Are you tired of tossing and turning in uncomfortable hotel beds? Look no further! In this article, we’ll reveal the top 8 hotels with the most comfortable beds.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Westin hotels are known for their luxurious, comfortable beds.

But we won’t stop there. We’ll also give you a detailed overview of each hotel’s bed features, amenities, and guest reviews. So, let’s dive in and discover the hotel with the best beds for your next trip!

1. The Ritz-Carlton

If you are looking for the hotel with the most comfortable beds, The Ritz-Carlton is a great place to start. Known for its luxurious amenities and high-end services, The Ritz-Carlton offers an unforgettable sleep experience with its top-notch bed features.

  • The Ritz-Carlton uses a custom-designed Sealy mattress, which is specifically made for their hotels and cannot be found in stores.
  • The mattress is topped with multiple layers of high-quality linens, including Egyptian cotton sheets and a down comforter.
  • Guests can choose from a variety of pillows, including feather and hypoallergenic options, to ensure a personalized sleep experience.

Aside from the luxurious bed features, The Ritz-Carlton also receives high praise from guests for its comfortable beds. In fact, according to Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards, The Ritz-Carlton is consistently ranked as one of the top hotels with the most comfortable beds. Many guests have raved about the quality of sleep they’ve had during their stay at The Ritz-Carlton.

2. Marriott

One of the hotel chains that has consistently received praise for its comfortable beds is Marriott. The company’s ‘Revive bedding system’ is specifically designed to provide guests with a luxurious sleep experience. The bedding system includes a plush mattress, soft linens, and fluffy pillows.

The Marriott’s mattresses are made of high-quality materials that provide the perfect balance of support and comfort. The mattress is designed to contour to the body, which helps to relieve pressure points and reduce tossing and turning throughout the night.

In addition to the Revive bedding system, Marriott also offers guests a variety of pillow options to ensure that every guest can find a pillow that suits their sleeping preferences. Guests can choose from feather, down, or hypoallergenic pillows.

Guest reviews of Marriott hotels consistently mention the comfortable beds as one of the highlights of their stay. Many guests have reported getting some of the best sleep of their lives while staying at Marriott hotels.

It is worth mentioning that Marriott has a range of different hotel brands, from budget-friendly options like Fairfield Inn and Suites to luxury properties like The Ritz-Carlton. Regardless of the brand, guests can expect a high level of comfort when it comes to their beds.

3. Westin Hotels

When it comes to comfortable hotel beds, Westin Hotels is one of the top names that come to mind. The brand’s signature “Heavenly Bed” has become famous for its plush, pillow-top mattress, cozy down blanket, and soft sheets.

The Heavenly Bed was first introduced in 1999 and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most comfortable hotel beds around. The mattress is designed with a pillow-top construction, which provides an extra layer of cushioning for a more luxurious sleep experience. The bed is also outfitted with a down blanket and a variety of pillows, so guests can customize their sleeping experience to their liking.

Guests raved about the Heavenly Bed in their reviews, with many saying it was the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had in a hotel. Some even went as far as to inquire about purchasing a Heavenly Bed for their own home!

Pros Cons
  • Pillow-top mattress for extra cushioning
  • Soft sheets
  • Cozy down blanket
  • Some guests found the bed too soft

It is worth mentioning that Westin Hotels offers a variety of room types with their Heavenly Bed, including standard rooms, suites, and even their own villa properties. Keep in mind that while the Heavenly Bed is a staple at Westin Hotels, not all locations may have updated their beds to the latest version.

For more information on Westin Hotels and their amenities, visit

4. Four Seasons

When it comes to luxurious hotels, Four Seasons is a name that often comes up. But, did you know that they also have some of the most comfortable beds in the hospitality industry?

One of the reasons why Four Seasons beds are so comfortable is because they are customizable. Guests can choose from a variety of mattress toppers, pillows, and duvets to create the perfect sleeping experience for them.

Many guests have raved about the comfort of Four Seasons beds in their reviews. One guest wrote, “The bed was like sleeping on a cloud. I didn’t want to get out of it in the morning!” Another guest said, “The bed was so comfortable that I slept like a baby.”

Four Seasons also uses high-quality linens and bedding materials to enhance the sleeping experience. The hotel chain uses cotton percale sheets with a high thread count and down pillows and duvets.

5. Hilton

Another hotel chain that is known for its comfortable beds is Hilton. One of the reasons for this is their Serene Dreams bedding collection, which is exclusive to Hilton hotels. The Serene Dreams collection features a plush-top mattress pad, down-filled comforters, and a variety of pillows to choose from.

Guest reviews also attest to the quality of the beds at Hilton hotels. Many guests have reported getting a restful night’s sleep thanks to the comfortable beds. Keep in mind that different Hilton properties may have different types of beds and bedding, so it’s worth checking with the specific hotel you plan to stay at to make sure they have the Serene Dreams collection.

6. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

When it comes to luxurious hotels and resorts, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a name that is often at the top of the list. Known for their exceptional service and elegant accommodations, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts also provides guests with signature bedding that is sure to provide a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

  • Their signature bedding includes high-quality linens, plush pillows, and comfortable mattresses that are designed to cradle your body and provide support where you need it most.
  • Guests consistently rave about the comfort of the beds at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, with many stating that they had one of the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had.

It is worth mentioning that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts also offers guests the option to purchase their signature bedding, so you can bring the luxury and comfort of their beds home with you. Keep in mind that this option may come with a hefty price tag, but for those who value a good night’s sleep, it may be worth the investment.

7. Sheraton Hotels & Resorts

When it comes to choosing a hotel with comfortable beds, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts is a brand that is worth considering. One of the reasons why Sheraton Hotels & Resorts is a popular choice for travelers is their signature bed, which is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for guests.

The Sheraton Signature Bed is made up of a plush mattress, crisp cotton sheets, a cozy duvet, and plenty of fluffy pillows. The bed is designed to help guests get a good night’s sleep, which is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Guest reviews also speak highly of the Sheraton bed. Many guests comment on how comfortable the bed is, with some saying that it’s the best night’s sleep they’ve had in a hotel. Others mention how soft and supportive the mattress is, which is important for those who suffer from back pain or other sleep-related issues.

It’s worth noting that Sheraton Hotels & Resorts has a wide range of properties around the world, from city center hotels to beachside resorts. While the bed is a consistent feature across all properties, it’s always a good idea to check guest reviews for the specific hotel you’re considering to see what others have to say about the beds.

8. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

When it comes to finding a hotel with the most comfortable beds, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is a top choice for many travelers. One reason for this is the luxury bedding collection that the hotel chain offers. From plush pillows to soft sheets, guests are sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.

In addition to the high-quality bedding, guests have also left rave reviews about the comfort of the beds at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. Many have noted how well they slept during their stay, and some have even mentioned wanting to purchase the same bedding for their own homes.

When looking for a hotel with comfortable beds, it is important to take into account both the quality of the bedding and the opinions of past guests. InterContinental Hotels & Resorts excels in both areas, making it a great option for those seeking a restful night’s sleep.


In conclusion, the hotel with the best beds for you depends on your personal preferences and budget. However, the Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Westin hotels consistently receive high ratings for their bed comfort and luxury features.

Other hotels such as Four Seasons, Hilton, Fairmont, Sheraton, and InterContinental also offer comfortable and customizable bedding options. Be sure to check guest reviews and amenities before booking your next hotel stay to ensure a good night’s sleep.

We hope this article helped you discover the hotel with the best beds for your next trip. Sweet dreams!

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