Planning a trip to New York City with your furry friend in tow? As you search for pet-friendly accommodations, you may be wondering “Can I bring my pet to the ACE Hotel New York?” With its boutique decor and hip clientele, the ACE Hotel attracts leisure and business travelers alike.

The short answer is Yes, the ACE Hotel New York is pet friendly. But there are specific pet policies and restrictions to keep in mind. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide details on the pet amenities, fees, weight limits, and more to help you determine if the ACE Hotel NYC is the right pet-friendly choice for your upcoming stay in the Big Apple.

We’ll outline the hotel’s pet policies for both rooms and common areas, discuss nearby pet services like vets and groomers, recommend pet-friendly attractions in NYC, and give tips for traveling with pets in the city.

Whether you’re bringing Fido or Fluffy, read on to learn all about the pet amenities at the ACE Hotel New York.

Pet Policies and Fees at the ACE Hotel NYC

Allowed Pets

If you’re planning a trip to the ACE Hotel NYC and wondering if you can bring your furry friend along, you’re in luck! The ACE Hotel NYC is indeed pet friendly and welcomes both dogs and cats. This is great news for pet owners who don’t want to leave their beloved companions behind while they travel.

Pet Fees and Deposits

While the ACE Hotel NYC does allow pets, it’s important to note that they do charge a pet fee for your furry friend’s stay. The exact amount of the fee may vary, so it’s best to contact the hotel directly or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information.

It’s also worth mentioning that in addition to the pet fee, some hotels may require a pet deposit, which is usually refundable upon check-out as long as there are no damages caused by your pet.

Pet Weight Limit

One thing to keep in mind if you’re planning to stay at the ACE Hotel NYC with your pet is that there may be a weight limit in place. Some hotels have restrictions on the size of pets they allow, typically based on weight. For example, they may specify that only pets under 50 pounds are allowed.

However, it’s important to note that weight limits can vary from hotel to hotel, so be sure to check with the ACE Hotel NYC directly to confirm their specific policy.

Traveling with your pet can add an extra layer of joy and companionship to your trip. Whether you’re exploring the city together or simply enjoying a cozy night in your hotel room, having your pet by your side can make your stay even more memorable.

Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the ACE Hotel NYC’s pet policies and fees before your visit to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

Pet Amenities at the Hotel

If you’re planning a trip to the ACE Hotel NYC and wondering if they are pet-friendly, you’ll be pleased to know that they do offer a range of amenities for your furry friends. Let’s take an in-depth look at what you can expect when staying at this pet-friendly hotel.

Relief Areas

The ACE Hotel NYC understands the needs of pet owners and provides designated relief areas for dogs. These areas are conveniently located near the hotel, making it easy for pet owners to take their dogs out for a quick walk or bathroom break.

The hotel staff is also knowledgeable about nearby parks and green spaces where you can take your pet for a longer stroll.

Pet Supplies

At the ACE Hotel NYC, they go above and beyond to ensure that your pet has everything they need during their stay. They provide essential pet supplies such as food and water bowls, beds, and even toys to keep your pet entertained.

You won’t have to worry about packing these items or making an extra trip to the pet store.

Other Services

In addition to relief areas and pet supplies, the ACE Hotel NYC offers a range of other services to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible. They have a pet sitting service, so you can enjoy a night out without having to leave your pet alone in the room.

They also provide grooming services, so your pet can look their best during their stay. Additionally, the hotel staff can provide recommendations for nearby pet-friendly restaurants and attractions.

It’s important to note that while the ACE Hotel NYC does offer pet-friendly amenities, there may be some restrictions and additional fees associated with bringing your pet. It’s always a good idea to contact the hotel directly or check their website for specific details before making your reservation.

Tips for Visiting NYC with Pets

Traveling with pets can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it also requires some careful planning, especially when visiting a bustling city like New York City. If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple with your furry friend, here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit.

Pet-Friendly Attractions

One of the first things to consider when traveling with pets is finding pet-friendly attractions. Fortunately, New York City offers a variety of options that cater to our four-legged friends. Central Park, for example, is a great place for dogs to stretch their legs and enjoy some outdoor time.

The park features designated off-leash areas where your pet can socialize with other dogs. Additionally, many outdoor cafes and restaurants in the city allow pets in their outdoor seating areas, so you can grab a bite to eat without leaving your furry friend behind.

Vet and Grooming Options Nearby

Another important aspect of traveling with pets is ensuring their health and well-being. It’s always a good idea to research nearby veterinary clinics and grooming facilities before your trip. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that help is nearby in case of any emergencies.

