With their trendy boutique vibe, Thompson Hotels seem like a brand all their own. But they’re actually part of a larger luxury hotel group. So what chain is Thompson Hotels part of? The answer lies with their parent company, Hyatt.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Thompson Hotels are owned by Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Hyatt launched the Thompson brand in 2013 as part of their foray into the boutique hotel space.

In this approximately 3000 word article, we’ll take a deeper look at the relationship between Thompson Hotels and Hyatt, including:

* Background on Hyatt Hotels Corporation

* The launch and growth of the Thompson brand

* How Thompson fits into Hyatt’s portfolio strategy

* The benefits of Hyatt’s ownership for Thompson

* How much autonomy Thompson has under Hyatt

* Comparisons to Hyatt’s other boutique brands

* The future outlook for Thompson as part of Hyatt

An Introduction to Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a renowned international hotel group that operates numerous hotel brands worldwide. With a rich history and a diverse portfolio, Hyatt has established itself as a leader in the hospitality industry.

History and origins as an international hotel group

Hyatt Hotels Corporation was founded in 1957 by Jay Pritzker and his brother Donald. It all began with the purchase of the Hyatt House motel located near the Los Angeles International Airport. This marked the beginning of their journey to create a global hotel empire.

Over the years, Hyatt expanded its presence worldwide through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Today, Hyatt operates more than 900 hotels in over 65 countries, making it one of the largest and most recognized hotel chains in the world.

Hyatt’s portfolio of hotel brands

Hyatt Hotels Corporation offers a diverse range of hotel brands, each catering to different market segments and customer preferences. Some of their notable brands include:

  • Hyatt Regency: A luxury brand known for its upscale amenities and exceptional service.
  • Andaz: A boutique hotel brand that offers a unique and immersive experience in vibrant destinations.
  • Grand Hyatt: A premium brand that combines elegance and sophistication with world-class facilities.
  • Hyatt Place: A select-service brand that provides comfortable accommodations for business and leisure travelers.
  • Hyatt House: An extended-stay brand designed for guests seeking a home-like experience during longer stays.

Financial performance and statistics

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has consistently demonstrated strong financial performance over the years. In 2020, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyatt reported a total revenue of $2.02 billion.

This reflects the resilience and adaptability of the company in navigating through the crisis.

Furthermore, Hyatt has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The company has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint and support local communities.

Recent trends and strategic priorities

In line with industry trends, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has been focusing on enhancing its digital capabilities and personalized guest experiences. The company has invested in technology to streamline operations and improve customer engagement.

Additionally, Hyatt has placed a strong emphasis on expanding its presence in key markets around the world. This includes the development of new properties in emerging destinations and strategic partnerships with local developers.

The Launch and Growth of the Thompson Brand

The Thompson brand was founded in 2013 as a boutique lifestyle brand, offering a unique and luxurious hotel experience to discerning travelers. With a focus on design, art, and culture, Thompson Hotels quickly gained a reputation for its stylish accommodations and personalized service.

Expansion in major U.S. cities

Since its inception, Thompson Hotels has experienced significant growth in major U.S. cities. From its flagship property in New York City, the brand has expanded to include hotels in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and more.

Each property is carefully curated to reflect the spirit and personality of its host city, providing guests with an authentic and immersive experience.

International growth in Mexico, Canada, China

Thompson Hotels has also expanded its presence internationally, with properties in Mexico, Canada, and China. In Mexico, the brand has established itself as a leader in luxury hospitality with stunning beachfront resorts in Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas.

In Canada, Thompson Hotels has made its mark in Toronto and Vancouver, offering urban retreats in vibrant city centers. And in China, the brand has entered the market with a property in the bustling city of Shanghai.

Future openings and development pipeline

The future looks bright for Thompson Hotels, with several exciting openings and development projects in the pipeline. The brand has announced plans for new properties in cities like Austin, Dallas, and San Francisco, further solidifying its presence in the U.S. market.

Additionally, Thompson Hotels is exploring opportunities for expansion in other international destinations, including Europe and the Middle East.

With its continued focus on innovation and exceptional guest experiences, Thompson Hotels is poised for continued success in the luxury hospitality industry.

How Thompson Fits into Hyatt’s Brand Portfolio

Thompson Hotels, a renowned boutique hotel chain, has found its place within Hyatt’s impressive brand portfolio. As part of their strategic expansion plans, Hyatt made a move into the boutique hotel sector, recognizing the growing demand for unique and personalized travel experiences.

Thompson Hotels was a perfect fit for Hyatt, allowing them to diversify their offerings and cater to the preferences of modern luxury travelers.

Part of Hyatt’s move into boutique hotels

Hyatt’s acquisition of Thompson Hotels was a strategic move aimed at tapping into the booming boutique hotel market. With travelers increasingly seeking authentic and personalized experiences, boutique hotels have become increasingly popular.

