Finding parking in downtown Chicago can be a headache. If you’re visiting the Langham Hotel, you probably want to know the best parking options ahead of time so you don’t get stuck driving in circles. The good news is that the Langham has great parking options for overnight and day guests.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Langham Hotel has a large onsite parking garage with valet and self-parking available. Rates start at $75 per day for overnight self-parking.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about parking at the Langham Hotel, including garage locations, rates, discounts, alternatives nearby if the hotel garage is full, and tips to get in and out smoothly.

Onsite Parking at the Langham Hotel Garage

Location and Entry Points for the Garage

The Langham Hotel’s parking garage is conveniently located right underneath the hotel. There are a couple of different entry points that guests can use to access the garage:

  • The main garage entrance is located off 2nd Street, just west of the hotel’s main entrance.
  • There is also an entrance from Mays Street on the south side of the hotel.
  • For those staying in the hotel, there is an entrance directly from the lobby which provides easy access to the garage elevator.

Self-Parking Rates and Payment

The self-parking rates at The Langham garage are very competitive for the downtown area. Current rates are $25 for 0-2 hours, $35 for 2-4 hours, and $45 for anything over 4 hours. Overnight parking for hotel guests is $45 per night with in-and-out privileges.

Payment can be made by credit card at the automated pay stations located on each level of the garage before exiting.

Valet Parking Rates and Tips

For guests who prefer the luxury of valet parking, The Langham has attendants available 24 hours a day. The current valet rates are $35 for 0-2 hours, $45 for 2-4 hours, and $55 for over 4 hours. The overnight valet fee for hotel guests is $55 per night.

Customers are advised to have cash on hand for tipping the valet staff, with standard tips ranging from $2-5 per car retrieved.

In and Out Privileges

One great perk of parking at The Langham’s garage is that hotel guests have unlimited in-and-out privileges with their validated parking ticket. This allows guests to conveniently access their vehicle during their stay without having to pay each time they re-enter the garage.

For non-hotel customers, standard hourly and daily maximum rates would apply to each time the garage is accessed.

Nearby Parking Garages If The Langham Garage Is Full

Millennium Garages on E Randolph St

If you find that the parking garage at The Langham Hotel is full, don’t worry! There are plenty of alternative options nearby. One such option is the Millennium Garages on E Randolph St. Located just a short distance from The Langham, this parking garage offers convenient and secure parking for hotel guests and visitors alike.

The Millennium Garages on E Randolph St offer a range of parking options, including both self-park and valet services. With their state-of-the-art technology and friendly staff, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be well taken care of while you enjoy your stay at The Langham Hotel.

For more information about rates and availability at the Millennium Garages on E Randolph St, you can visit their official website here.

Grant Park North Garage on E Monroe St

Another nearby parking garage that you can consider if The Langham Garage is full is the Grant Park North Garage on E Monroe St. Situated just a short walk from The Langham, this garage offers convenient and affordable parking options for hotel guests and visitors.

The Grant Park North Garage on E Monroe St provides both self-park and valet services, ensuring that you have a hassle-free parking experience. With their secure facilities and attentive staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

For more information about rates and availability at the Grant Park North Garage on E Monroe St, you can visit their official website here.

Grant Park South Garage on S Columbus Dr

If you’re still looking for alternative parking options near The Langham Hotel, another great choice is the Grant Park South Garage on S Columbus Dr. This garage is conveniently located within walking distance of the hotel, making it a convenient option for guests and visitors.

The Grant Park South Garage on S Columbus Dr offers both self-park and valet services, ensuring that you have flexibility when it comes to parking your vehicle. With their competitive rates and secure facilities, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe while you enjoy your time at The Langham Hotel.

For more information about rates and availability at the Grant Park South Garage on S Columbus Dr, you can visit their official website here.

Discount Parking Options

Parking Validations

If you are planning to visit The Langham Hotel and are worried about the parking fees, there are discount options available to help ease your budget. One of the most convenient ways to save on parking is through parking validations.

Many businesses and restaurants near the hotel offer parking validations, allowing you to park at a reduced rate or even for free. All you have to do is present your parking ticket at the participating establishment and they will provide you with a validation sticker or code to apply to your ticket before leaving the parking garage.

This can significantly lower your parking costs and make your visit to The Langham Hotel more affordable.

Public Transit Discounts

If you prefer to skip the hassle of finding parking altogether, public transit may be the ideal option for you. The Langham Hotel is conveniently located near various public transportation options, making it easy to reach the hotel without a car.

Additionally, some cities offer discounts or special rates for public transit users. Before heading to the hotel, check with the local transportation authority or visit their website to see if there are any discounted fares or passes available.

Taking advantage of these discounts not only saves you money but also helps reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

For example, in New York City, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) offers reduced fares for seniors, students, and disabled individuals. They also have unlimited ride passes, such as the MetroCard, which can save you money if you plan to use public transit frequently during your stay.

Check out their website for more information on discounted fares and passes in NYC.

By exploring parking validations and public transit discounts, you can make your visit to The Langham Hotel more affordable and stress-free. Whether you choose to save on parking fees or opt for public transportation, these discount options allow you to enjoy your stay without breaking the bank.

Tips for Navigating Parking at The Langham

Avoid Peak Check-In/Check-Out Times

When it comes to parking at The Langham, timing is everything. To make your experience as smooth as possible, it’s best to avoid peak check-in and check-out times. These tend to be during the late morning and early afternoon when guests are arriving or departing from the hotel.

By arriving a bit earlier or later, you can minimize the chances of encountering a long line or having to circle the parking lot in search of a spot.

Consider Valet for Quicker Entry/Exit

If you’re looking for a quicker and more convenient parking option at The Langham, valet parking might be the way to go. With valet parking, you can simply pull up to the hotel entrance, hand over your keys, and let the hotel staff take care of parking your vehicle.

This option saves you the hassle of finding a parking spot on your own and allows for a smoother entry and exit experience. While valet parking may come at an additional cost, it can be well worth it for the added convenience and time saved.

Prepay Parking to Avoid Lines

To avoid potential lines or delays when entering or exiting the parking area at The Langham, consider prepaying for your parking. Many hotels, including The Langham, offer the option to prepay for parking when making your room reservation or at the front desk upon check-in.

By prepaying, you can bypass any lines at the payment kiosks or attendants, allowing for a seamless parking experience. Additionally, prepaying for parking can often save you some money, as hotels may offer discounted rates for guests who choose this option.


Finding parking near downtown hotels can be a pain, but the Langham Chicago makes it easy with their large onsite garage and great proximity to other garages. By understanding the parking options and rates ahead of time, you can navigate in and out of the Langham smoothly and avoid any parking headaches during your stay.

The key tips are to consider valet, avoid peak times if possible, and look into parking validation discounts to save money. With this guide, you’ll know exactly what to expect for parking at the Langham Hotel Chicago.

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