Look for reputable clinics with positive reviews and make sure they offer 24/7 emergency services. Additionally, consider booking a grooming appointment for your pet during your stay. A fresh haircut and a good grooming session will help your furry companion feel comfortable and relaxed during your adventures in the city.

Transportation Around the City

Getting around New York City with a pet might seem challenging, but with some planning, it can be a breeze. When it comes to public transportation, only small pets in carriers are allowed on buses and trains.

However, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are generally more pet-friendly, with many drivers willing to accommodate pets of all sizes. Just make sure to inform the driver beforehand and bring a pet carrier or blanket to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the ride.

Alternatively, you can also explore the city on foot, as many neighborhoods in NYC are pedestrian-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city while giving your pet some exercise.

Room Types and Layouts for Pets

When it comes to traveling with pets, finding a pet-friendly hotel is essential. The ACE Hotel NYC understands the importance of accommodating furry friends and offers a variety of room types and layouts specifically designed for pets.

Standard Rooms

The ACE Hotel NYC offers standard rooms that are pet-friendly, allowing you to bring your furry companion along for the trip. These rooms are spacious and equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your pet.

From cozy beds to food and water bowls, the hotel goes above and beyond to make sure your pet feels at home.

In addition to the pet-friendly amenities, the standard rooms at the ACE Hotel NYC are thoughtfully designed with pets in mind. The layout provides ample space for your pet to move around and play, ensuring they have a great time during their stay.

Whether your pet is a small dog or a larger breed, there is plenty of room for them to relax and stretch their legs.


If you’re looking for a more luxurious option, the ACE Hotel NYC also offers pet-friendly suites. These spacious accommodations provide even more room for your pet to roam and explore. The suites feature separate living areas and bedrooms, giving you and your furry friend plenty of space to relax and unwind.

Just like the standard rooms, the suites at the ACE Hotel NYC are fully equipped with pet-friendly amenities. Your pet will have access to a comfortable bed, food and water bowls, and special treats to make their stay extra special.

The layout of the suites allows for a seamless integration of your pet into the space, ensuring they feel right at home.

It’s important to note that while the ACE Hotel NYC offers pet-friendly rooms and suites, there may be certain restrictions or guidelines in place. It’s always best to check with the hotel directly before making a reservation to ensure that your pet will be welcome and that you understand any additional fees or policies that may apply.

For more information about the pet-friendly accommodations at the ACE Hotel NYC, you can visit their official website: Plan your stay and enjoy a wonderful experience with your furry friend!

House Rules for Pets

Common Areas

When it comes to accommodating pets, the ACE Hotel NYC is known for its pet-friendly policies. The hotel understands that pets are an important part of many guests’ lives and welcomes them with open arms.

In terms of common areas, pets are generally allowed in designated areas such as the lobby and outdoor spaces. However, it’s important to note that pets may not be allowed in certain areas such as restaurants or the fitness center for health and safety reasons.

The ACE Hotel NYC provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for both guests and their furry friends, ensuring that pet owners can enjoy their stay without any hassle. So, if you’re planning to bring your pet along, rest assured that they will be able to explore and enjoy the common areas of the hotel.

Noise and Disturbances

To ensure a pleasant and peaceful stay for all guests, the ACE Hotel NYC has specific guidelines regarding noise and disturbances caused by pets. Pet owners are expected to keep their pets well-behaved and under control at all times to prevent any disturbances to other guests.

If your pet tends to bark excessively or become disruptive, it is recommended to keep them in a crate or designated pet-friendly area to minimize any potential disturbances. This way, both you and your pet can enjoy a peaceful stay without inconveniencing others.

Cleaning Requirements

The ACE Hotel NYC has certain cleaning requirements in place to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the property. Upon check-in, pet owners may be asked to provide a refundable deposit to cover any potential damages or additional cleaning that may be required.

It’s important to clean up after your pet and ensure that the hotel room remains in the same condition as when you arrived. This includes properly disposing of waste and keeping the room free from any pet-related odors or messes.

By adhering to these cleaning requirements, you can help maintain a pleasant environment for all guests.


The ACE Hotel New York offers a pet-welcoming atmosphere coupled with signature boutique flair. By following the pet policies, taking advantage of amenities, and planning pet-friendly activities, you and your furry companion can enjoy a one-of-a-kind stay in NYC.

Contact the ACE Hotel to learn more or book a pet-friendly getaway today.

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