Do you love traveling and staying in hotels?

Are you someone who pays attention to every detail when it comes to hotel amenities, services, and overall experience?

If yes, then you might be interested in a career as a hotel tester.

In this article, we will guide you on how to become a hotel tester and what it takes to succeed in this exciting profession.

So, if you want to know how you can get paid to stay in luxurious hotels around the world, keep reading!

What is a Hotel Tester?

Hotel testers, also known as hotel inspectors or mystery guests, are professionals who are hired by hotels to test the quality of their services. They visit various hotels anonymously, posing as regular guests, and assess everything from the cleanliness of the rooms to the quality of the food and customer service.

Their role is crucial in ensuring the hotel maintains high standards and meets the expectations of the guests. Hotel testers provide valuable feedback to the hotel management, highlighting areas that need improvement and areas where the hotel is excelling. They also help to identify any potential issues that could lead to a negative guest experience and work with the management team to address them before they become a problem.

Hotel testers have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Assessing the quality of the hotel’s services, including the cleanliness of the room, quality of food, and customer service.
  • Identifying areas that need improvement and making recommendations to the hotel management team.
  • Providing feedback on the overall guest experience.
  • Ensuring that the hotel is meeting all the required industry standards.
  • Checking that the hotel is complying with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Hotels need hotel testers for several reasons. Firstly, they are crucial in maintaining high standards and ensuring that guests have a positive experience. Without hotel testers, hotels would have no way of knowing how their services are perceived by guests and what areas need improvement. Additionally, hotel testers help to identify any potential issues before they become a problem, which can save hotels time and money in the long run.

Skills and Qualifications Required for a Hotel Tester

Before embarking on a career as a hotel tester, it is worth mentioning that individuals need to possess a unique set of skills and qualifications. Below are some of the necessary skills and qualifications required for a hotel tester:

  • Education and experience: A degree in hospitality, tourism, or a related field is beneficial. Experience working in the hospitality industry, such as in hotel management or operations, can also be advantageous.
  • Attention to detail: Hotel testers need to have a keen eye for detail to identify any flaws or shortcomings in hotel services, amenities, and facilities.
  • Communication skills: Clear and concise communication is paramount for hotel testers. They need to be able to provide detailed feedback to hotels and their management teams.
  • Time management: Hotel testers need to be efficient and manage their time effectively to meet deadlines and complete assignments within a specified timeframe.
  • Flexibility: Hotel testers must be adaptable and able to work in different locations, often with little notice.
  • Passion for travel and hospitality: Hotel testers need to have a genuine interest in travel and hospitality, as this career requires frequent travel and immersion in various cultures and environments.

While the above skills and qualifications are essential, it is worth noting that some hotel chains may have specific requirements. For example, they may prefer candidates with experience in specific hotel brands or those who have completed a hotel’s loyalty program. Keeping this in mind, individuals should research and understand the requirements of specific hotel chains before applying for a hotel tester position.

How to Become a Hotel Tester

Hotel testing is a dream job for many people who love to travel and experience new things. However, becoming a hotel tester requires more than just a passion for travel. It requires a specific set of skills, experience, and knowledge of the industry.

Research the industry

Before pursuing a career as a hotel tester, it is essential to research the industry thoroughly. Understanding the hotel industry’s ins and outs, including the different types of hotels, their services, and target markets, will help you determine what kind of hotel tester you want to be. Keep in mind that hotel testing is a highly competitive industry, and you need to have a solid understanding of the industry to stand out.

Build a strong resume

Your resume should showcase your experience, skills, and education in the hotel industry. It is worth mentioning that having a degree in hospitality, tourism, or a related field will increase your chances of getting hired as a hotel tester. Additionally, your resume should highlight your attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and experience in customer service. Remember, your resume is your first impression on potential employers, and it should be compelling and professional.

Network with industry professionals

Networking with industry professionals is an excellent way to learn more about hotel testing and potentially land a job. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and connect with hotel testers on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Networking will not only provide you with valuable insights into the industry, but it may also lead to job opportunities.

Apply for hotel tester jobs

Once you have researched the industry, built a strong resume, and networked with industry professionals, it is time to start applying for hotel tester jobs. Keep an eye on job boards and hotel chains’ career websites, such as Marriott, Hilton, or Hyatt. Also, consider working with a recruiting agency that specializes in the hospitality industry.

Ace the interview

When you land an interview for a hotel tester position, it is crucial to prepare. Research the hotel chain you are interviewing with and be ready to answer questions about their services, target market, and values. Additionally, be prepared to showcase your attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and experience in customer service. Keep in mind that the hotel industry is all about customer satisfaction, and your interviewer will want to know that you share that passion.

