Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity in the hospitality industry? Have you heard about condo hotels but not sure what they are and how they work? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of condo hotels and explore their pros and cons.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: A condo hotel is a type of real estate property that combines the convenience of owning a condo with the luxury amenities and services of a hotel. Owners can use their unit as a vacation home and rent it out to hotel guests when they’re not using it.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

Understanding the Concept of Condo Hotels

Condo hotels, also known as hotel-condos or condotels, are a relatively new type of investment property that combines elements of traditional condominiums and hotels. In a condo hotel, individual units are sold to investors who then lease their units back to the hotel management company, which operates the property as a hotel.

It is worth mentioning that condo hotels have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in hot tourist destinations such as Miami, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. The appeal of a condo hotel lies in the potential for owners to not only earn rental income but also enjoy personal use of their unit when they visit the area.

So, how does a condo hotel work? Essentially, owners of condo hotel units receive a portion of the rental income generated by their unit, typically around 50% to 70%, with the remaining income going to the hotel management company. In exchange for this revenue split, the hotel management company takes care of all the day-to-day operations, including maintenance, housekeeping, and marketing.

On the other hand, owners of traditional rental properties are responsible for all aspects of managing their property, from maintenance to marketing and everything in between. This makes condo hotels an attractive option for investors who want to earn rental income without the hassle of being a landlord.

Benefits of Owning a Condo Hotel Unit

There are several benefits to owning a condo hotel unit, including:

  • Opportunity for rental income: As previously mentioned, condo hotel owners have the potential to earn rental income from their unit when they are not using it personally.
  • Professional management: The hotel management company takes care of all aspects of running the property, from maintenance to marketing, so owners do not have to worry about these tasks.
  • Access to hotel amenities: Condo hotel owners typically have access to all the amenities of the hotel, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and restaurants, making it a more luxurious experience.
  • Location: Condo hotels are often located in highly desirable areas, such as beachfront or downtown locations, which can be difficult to afford for traditional homebuyers.

Risks and Challenges

However, owning a condo hotel unit is not without its risks and challenges. It is important to keep in mind that:

  • Revenue can be unpredictable: Rental income is not guaranteed, and can fluctuate depending on occupancy rates, seasonality, and other factors.
  • Expenses can add up: Owners are typically responsible for paying monthly maintenance fees, property taxes, and other expenses, which can eat into their rental income.
  • Resale value may be lower: Condo hotels are a niche market, and may not appreciate in value as much as traditional real estate.
  • Restrictions on personal use: Owners may be limited in how often they can use their unit personally, especially during peak rental seasons.

It is important to do your research and speak with a qualified real estate professional before investing in a condo hotel to fully understand the potential benefits and risks.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in a Condo Hotel

Investing in a condo hotel can have its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons to consider:

The Pros of Investing in a Condo Hotel

  • Potential for high rental income: One of the biggest draws of investing in a condo hotel is the potential for high rental income. Due to their prime locations and premium amenities, condo hotels tend to attract high-end clientele who are willing to pay top dollar for a luxurious stay.
  • Access to premium amenities and services: Condo hotel owners have access to a range of premium amenities and services, such as concierge services, housekeeping, room service, and more. These amenities can help attract guests and increase rental income.
  • Hassle-free ownership: Condo hotels are managed by a professional management company, which means that owners can enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience. The management company takes care of all aspects of the property, from maintenance to marketing.

The Cons of Investing in a Condo Hotel

  • High upfront costs: Investing in a condo hotel typically requires a significant upfront investment. Buyers are responsible for purchasing a condo unit, which can be expensive, and may also need to pay additional fees for things like furniture and decor.
  • Limited control over rental income and expenses: While condo hotel owners have the potential to earn high rental income, they also have limited control over how that income is generated and how expenses are managed. The management company is responsible for setting rental rates and managing expenses, which can lead to disagreements between owners and management.
  • Dependency on hotel management: Condo hotel owners are dependent on the management company to maintain the property, attract guests, and generate rental income. If the management company is not effective or goes out of business, owners could be left with a property that is difficult to manage and generate income from.

