the duration of your stay.

Bathe and Change in Familiar Ways

When it comes to bathing and changing your baby, try to recreate their familiar routine as much as possible. Bring along their preferred bath products and use them in the same order as you would at home. Using the same diaper changing techniques and products can also help maintain a sense of routine.

Wind Down with Familiar Books/Toys

Before bedtime or naptime, engage in quiet activities with your baby using their favorite books or toys. This can help signal to them that it is time to wind down and relax. Bringing along familiar items from home can provide comfort and a sense of security.

Maintaining routines during a hotel stay with a baby can go a long way in creating a sense of familiarity and comfort. By sticking to consistent nap and bedtime schedules, regular feedings, familiar bathing and changing routines, and winding down with familiar books and toys, you can help your baby feel more at ease in a new environment.

Use Hotel Amenities

When traveling with a baby, it’s important to choose a hotel that offers amenities specifically designed to cater to families with young children. These amenities can make your stay much more convenient and comfortable.

Here are some hotel amenities that can help you survive your hotel stay with a baby:

In-Room Dining

One of the biggest challenges of traveling with a baby is finding suitable food options. Many hotels offer in-room dining services, allowing you to enjoy a meal in the comfort of your own room. This can be a great option for parents who prefer to have their baby’s meals in a familiar environment.

Additionally, having the option to order food to your room can be a lifesaver when you’re dealing with a tired and hungry baby.

Cribs or Pack ‘n Plays

Most hotels understand that families with babies need a safe and comfortable place for their little ones to sleep. That’s why many hotels provide cribs or pack ‘n plays upon request. These amenities can save you the hassle and extra luggage space of bringing your own crib.

Make sure to check with the hotel in advance to ensure they have cribs or pack ‘n plays available.


Having access to a fridge in your hotel room can be a game-changer when traveling with a baby. It allows you to store and easily access perishable items such as baby food, formula, and breast milk. This amenity can also come in handy for storing snacks and drinks for older children.

Laundry Service

Babies can be messy, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the laundry while on the road. Fortunately, many hotels offer laundry services, allowing you to conveniently wash your baby’s clothes and other items.

This can be a huge relief for parents who are dealing with a baby who goes through multiple outfit changes in a day.

Hotel Play Spaces

Some hotels have designated play spaces or kid-friendly areas where your baby can crawl, play, and interact with other children. These areas are often equipped with toys, games, and other activities to keep your little one entertained.

Taking advantage of these hotel play spaces can be a great way to give your baby some much-needed playtime while on the go.

Get Out of the Room

When staying in a hotel with a baby, one of the best ways to keep them entertained and avoid cabin fever is to get out of the room. Exploring the hotel and its surroundings can provide new sights and experiences for both you and your little one.

Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your time outside the room:

Outdoor Walks

Take advantage of any outdoor spaces around the hotel to go for a leisurely walk with your baby. Whether it’s a nearby park, a garden, or even just a quiet street, the fresh air and change of scenery can do wonders for both of you.

Just make sure to pack a stroller or baby carrier to keep your little one comfortable and safe.

Hotel Pool

If your hotel has a pool, it can be a great way to spend some quality time with your baby. Swimming not only provides a fun activity but also helps to tire them out, making it easier for them to settle down for naps or bedtime.

Remember to bring appropriate swimwear and floatation devices for your little one, and always supervise them closely in the water.

Lobby Sitting

The hotel lobby can be a fascinating place for babies to observe people coming and going. Find a comfortable spot to sit with your little one and watch the hustle and bustle. This can be a great opportunity for them to practice their social skills and engage with other guests or hotel staff.

Plus, many lobbies offer comfortable seating areas where you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

On-Site Restaurant

When it comes to mealtime, consider trying out the hotel’s on-site restaurant. Many establishments offer high chairs and baby-friendly menus, making dining with your little one a breeze. It’s also a great way to introduce them to new flavors and cuisines.

If your baby is still breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, don’t hesitate to ask the restaurant staff for a private or quiet area where you can comfortably feed your baby.

Remember, getting out of the hotel room is not only beneficial for your baby but also for your own sanity. Exploring the hotel and its amenities can make your stay more enjoyable and help create lasting memories with your little one.


Hotel stays with a baby take planning, flexibility and ingenuity. Prepare essential gear, leverage hotel amenities, stick to routines when possible, and don’t be afraid to get out of the room. With realistic expectations, your family can survive – and maybe even enjoy – your hotel stay!

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