By adding Thompson Hotels to their brand portfolio, Hyatt is able to cater to this demand and offer a range of unique, design-driven properties that provide a truly memorable stay.

Diversification from traditional full-service hotels

Thompson Hotels marks a departure from Hyatt’s traditional focus on full-service hotels. While Hyatt has built a strong reputation for their luxurious and upscale properties, Thompson Hotels brings a fresh and contemporary approach to hospitality.

With their emphasis on design, art, and local culture, Thompson Hotels offers a more intimate and immersive experience for guests, setting them apart from the traditional hotel offerings.

Appealing to modern luxury travelers

Thompson Hotels caters to the needs and preferences of modern luxury travelers. These travelers are seeking more than just a comfortable bed and a convenient location. They crave unique and memorable experiences that reflect their individual tastes.

Thompson Hotels, with its stylish design, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering personalized service, appeals to this discerning demographic, providing them with a truly exceptional stay.

Competing with major boutique brands

With the acquisition of Thompson Hotels, Hyatt has positioned itself as a formidable competitor in the boutique hotel market. Thompson Hotels joins the ranks of other major boutique hotel brands, such as Marriott’s Autograph Collection and Hilton’s Curio Collection, in offering a diverse range of properties that cater to the desires of modern travelers.

This move allows Hyatt to broaden its customer base and capture a greater share of the growing boutique hotel market.

The Perks of Hyatt Ownership for Thompson

Thompson Hotels, a luxury hotel chain known for its stylish and unique properties, is backed by the global hospitality giant, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. This partnership brings numerous benefits to Thompson Hotels, allowing them to enhance their services and expand their reach in the competitive hotel industry.

Financial backing for growth

One of the major perks of being under the ownership of Hyatt is the financial backing it provides to Thompson Hotels. With access to Hyatt’s vast resources and capital, Thompson can invest in new properties, renovate existing ones, and explore opportunities for expansion.

This financial support allows Thompson to continue delivering exceptional experiences to its guests while maintaining its high standards of quality.

Access to Hyatt’s reservations system

By being part of the Hyatt family, Thompson Hotels gains access to Hyatt’s advanced reservations system. This system enables Thompson to streamline its booking process, ensuring a seamless experience for guests.

With Hyatt’s robust technology infrastructure, Thompson can efficiently manage reservations, offer personalized services, and enhance guest satisfaction.

Global marketing and brand recognition

Hyatt’s extensive global presence and strong marketing capabilities provide Thompson Hotels with unparalleled exposure and brand recognition. As part of the Hyatt portfolio, Thompson can leverage Hyatt’s marketing channels and resources to target a wider audience and attract more guests.

This increased visibility helps Thompson Hotels establish itself as a prominent player in the luxury hotel segment.

Customer loyalty program

Thompson Hotels also benefits from Hyatt’s renowned customer loyalty program, World of Hyatt. This loyalty program allows Thompson’s guests to earn points for their stays and enjoy exclusive perks and benefits across the Hyatt portfolio of hotels.

By participating in this program, Thompson Hotels can foster customer loyalty and incentivize repeat visits, enhancing guest satisfaction and driving revenue.

How Much Independence Does Thompson Have?

Thompson Hotels, a luxury boutique hotel chain, has managed to maintain a significant level of independence despite being a part of the larger Hyatt Hotels Corporation. This independence is evident in several aspects of the brand’s operations and identity.

Separate brand identity from Hyatt

Thompson Hotels has successfully established itself as a distinct brand within the Hyatt portfolio. While it benefits from the resources and support of a larger parent company, Thompson Hotels maintains its own unique brand identity, with a focus on modern design, personalized service, and a vibrant atmosphere.

This separation allows Thompson Hotels to cater to a specific target market and cultivate a loyal customer base.

Brand-level executives and operational leadership

Thompson Hotels has its own dedicated team of brand-level executives and operational leaders who oversee the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the brand. This includes decision-making processes related to property development, marketing, and guest experience.

These leaders are deeply invested in maintaining the brand’s independent identity and ensuring that each Thompson property embodies the brand’s core values.

Independent food and beverage concepts

One area where Thompson Hotels showcases its independence is in its food and beverage offerings. Each property within the brand has its own unique culinary concepts, often featuring collaborations with renowned chefs and mixologists.

This approach allows Thompson Hotels to offer guests a diverse and innovative dining experience that reflects the local culture and culinary scene.

Collaboration on guest amenities and services

While Thompson Hotels maintains its independence in many areas, it also benefits from collaboration with Hyatt in terms of guest amenities and services. By leveraging the resources and expertise of the larger corporation, Thompson Hotels is able to offer its guests a wide range of amenities and services, including access to the World of Hyatt loyalty program, which provides exclusive benefits and rewards for frequent travelers.

