With its world-class attractions, delicious food, and unique neighborhoods, Singapore is a destination that’s on many travelers’ bucket lists. But as one of Asia’s most developed cities, accommodation in Singapore can get quite pricey, especially during peak seasons.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The cheapest month to visit Singapore is generally February, when hotel rates drop after the holiday peaks are over.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down hotel costs month-by-month and share insider tips on finding the best deals for your Singapore vacation no matter when you want to go.

Overview of Singapore’s High and Low Seasons

When planning a trip to Singapore, it’s important to consider the different seasons and how they can affect the cost of your stay. Understanding the high and low seasons can help you make informed decisions about when to visit and potentially save money on accommodations and flights.

Peak travel months

The peak travel months in Singapore typically coincide with school holidays and major events. These months are characterized by higher prices for accommodations and flights due to the high demand. The peak travel months in Singapore are usually in December and January, during the year-end school holidays, as well as June and July, during the mid-year school holidays.

Additionally, major events like the Singapore Grand Prix in September and the Chinese New Year celebrations in February can also contribute to increased prices during those months.

Low season months

The low season in Singapore is generally considered to be during the months of February, March, and November. These months typically see a decrease in tourist arrivals, resulting in lower prices for accommodations and flights.

If you’re looking to save money on your trip to Singapore, visiting during the low season can be a great option. However, do keep in mind that certain attractions or activities may have limited operating hours or closures during this time.

Shoulder seasons

The shoulder seasons in Singapore, which fall between the peak and low seasons, can also provide a good balance between affordability and favorable weather conditions. The shoulder seasons are typically between April to May and August to October.

During these months, you can expect slightly lower prices compared to the peak travel months, while still enjoying pleasant weather and fewer crowds. It’s worth noting that the weather in Singapore is relatively consistent throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius.

If you’re looking for more specific information on prices and availability during different seasons, it’s recommended to check with reputable travel websites or consult with a travel agent who specializes in Singapore travel.

Checking sites like Booking.com or Expedia.com can give you an idea of the current rates and availability for accommodations in Singapore.

Average Hotel Prices by Month


January is considered one of the cheapest months to stay in Singapore. This is because it falls during the non-peak tourist season, resulting in lower hotel prices. The average hotel prices in January are significantly lower compared to other months.

Travelers who visit Singapore during this time can take advantage of great deals and discounts on accommodation.


February is another month when hotel prices in Singapore tend to be relatively low. While it is still considered part of the non-peak season, prices may start to rise slightly compared to January. However, travelers can still find affordable options for their stay in Singapore during this month.


In March, hotel prices in Singapore may begin to increase as the city gears up for the peak tourist season. The average prices during this month may be slightly higher compared to January and February.

However, it is important to note that pricing can vary depending on specific events or festivals happening during this month.


April marks the beginning of the peak tourist season in Singapore. With the arrival of various festivals and events, hotel prices tend to go up. Travelers can expect to pay higher rates for accommodation during this month. It is advisable to book in advance to secure the best deals and availability.


May continues to be a popular month for tourists in Singapore, with hotel prices remaining relatively high. The city sees an influx of visitors during this time, leading to increased demand for accommodation. Travelers who plan to visit Singapore in May should be prepared for higher hotel rates.


June is another month when hotel prices in Singapore are generally high. The peak tourist season is in full swing, and prices reflect the increased demand for accommodation. It is recommended to book well in advance and compare prices to secure the best deals during this busy period.


July is considered one of the peak months for tourism in Singapore. Hotel prices are typically at their highest during this time. Travelers should expect to pay a premium for accommodation, especially in popular areas.

It is advisable to be flexible with travel dates or consider alternative accommodation options to save on costs.


The high tourist season continues into August, with hotel prices remaining high. As Singapore hosts various events and festivals during this month, demand for accommodation remains strong. Travelers looking for more affordable options may consider staying in areas outside the city center or booking well in advance.


In September, the peak tourist season starts to wind down, resulting in slightly lower hotel prices compared to the previous months. While prices may still be relatively high, they are generally more favorable compared to the peak months of July and August.

Travelers can take advantage of this period to enjoy Singapore without the crowds and potentially save on accommodation.


October is considered a shoulder month for tourism in Singapore. Hotel prices tend to be lower compared to the peak months, making it a good time to visit for budget-conscious travelers. The weather is still favorable, and there are fewer crowds, allowing visitors to explore Singapore comfortably.


November marks the transition from the shoulder to the non-peak season in Singapore. Hotel prices continue to be relatively low, making it an ideal time to visit for those looking for more affordable accommodation options.