It is worth mentioning that investing in a condo hotel requires careful consideration and research. It is important to thoroughly evaluate the potential risks and rewards before making a decision. Keep in mind that investing in a condo hotel is not for everyone and may not be suitable for those who are looking for more control over their investment.

On the other hand, for those who are willing to take on the risks, investing in a condo hotel can be a lucrative investment opportunity. Remember to do your due diligence and consult with a professional advisor before making any investment decisions.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Condo Hotel

Condo hotels, also known as hotel-condos or apart-hotels, are a type of real estate investment that combines the benefits of owning a vacation property with the amenities and services of a hotel. However, before jumping into the condo hotel market, there are several factors that potential investors should keep in mind. Below are some of the most important:

  • Location: Just like any other real estate investment, location is key. A condo hotel should be located in a popular tourist destination with high demand for accommodations. It is worth mentioning that some condo hotels are part of larger resort complexes, which can provide additional attractions for guests.
  • Brand and Management: The reputation and management of the hotel brand can greatly influence the success of a condo hotel investment. A well-known and respected brand can attract more guests and maintain higher occupancy rates. It is important to research the track record of the management company and their experience in operating condo hotels.
  • Unit Size and Type: The size and type of unit can affect the demand and profitability of a condo hotel investment. Larger units, such as two or three-bedroom suites, can accommodate families and groups, which may increase occupancy rates and rental income. On the other hand, smaller units, such as studios or one-bedroom units, may be easier to rent out and require less maintenance.
  • Market Demand and Competition: Before investing in a condo hotel, it is important to research the local market demand and competition. If there are already many similar accommodations in the area, it may be harder to attract guests and achieve high occupancy rates. On the other hand, if there is high demand and limited competition, there may be opportunities for higher rental income.
  • Ownership Structure and Fees: Condo hotels have a unique ownership structure, where investors own individual units but share the revenue and expenses of the entire property. It is important to understand the ownership structure and fees associated with the investment, such as management fees, maintenance fees, and rental program fees. Keep in mind that these fees can vary greatly depending on the specific condo hotel.

Tips for Successful Condo Hotel Investment

Investing in a condo hotel can be a lucrative opportunity for those who are interested in real estate. However, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of this investment before making a decision. Here are some tips for successful condo hotel investment:

  • Do your research and due diligence: It is worth mentioning that before investing in a condo hotel, it is crucial to research the market and the property thoroughly. Keep in mind the location, amenities, and the reputation of the hotel chain that is managing the property.
  • Work with a reputable broker: To find the best condo hotel investment opportunities, it is recommended to work with a reputable broker who has extensive experience in the real estate industry. They can help you identify profitable investment opportunities and guide you through the process.
  • Read and understand the legal documents: Before signing any contract, it is essential to read and understand all the legal documents provided by the developer. This includes the condo hotel declaration, operating agreement, and any other legal documents associated with the investment.
  • Have a realistic financial plan: Investing in a condo hotel requires a significant amount of capital. It is crucial to have a realistic financial plan that takes into account the initial investment, monthly maintenance fees, and any other expenses associated with the investment. Keep in mind that condo hotels may have fluctuating occupancy rates, and your investment may not bring a return immediately.
  • Be prepared for unexpected expenses: Unfortunately, unexpected expenses can arise in any investment. It is essential to have a contingency plan in place to cover any unforeseen expenses such as repairs, maintenance, or special assessments.

Remember, investing in a condo hotel can be a profitable venture, but it requires careful planning and research. By following these tips and working with reputable professionals, you can make an informed decision and maximize your investment potential.


In conclusion, investing in a condo hotel can be a lucrative opportunity for those who are willing to take on the risks and challenges associated with it. By understanding the concept, weighing the pros and cons, considering the factors, and following the tips we’ve presented in this article, you can make an informed decision and maximize your returns. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, it’s important to seek professional advice and guidance before making any investment decisions.

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