How Thompson Compares to Hyatt’s Joie de Vivre and Alila

Joie de Vivre – Quirky and community-focused

When it comes to unique hotel experiences, Hyatt’s Joie de Vivre takes the cake. This boutique hotel brand is known for its quirky design, vibrant colors, and lively atmosphere. Each property has its own distinct personality and is deeply rooted in the local community.

Joie de Vivre hotels focus on creating memorable experiences for guests by offering personalized service and a sense of belonging. From the moment you step into the lobby, you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile and a warm welcome.

The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels like part of the family.

One of the standout features of Joie de Vivre hotels is their commitment to supporting local businesses and artists. They often collaborate with local artisans, designers, and chefs to bring a taste of the community into the hotel.

This not only enhances the guest experience but also helps to support the local economy.

Alila – Eco-luxury boutique brand

If you’re looking for a luxurious and sustainable hotel experience, Alila is the brand to consider. As part of the Thompson Hotels parent company, Alila is known for its commitment to eco-friendly practices and breathtaking locations.

Alila properties are designed to blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings, creating a harmonious and serene atmosphere. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with stunning views and a sense of tranquility.

Each property is carefully designed to minimize its environmental impact while still providing a high level of luxury.

One of the unique aspects of Alila hotels is their focus on holistic wellness. Many properties offer spa treatments, yoga classes, and wellness programs to help guests relax and rejuvenate. Whether you’re looking to unwind with a massage or take part in a meditation session, Alila has you covered.

Uniqueness of the Thompson lifestyle brand

Thompson Hotels, the parent company of both Joie de Vivre and Alila, offers a lifestyle brand that is different from the others. With properties in urban centers and resort destinations, Thompson Hotels aims to provide guests with a unique and immersive experience.

Thompson Hotels are known for their stylish design, attention to detail, and exceptional service. Each property has its own distinct personality, reflecting the local culture and vibe. From chic rooftop bars to trendy restaurants, Thompson Hotels are often sought after by travelers looking for a sophisticated and vibrant stay.

What sets Thompson Hotels apart is their ability to create a sense of community and connection among guests. Whether it’s through curated events, communal spaces, or engaging experiences, Thompson Hotels fosters an environment where guests can connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting memories.

What’s Next for Thompson as Part of Hyatt?

Since its acquisition by Hyatt Hotels Corporation in 2016, Thompson Hotels has continued to thrive and expand under the guidance of its parent company. With a shared commitment to exceptional service and unique guest experiences, Thompson Hotels has found a perfect partner in Hyatt.

Continued growth in major metropolitan markets

As part of Hyatt, Thompson Hotels has been able to accelerate its growth in major metropolitan markets. The brand has opened new properties in cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, with plans for further expansion in the pipeline.

This growth allows Thompson Hotels to reach more travelers and offer them a taste of their signature blend of luxury and boutique charm.

Increase in international presence

Hyatt’s global reach has also helped Thompson Hotels expand its international presence. With access to Hyatt’s extensive network of properties and loyal customer base, Thompson Hotels has successfully entered new markets around the world.

From London to Mexico City, travelers can now experience the Thompson Hotels brand in some of the most exciting destinations across the globe.

Maintaining distinct boutique identity

Despite being part of a larger hotel chain, Thompson Hotels has managed to maintain its distinct boutique identity. Each property is carefully curated and designed to reflect the unique character of its location.

From the artwork on the walls to the locally-inspired menus, Thompson Hotels ensures that every guest feels a sense of place and authenticity during their stay.

Leveraging Hyatt’s resources for expansion

Being part of Hyatt has provided Thompson Hotels with access to a wealth of resources and expertise. From marketing and technology to operations and development, Thompson Hotels can leverage Hyatt’s knowledge and infrastructure to fuel its expansion plans.

This collaboration allows Thompson Hotels to focus on what it does best – creating unforgettable experiences for its guests.

Overall, as part of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Thompson Hotels is set to continue its growth and success in the hospitality industry. With a strong presence in major metropolitan markets, an expanding international footprint, and a commitment to maintaining its boutique identity, Thompson Hotels is poised for an exciting future.


In summary, Thompson Hotels are owned by global hotel giant Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Hyatt launched Thompson in 2013 as part of a strategy to enter the boutique space. While Thompson operates independently in many ways, Hyatt’s financial backing, distribution channels, and loyalty program provide key advantages.

Thompson fills an important niche for Hyatt in attracting design-conscious luxury travelers. With boutique demand growing, Thompson is poised for continued expansion while remaining a distinct lifestyle brand under the Hyatt umbrella.

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