As pet owners know, bringing your furry friends along on vacation can make the trip that much more fun and memorable. If you’re planning a visit to Walt Disney World and considering staying at the iconic Disney Boardwalk Hotel, you may be wondering if pets are allowed on the property.

The short answer is no, the Disney Boardwalk Hotel does not allow pets. Disney has pet restrictions across all of their WDW resort hotels due to the family-centered atmosphere and for allergy concerns.

While pets aren’t permitted on-site, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help those traveling with pets. We’ll provide an overview of Disney’s pet policies, nearby pet friendly accommodation options, tips for visiting the parks with pets, and alternative ideas to make your Disney vacation with pets magical.

Disney’s Rules and Policies for Pets at WDW Hotels

Only service animals are allowed at Disney hotels

While Disney World is known for being a magical destination for families and their furry friends, it’s important to note that only service animals are allowed at Disney hotels. This policy ensures the comfort and safety of all guests, as well as maintaining the cleanliness and quality of the accommodations.

Service animals, such as guide dogs for the visually impaired or hearing dogs for the hearing impaired, are permitted in all Disney hotels. These animals are highly trained to assist their owners and are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you require the assistance of a service animal during your stay at a Disney hotel, it’s important to inform the hotel staff in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate you and your furry companion.

Disney provides pet care facilities nearby

Although pets are not allowed to stay in Disney hotels, Disney understands that many guests still want to bring their beloved pets along on their vacation. To cater to these guests, Disney provides convenient pet care facilities nearby.

One such facility is Best Friends Pet Care, located just outside the Walt Disney World Resort. This state-of-the-art facility offers a range of services for pets, including overnight boarding, day care, grooming, and even a doggy day camp where your furry friend can socialize with other dogs and enjoy various activities.

At Best Friends Pet Care, your pet will be well taken care of by trained professionals who understand the unique needs of animals. They offer spacious accommodations, provide regular exercise and playtime, and ensure that your pet receives all the love and attention they deserve while you enjoy your time at the Disney parks.

Best Friends Pet Care is a trusted partner of Disney and has received excellent reviews from pet owners who have utilized their services. Their convenient location and comprehensive range of services make them a great option for those traveling with pets to Disney World.

For more information about the services offered by Best Friends Pet Care, you can visit their official website here.

Close By Pet Friendly Hotels Near Disney World

When planning a trip to Disney World, it’s important to find accommodations that are not only comfortable for you but also welcoming to your furry friends. Luckily, there are several pet-friendly hotels located near Disney World that offer a range of amenities for both you and your pet.

Bonnet Creek Resort

Bonnet Creek Resort is a popular choice for pet owners visiting Disney World. Located just minutes away from the theme parks, this resort offers a variety of pet-friendly accommodations, including spacious rooms and suites with designated pet areas.

The resort also boasts a dog park and walking trails, allowing your four-legged companion to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air. With its convenient location and pet-friendly amenities, Bonnet Creek Resort is a great option for those traveling with pets.

Four Seasons Orlando

The Four Seasons Orlando is another pet-friendly hotel near Disney World. This luxurious resort offers a range of pet-friendly accommodations, including rooms and suites that are specially designed to accommodate pets.

The resort also offers a variety of pet amenities, such as dog beds, bowls, and treats, to ensure your pet feels right at home. Additionally, the Four Seasons Orlando is located within a short distance of Disney World, making it a convenient choice for pet owners who want to be close to the parks.

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek

The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is a pet-friendly hotel located near Disney World. This resort offers a variety of pet-friendly accommodations, including guest rooms and suites that are equipped with pet-friendly amenities.

The hotel also features a designated pet relief area and provides pet beds and bowls upon request. With its convenient location and pet-friendly amenities, the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek is a top choice for pet owners visiting Disney World.

Enjoying the Disney Parks with Your Pet

Traveling to the Disney parks with your beloved pet can be a memorable and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend. Disney understands the importance of including pets in family vacations, and they offer various amenities and services to ensure a comfortable and fun-filled visit for everyone.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your trip while keeping your pet happy and safe.

Making use of Disney’s Kennels

One option for pet owners visiting the Disney parks is to make use of Disney’s on-site kennels. These kennels are located near the main entrance of each park and provide a safe and secure environment for your pet to stay while you explore the attractions.

The kennels are staffed by trained professionals who will ensure that your pet is well taken care of, with regular feeding and exercise schedules. It’s important to note that space in the kennels is limited, so it’s advisable to make a reservation in advance to secure a spot for your furry friend.

