Are you tired of feeling like a stranger in every hotel room you stay in?

Do you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that feels just like home?

If so, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you make any hotel room feel like your own personal sanctuary.

1. Bring a Piece of Home with You

When staying in a hotel room, it can often feel impersonal and unfamiliar. However, there are ways to make your hotel room feel more like home. One way to do this is to bring a piece of home with you.

  • Pack your favorite pillow: Sleeping on a familiar pillow can make all the difference in helping you feel comfortable in a new environment. Plus, it can help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Bring your own blanket: Similar to bringing your own pillow, bringing a cozy blanket from home can add a touch of comfort to your hotel room.
  • Add some personal touches: Consider bringing a small photo frame or a scented candle to add a personal touch to your hotel room.

By bringing these familiar items with you, you can create a sense of familiarity and comfort in your hotel room.

2. Create the Right Lighting

When it comes to making a hotel room feel like home, one of the easiest ways to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere is by using the right lighting. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that:

  • Use warm, soft lighting: Instead of relying on harsh, bright lights, opt for lamps or light fixtures that emit a warm, soft glow. This will create a more relaxing and inviting environment.
  • Avoid harsh overhead lights: Overhead lights can be jarring and create a cold, sterile atmosphere. Instead, switch them off and rely on lamps or wall sconces to provide a softer, more pleasant light.
  • Bring some candles: Candles are a great way to add warmth and ambiance to any space. Just be sure to double-check with the hotel’s policies before lighting any candles in your room.

By following these simple tips, you can transform your hotel room into a cozy and inviting space that feels just like home. Keep in mind that lighting is just one aspect of creating a comfortable environment, but it can make a big difference in how you feel during your stay.

3. Make it Smell Like Home

When staying in a hotel, it is important to feel comfortable and relaxed in your surroundings. One way to achieve this is by making the hotel room feel like home. One aspect of this is creating a familiar scent in the room.

Bring your favorite scented candle or room spray: A familiar scent can instantly make you feel at home, so consider packing your favorite scented candle or room spray. Not only will this make the room smell like home, but the act of lighting the candle or spraying the scent can also be a comforting ritual.

Use a scent diffuser: If you’re worried about open flames or aerosol sprays, a scent diffuser can be a great alternative. Many diffusers use essential oils, which not only smell great but also have potential health benefits. Some popular oils for relaxation include lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang.

Pack your own toiletries: Another way to create a familiar scent in the room is by using your own toiletries. Many hotels provide generic toiletries that can have a chemical or artificial scent. By packing your own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, you can ensure that the scent is one that you are familiar and comfortable with.

Tip Advantages Disadvantages
Bring your favorite scented candle or room spray – Provides a familiar scent
– Can be a comforting ritual
– Open flames can be a hazard
– Aerosol sprays may not be allowed in some hotels
Use a scent diffuser – Essential oils have potential health benefits
– Many different scent options available
– Some diffusers can be expensive
– May require additional maintenance
Pack your own toiletries – Ensures a familiar scent
– Can use preferred brands
– May take up additional space in luggage
– Can be difficult to pack liquids for air travel

It is worth mentioning that not everyone is sensitive to scents in the same way. While some people may find a particular scent comforting, others may find it overwhelming or unpleasant. Keep in mind that hotel staff may also have sensitivities to scents, so it is best to use scented products in moderation.

To find additional tips on how to make a hotel room feel like home, consider visiting travel websites such as Travel + Leisure or Forbes Travel Guide.

4. Rearrange the Furniture

One trick to make a hotel room feel like home is to rearrange the furniture. By changing the layout, you can create a more comfortable and inviting space. Here are a few ideas:

  • Move the bed against the wall. In many hotel rooms, the bed is placed in the middle of the room. By pushing it against the wall, you’ll create more space and a cozier feel. You can also add some decorative pillows and a throw blanket to make the bed look more inviting.
  • Create a cozy seating area. If you have enough space, consider adding a comfortable chair or two to your room. This will give you a place to relax and read a book or watch TV. You can also add a small table and lamp to create a cozy reading nook.
  • Make use of any available space. Hotel rooms can be small, so it’s important to use every inch of space you have. Consider adding a shelf or two to store your belongings. You can also use the top of the dresser or desk to display some of your favorite items.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that feels comfortable and inviting. By rearranging the furniture, you can make the most of your hotel room and create a home away from home.

5. Keep it Clean and Tidy

When staying in a hotel room, it is essential to keep the space clean and tidy to make it feel like home. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Pack some cleaning supplies: It is worth mentioning that bringing some cleaning supplies can make a big difference in keeping the room clean. Some useful items to bring include disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and a small vacuum cleaner.
  • Keep everything organized: Keeping everything in its place can help make the room feel less cluttered and more inviting. Remember to put all your belongings away in the closet or drawers provided and avoid leaving items out on the desk or floor.
  • Make your bed every morning: Making your bed each morning can help you start your day off on the right foot and create a sense of order in the room. Additionally, a neatly made bed can make the room feel more inviting and comfortable.


By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to transform any hotel room into a home away from home.

Remember to bring some personal touches, create the right atmosphere, and keep everything clean and tidy.

With a little effort, you can make any hotel room feel warm and welcoming, and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay.

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