With pleasant weather and fewer tourists, travelers can enjoy a more relaxed experience in Singapore.


December is another month when hotel prices in Singapore tend to be lower. As the city prepares for the holiday season, hotel rates may decrease slightly compared to the previous months. Travelers can take advantage of this period to visit popular attractions and experience the festive spirit in Singapore.

Tips for Booking Cheap Singapore Hotels

When it comes to finding affordable accommodations in Singapore, there are several strategies you can employ to save money. Here are some tips to help you book cheap Singapore hotels:

Be flexible on neighborhood

One way to save on hotel costs in Singapore is to be flexible with your choice of neighborhood. While staying in the city center may be more convenient, it can also be more expensive. Consider exploring other neighborhoods, such as Chinatown or Little India, which offer a unique cultural experience and often have more budget-friendly accommodations.

By expanding your search to different areas, you might find hidden gems that fit your budget perfectly.

Consider hostels or Airbnbs

If you’re looking for even more budget-friendly options, consider staying in hostels or booking an Airbnb. Hostels are a great way to meet fellow travelers and can provide a social atmosphere. They often offer dormitory-style rooms or private rooms at affordable rates.

Alternatively, booking an Airbnb can give you the chance to stay in a local’s home, providing a more authentic experience while saving money on accommodation costs.

Watch for sales and deals

To find the cheapest month to stay in Singapore, keep an eye out for sales and deals offered by hotels. Many hotels offer promotions during off-peak seasons or when they have low occupancy rates. Signing up for newsletters or following hotels on social media can help you stay informed about any special offers or discounts.

Additionally, websites like Booking.com or Agoda.com often have flash sales or exclusive deals that can save you money on your hotel booking.

Use bidding sites

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try your luck, consider using bidding sites to book your hotel in Singapore. Websites like Priceline.com or Hotwire.com allow you to bid on hotel rooms, potentially scoring you a great deal.

However, keep in mind that this approach may require flexibility in terms of hotel location or specific amenities.

Stay outside the city center

Another way to save on accommodations in Singapore is by staying outside the city center. Areas like Geylang or Balestier offer more affordable options while still providing easy access to public transportation.

By staying a bit further from the main tourist areas, you can often find cheaper hotels without sacrificing convenience.

Remember, when booking hotels, it’s essential to compare prices and read reviews from previous guests. This will ensure that you’re getting a good deal while also ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Singapore.

Fun Activities for a Cheap Singapore Vacation

When planning a trip to Singapore on a budget, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a nature lover, foodie, or culture enthusiast, Singapore offers a wide range of affordable options to explore.

Here are some ideas for a memorable and inexpensive Singapore vacation:

Explore neighborhoods by foot

One of the best ways to experience the vibrant culture of Singapore is by exploring its diverse neighborhoods on foot. From the bustling streets of Chinatown to the colorful shophouses of Little India, each district has its unique charm and character.

Take a leisurely stroll through these neighborhoods, immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, and discover hidden gems along the way. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful sights!

Eat at hawker centers

When it comes to affordable and delicious food in Singapore, hawker centers are the way to go. These open-air food courts offer a wide variety of local dishes at affordable prices. Whether you’re craving chicken rice, laksa, or char kway teow, you’ll find it all here.

Sample different dishes from various stalls and satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. Don’t be afraid to try new flavors and embrace the local cuisine!

Visit free museums and parks

Singapore is home to several museums and parks that offer free admission. Take advantage of these cultural and natural attractions to learn more about the country’s history and enjoy the outdoors. The National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum, and Singapore Art Museum are just a few examples of museums with free entry on certain days.

For nature lovers, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay are perfect places to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature without spending a dime.

Enjoy free cultural events

Singapore hosts a range of free cultural events throughout the year, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions. From street performances and music festivals to art exhibitions and cultural celebrations, there’s always something happening in the city.

Check out the official websites of the Singapore Tourism Board and local event listings to find out about upcoming free events during your visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the vibrant arts and culture scene of Singapore!

By exploring neighborhoods on foot, indulging in delicious food at hawker centers, visiting free museums and parks, and enjoying free cultural events, you can have a fantastic and budget-friendly vacation in Singapore.

Remember to plan ahead, do some research, and make the most of what this vibrant city has to offer. Bon voyage!


To summarize, February sees the lowest average hotel rates in Singapore due to its placement right after the holiday peaks. But with flexibility on location and savvy deal hunting, budget-conscious travelers can find affordable rates year-round.

Avoiding major events, staying outside the city center, and taking advantage of free attractions allows you to enjoy Singapore without breaking the bank, no matter when you visit.

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