Planning for rides that allow service animals

If you have a service animal, Disney has specific guidelines in place to accommodate their needs. Many attractions at the Disney parks allow service animals to accompany their owners, as long as they meet certain criteria.

It’s a good idea to check the official Disney website or app for a list of rides and attractions that are service animal-friendly. This way, you can plan your day accordingly and ensure that your service animal can join you on as many rides as possible.

Tips for keeping pets comfortable in the Florida heat

Florida’s warm climate can be a challenge for pets, especially during the summer months. To keep your furry friend comfortable while exploring the Disney parks, it’s crucial to take certain precautions.

First and foremost, make sure to bring plenty of water for your pet to stay hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, consider bringing a portable fan or misting spray to provide some relief from the heat.

Lastly, be mindful of the temperature of the ground, as asphalt and concrete can become extremely hot and uncomfortable for your pet’s paws. Consider using booties or walking on grassy areas whenever possible.

By following these tips and making use of the available resources, you can enjoy a magical Disney experience with your pet by your side. Remember to plan ahead, stay prepared, and most importantly, have a paw-some time with your furry companion!

Alternative Accommodations in Orlando for Large Families with Pets

When planning a trip to Orlando with a large family and pets, finding suitable accommodations can be a challenge. However, there are alternative options available that cater to the needs of both your family and your furry friends. Here are some great alternatives to consider:

Renting pet-friendly vacation homes

Renting a pet-friendly vacation home can be an excellent option for large families traveling with pets. These homes often offer spacious layouts with multiple bedrooms, allowing everyone to have their own space.

Additionally, many vacation homes come equipped with outdoor areas or fenced-in yards, providing a safe and secure space for your pets to roam and play. Websites like VRBO and Airbnb offer a wide selection of pet-friendly vacation homes in Orlando.

Camping and RV options

If your family enjoys the great outdoors and you’re looking for a unique experience, consider camping or RV options in Orlando. Many campgrounds and RV parks in the area are pet-friendly and offer amenities such as hiking trails, pet exercise areas, and even pet washing stations.

This allows your pets to enjoy the trip just as much as the rest of the family. Websites like KOA and Good Sam can help you find pet-friendly camping and RV options in the Orlando area.

Tips for a smooth stay with many guests and pets

Traveling with a large family and pets can be a bit more challenging, but with some planning and preparation, you can ensure a smooth stay. Here are some tips to help make your trip more enjoyable:

  • Communicate with your accommodation provider in advance to ensure they can accommodate your entire family and pets.
  • Bring familiar items from home to make your pets feel more comfortable in their new environment.
  • Stick to your pets’ regular feeding and exercise routines as much as possible.
  • Research nearby pet-friendly attractions and parks to keep everyone entertained.
  • Consider hiring a pet sitter or utilizing pet daycare services if you plan on spending long days at theme parks or other attractions.

By following these tips and exploring alternative accommodations such as pet-friendly vacation homes or camping options, you can have a wonderful and stress-free vacation in Orlando with your large family and pets.

Creating Magical Disney Memories Without Bringing Your Pet

Capture photos with Disney characters at parks

While it may be tempting to bring your beloved pet along on your Disney vacation, sometimes it’s best to leave them at home. However, don’t worry! You can still create unforgettable memories without them.

One of the most exciting experiences at Disney parks is the opportunity to meet and greet your favorite Disney characters. Take advantage of this and capture magical photos with Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or Buzz Lightyear.

Your pet might not be able to join in on the fun, but you can bring home amazing photos to share with them later.

Purchase pet souvenirs

Just because your pet couldn’t come along on your Disney adventure doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun entirely. Disney offers a wide range of pet-themed souvenirs that you can bring back for your furry friend.

From plush toys to clothing and accessories, there’s something for every pet lover. These souvenirs can serve as a reminder of your trip and make your pet feel included in the Disney magic, even from afar.

Book pet pampering while you’re away

While you’re enjoying the attractions and entertainment at Disney, why not treat your pet to some pampering of their own? Many reputable pet care services are available near Disney resorts, offering luxurious accommodations and activities for your furry companion.

From grooming and spa services to playtime and even doggy daycare, your pet will be in good hands. Booking these services will give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is being well taken care of while you enjoy your magical Disney experience.

Remember, although the Disney Boardwalk Hotel is not pet-friendly, there are still plenty of ways to create magical memories without bringing your pet along. So go ahead and plan your Disney adventure, knowing that your pet can still be a part of the magic in their own special way!


While pets aren’t allowed on Disney property, with proper planning you can still enjoy a magical Disney World vacation with your furry friends along in pet friendly accommodations nearby.

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