Types of Hotel Tester Jobs

Before becoming a hotel tester, it is important to understand the different types of jobs available in this field. Here are some of the most common types of hotel tester jobs:

  • Mystery guest: Mystery guests, also known as secret shoppers, are hired by hotels to evaluate their services anonymously. They stay in the hotel as a regular guest and report back to the hotel about their experience, including the quality of the room, the service, and the food.
  • Quality assurance inspector: Quality assurance inspectors are responsible for ensuring that a hotel meets certain standards of quality. They inspect various aspects of the hotel, including the cleanliness of the rooms, the quality of the food, and the level of customer service.
  • Consultant: Hotel consultants are hired by hotels to provide expert advice on how to improve their operations. They may specialize in areas such as marketing, finance, or human resources.
  • Freelance hotel reviewer: Freelance hotel reviewers are independent writers who visit hotels and write reviews for newspapers, magazines, or online publications. They are typically paid for their reviews and may also receive complimentary stays at hotels.

Keep in mind that each type of hotel tester job requires specific skills and expertise. For example, a mystery guest must be able to blend in with other guests and provide detailed feedback without being detected. A quality assurance inspector must have a keen eye for detail and be able to identify areas that need improvement. A consultant must have extensive knowledge of the hotel industry and be able to provide actionable recommendations. Finally, a freelance hotel reviewer must have excellent writing skills and be able to provide unbiased and informative reviews.

Benefits and Challenges of Being a Hotel Tester

Hotel testers have one of the most unique jobs in the hospitality industry. They get to travel to different destinations and stay in luxurious accommodations while providing feedback to hotels. It is worth mentioning that becoming a hotel tester comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Being a Hotel Tester

  • Opportunity to travel: Hotel testers get to travel to different destinations, both domestic and international, and stay in different hotels. This allows them to experience different cultures, cuisine, and attractions.
  • Luxurious accommodations: Hotel testers stay in luxurious accommodations, ranging from five-star hotels to boutique hotels. They get to experience the amenities and services offered by the hotels, which can include spas, pools, and fine dining restaurants.
  • Exposure to new cultures: Hotel testers get to experience new cultures and interact with locals. This provides them with a unique perspective on the destination and helps them to provide valuable feedback to hotels.
  • Flexible schedule: Hotel testers have a flexible schedule and can work remotely. This allows them to balance work and personal life and travel at their own pace.

Challenges of Being a Hotel Tester

On the other hand, being a hotel tester also comes with its own set of challenges. It is important to keep in mind these challenges before pursuing a career as a hotel tester.

  • Constantly being on the go: Hotel testers are constantly on the go and travel frequently. This can be tiring and may result in burnout if not managed properly.
  • Long working hours: Hotel testers are required to work long hours, which can include early mornings and late nights. This can be challenging for individuals who prefer a regular 9-5 schedule.
  • Pressure to provide accurate feedback: Hotel testers are expected to provide accurate feedback to hotels to help improve their services. This can be challenging as it requires attention to detail and a critical eye.

Despite the challenges, being a hotel tester can be a rewarding career for individuals who enjoy traveling and providing feedback to hotels. It is important to remember that every career has its own set of challenges and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and career goals.

Top Hotel Tester Companies

When it comes to becoming a hotel tester, there are several companies that specialize in providing this service. These companies hire individuals to test and evaluate hotels, ensuring that they meet certain standards of quality. Below are some of the top hotel tester companies to consider:

  • HotelChamp: This company specializes in hotel website optimization and conversion rate optimization. They help hotels to improve their online presence and increase bookings.
  • Oyster: Oyster is a hotel review website that provides unbiased and honest reviews of hotels. They hire hotel testers to visit hotels and write reviews based on their experiences.
  • Hotel Inspector: Hotel Inspector is a UK-based company that provides hotel inspection services. They hire experienced hotel professionals to evaluate hotels and provide feedback on areas that need improvement.
  • Mystery Dining Company: While not exclusively focused on hotels, Mystery Dining Company does offer hotel testing services. They hire mystery guests to visit hotels and evaluate the quality of service provided.
  • Hotelivate: This company provides a range of services to hotels, including hotel testing. They hire experienced hotel professionals to evaluate hotels and provide feedback on areas that need improvement.

If you are interested in becoming a hotel tester, it is worth mentioning that these companies often have specific requirements for their testers. For example, some may require previous experience in the hospitality industry, while others may require a certain level of education or professional certification. Keep in mind that competition for these positions can be fierce, so it is important to have a strong resume and cover letter when applying.


Becoming a hotel tester is a dream job for many travel enthusiasts.

With the right skills, qualifications, and attitude, you can turn this dream into a reality.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into what it takes to become a successful hotel tester.

Now it’s up to you to take the first step and start your journey towards a career in hotel testing.

Good luck!

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