In 2012, the struggling Surfline Hotel in South Hampton, New York was featured on the hit show Hotel Impossible. Host Anthony Melchiorri came in to try and turn the property around. But what actually happened after the cameras left? Did the changes stick?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll catch up with the Surfline Hotel post-Hotel Impossible to see how it fared in both the short and long term after being on the show.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: While the Surfline saw some initial improvements, it continued to struggle in the following years. The hotel was sold in 2018 and underwent major renovations, reopening under new management in 2021.

Initial Changes and Ownership After the Hotel Impossible Visit

After the visit from Anthony Melchiorri and the Hotel Impossible crew, the Surfline Hotel underwent some significant changes. Anthony’s expertise and suggestions played a crucial role in transforming the hotel and improving its overall performance.

Implementing Anthony’s Suggestions

Anthony Melchiorri’s recommendations were implemented with great success. One of the first areas of improvement was the hotel’s outdated and worn-out furnishings. The management team wasted no time in giving the rooms a much-needed facelift.

The old, uncomfortable beds were replaced with plush, luxurious mattresses, and the rooms were redecorated with a modern and inviting aesthetic.

Another area that received a revamp was the hotel’s customer service. Anthony stressed the importance of providing exceptional guest experiences, and the hotel took this advice to heart. The staff underwent extensive training to improve their communication skills and overall professionalism.

As a result, guests began to notice a positive change in the way they were treated and the level of service they received during their stay.

Furthermore, the hotel’s restaurant and bar, which were once struggling to attract guests, underwent a complete transformation. Anthony’s expertise in menu planning and restaurant management helped the hotel create a new and exciting dining experience.

The menu was revamped with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and the ambiance of the restaurant was redesigned to create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. These changes resulted in a significant increase in guests dining at the hotel’s restaurant, boosting revenue and overall customer satisfaction.

Sale to New Owners in 2018

Despite the positive changes made after the Hotel Impossible visit, the Surfline Hotel changed ownership in 2018. The new owners recognized the potential of the hotel and saw an opportunity to further enhance its success.

The new owners brought their own unique vision to the hotel and continued to build upon the improvements made with Anthony’s help. They invested in additional renovations and upgrades to ensure the hotel remained competitive in the market.

This included enhancing the hotel’s amenities, such as adding a state-of-the-art fitness center and renovating the pool area to create a luxurious oasis for guests.

The changes made by the new owners only further solidified the Surfline Hotel as a top destination for travelers. The hotel’s reputation continued to improve, and it quickly became known as one of the premier hotels in the area.

Today, the Surfline Hotel stands as a testament to the power of Anthony Melchiorri’s expertise and the dedication of its new owners. It serves as a shining example of how a struggling hotel can be transformed into a thriving and successful establishment.

The Surfline’s Decline and Eventual Foreclosure

After the episode of Hotel Impossible featuring the Surfline Hotel aired, the property initially saw a brief surge in bookings and positive reviews. However, despite the initial boost, the hotel continued to face significant financial struggles in the following years.

Continued Financial Struggles

One of the primary reasons for the Surfline’s decline was its inability to attract a steady stream of guests. While the show’s renovation efforts had undoubtedly improved the hotel’s physical appearance and amenities, it was not enough to compete with other hotels in the area that offered more modern accommodations and updated facilities.

Additionally, the hotel faced stiff competition from online travel agencies and alternative lodging options, such as vacation rentals and Airbnb. These options provided travelers with more affordable and flexible choices, making it difficult for the Surfline to maintain a consistent customer base.

Furthermore, the hotel’s location played a significant role in its decline. Situated in an area that lacked tourist attractions and had limited foot traffic, the Surfline struggled to attract visitors and generate sufficient revenue to cover its operating costs.

Closure and Auction in 2020

Despite efforts to turn the hotel’s fortunes around, the Surfline ultimately had to face the harsh reality of foreclosure. In 2020, the property was forced to close its doors and was subsequently put up for auction.

The closure of the Surfline was a significant blow to the local community, as the hotel had been a longstanding landmark in the area. Many residents and former employees expressed their disappointment and sadness over the loss of the iconic establishment.

The auction of the Surfline attracted a mix of potential buyers, including investors looking to revitalize the property and developers interested in repurposing the land for other purposes. The outcome of the auction remains unknown at this time.

It is worth noting that the Surfline’s decline and eventual foreclosure were not unique to the hotel industry. Many businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, have struggled to adapt to changing consumer preferences and increased competition in recent years.

While the Surfline may have faced its own set of challenges, its story serves as a reminder of the importance of continuously innovating and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving market.

Rebirth and Relaunch as Southampton Inn

Purchased and Renovated by New Owners

After the popular television show “Hotel Impossible” featured the Surfline Hotel, it underwent a remarkable transformation. The hotel was purchased by a group of visionary investors who recognized its potential and were determined to turn it into a premier destination in Southampton.

These new owners spared no expense in renovating and upgrading the entire property, from the rooms and amenities to the common areas and landscaping.

The renovations were extensive, with a focus on creating a modern and luxurious atmosphere while still preserving the hotel’s unique charm. The rooms were redesigned with upscale furnishings, plush bedding, and state-of-the-art technology.

The lobby and common areas were given a fresh, contemporary look, creating a welcoming and stylish space for guests to relax and socialize.

The new owners also invested in improving the hotel’s amenities. They added a brand-new fitness center, a spa offering a range of rejuvenating treatments, and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views of the ocean.

Additionally, they revamped the hotel’s dining options, introducing a trendy restaurant that showcases the best of local cuisine.

Reopened in Summer 2021

After months of meticulous planning and renovations, the Southampton Inn finally reopened its doors to guests in the summer of 2021. The grand reopening was met with great excitement and anticipation, as the hotel had already gained quite a following during its time on “Hotel Impossible.”

The relaunch of the Southampton Inn was marked by a series of special events and promotions, attracting visitors from near and far. Guests were treated to complimentary champagne upon arrival and were given the opportunity to explore the newly transformed hotel.

The positive feedback from guests was overwhelming, with many expressing their delight at the hotel’s stunning renovations and top-notch service.

Since its reopening, the Southampton Inn has quickly regained its status as one of the most sought-after accommodations in Southampton. Its reputation for exceptional hospitality, luxurious amenities, and prime location has made it a top choice for both leisure and business travelers.

If you’re planning a trip to Southampton, be sure to check out the Southampton Inn and experience firsthand the rebirth and relaunch of this iconic hotel. For more information, visit their official website


While the Surfline saw initial improvements after Hotel Impossible, ongoing issues led to its closure and rebranding nearly a decade later. Under new ownership and a fresh look, the former Surfline relaunched successfully as the Southampton Inn in 2021.

The changes show the lasting influence Hotel Impossible can have, but also the continued effort needed to revive a struggling hotel.

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