If you’re planning a vacation, you might have come across the term ‘instant hotel’ and wondered what it means. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on what an instant hotel is and how it works.

Instant hotels are a relatively new concept in the hospitality industry, and they are gaining popularity among travelers who want a unique and authentic experience. If you’re looking for a different kind of accommodation, an instant hotel might be just what you need.

Here, we will explore the definition of an instant hotel, how it differs from traditional hotels, the benefits of staying in an instant hotel, and some popular instant hotel platforms you can use to book your stay.

What is an Instant Hotel?

What is an Instant Hotel?

If you have been planning a trip and are looking for a place to stay, you might have come across the term “Instant Hotel”. An Instant Hotel is a type of accommodation that is similar to a traditional hotel, but with a few key differences.

Definition of an Instant Hotel

An Instant Hotel is a vacation rental property that is operated like a hotel. It is a place where travelers can stay for short periods of time and enjoy a variety of amenities. Instant Hotels are often located in popular tourist destinations and are managed by the property owners or managers.

Unlike traditional hotels, which are usually owned and operated by large hotel chains, Instant Hotels are often owned and operated by individuals or small companies. This means that the experience you get at an Instant Hotel is often more unique and personalized than what you might get at a traditional hotel.

How Instant Hotels Differ From Traditional Hotels

One of the main differences between Instant Hotels and traditional hotels is the level of service that is provided. At a traditional hotel, you can expect to have a 24-hour front desk, daily housekeeping, and on-site restaurants and amenities. At an Instant Hotel, the level of service can vary depending on the property. Some Instant Hotels may have a front desk or on-site staff available during certain hours, while others may be completely self-check-in and self-service.

Another difference is the size of the property. Traditional hotels are often large, multi-story buildings with hundreds of rooms. Instant Hotels, on the other hand, are typically smaller properties with fewer rooms. This can make for a more intimate and personalized experience.

Finally, Instant Hotels often offer more unique and interesting accommodations than traditional hotels. For example, you may be able to stay in a converted warehouse or a treehouse at an Instant Hotel. These types of accommodations are not typically available at traditional hotels.

It is worth mentioning that Instant Hotels are often booked through vacation rental websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO. Keep in mind that these websites may charge additional fees on top of the nightly rate.

Benefits of Staying in an Instant Hotel

Staying in an instant hotel has several benefits that travelers can take advantage of. Below are some of the reasons why instant hotels are becoming increasingly popular among travelers:

  • Authentic and Unique Experience: Unlike staying in a chain hotel where the rooms and amenities are often standardized, instant hotels offer a unique and authentic experience. Instant hotels are often owned by locals who have transformed their homes or properties into accommodations that reflect their personal style and taste. This means that travelers can expect to stay in a place that is one-of-a-kind and full of character.
  • Affordable Prices: Instant hotels are often more affordable than traditional hotels, especially for those who are traveling on a budget. In many cases, instant hotels offer a more cost-effective option for travelers who want to experience a new location without breaking the bank.
  • Flexible Booking Options: Instant hotels often offer more flexibility in terms of booking options. Many instant hotels allow travelers to book for shorter stays, which is ideal for those who want a quick getaway or are traveling for business. Additionally, some instant hotels offer different types of accommodations, such as private rooms or shared spaces, which gives travelers more options for their stay.

Popular Instant Hotel Platforms

Instant hotels have become increasingly popular among travelers in recent years. These accommodations provide an alternative to traditional hotels, offering unique and often more affordable options for travelers. Popular instant hotel platforms include:

  • Airbnb: One of the most popular instant hotel platforms, Airbnb offers a wide variety of accommodations ranging from private rooms to entire homes. With over 7 million listings worldwide, travelers can find unique and affordable options in almost any location.
  • Booking.com: While primarily known for traditional hotel bookings, Booking.com also offers a selection of instant hotel options, including apartments, vacation rentals, and guesthouses. With over 28 million listings, travelers can find accommodations in over 228 countries and territories.
  • Vrbo: Formerly known as HomeAway, Vrbo specializes in vacation rentals, offering a wide selection of properties including beach houses, cabins, and villas. With over 2 million listings, travelers can find unique and luxurious accommodations around the world.
  • HomeAway: Now a part of Vrbo, HomeAway offers a similar selection of vacation rentals for travelers looking for a unique and personalized experience. With over 2 million listings, travelers can find the perfect home away from home.

It is worth mentioning that instant hotel platforms offer a variety of unique accommodations, from treehouses to castles. These platforms often have reviews from previous guests, allowing travelers to make informed decisions when booking their stay. Keep in mind that while instant hotels may be more affordable than traditional hotels, they may not offer the same level of amenities or services. Unfortunately, there have been instances of scams or fraudulent listings on some instant hotel platforms; travelers should always do their research and book through reputable platforms or with verified hosts.


Overall, staying in an instant hotel can be a great option for travelers who want to try something new and different. With the benefits of affordability, flexibility, and unique experiences, it’s no wonder that instant hotels are becoming increasingly popular. So, if you’re planning your next trip, consider booking an instant hotel and enjoy a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

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