Planning a vacation with your furry friend? You’ll come across hotels listed as either pet friendly or pet allowed. What exactly is the difference between the two? If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Pet friendly hotels actively cater to pets with amenities and services, while pet allowed hotels simply permit pets but don’t offer specialized accommodations.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the details between pet friendly and pet allowed hotels. You’ll learn about different policies, fees, amenities, and tips for choosing the right hotel for you and your pet.

Pet Policies and Restrictions

When it comes to pet-friendly hotels, each establishment has its own set of policies and restrictions. These guidelines are put in place to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both guests with pets and those without. Here are some common areas where hotels may have restrictions:

Size/weight limits

Many hotels that allow pets have size or weight restrictions in place. This is often due to limitations in the size of the accommodations or concerns about potential damage. Some hotels may only allow small pets, while others may have specific weight limits.

It’s important to check with the hotel beforehand to ensure your furry friend meets the size/weight requirements.

Breed restrictions

Some hotels have breed restrictions in place, typically for breeds that are considered to be more aggressive or have a higher likelihood of causing disruptions. These restrictions are often put in place to prioritize the safety and comfort of all guests.

It’s important to check with the hotel to see if your pet’s breed is allowed.

Number of pets allowed

Hotels may also have restrictions on the number of pets allowed per room. This is to prevent overcrowding and to ensure that all pets have a comfortable and stress-free experience. Some hotels may have a limit of one pet per room, while others may allow multiple pets.

It’s important to clarify the hotel’s policy on the number of pets allowed before making a reservation.

Areas pets are restricted from

While a hotel may be pet-friendly, there may still be certain areas where pets are not allowed. This could include dining areas, swimming pools, or spa facilities. These restrictions are in place to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and the comfort of all guests.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the hotel’s policy on restricted areas to avoid any inconvenience during your stay.

Remember, every hotel has its own set of pet policies and restrictions. It’s always a good idea to contact the hotel directly or visit their website to get specific information about their pet-friendly amenities and any restrictions that may apply.

By being informed and respectful of these policies, you can ensure a pleasant and hassle-free stay for both you and your furry companion.

Pet Fees and Charges

When it comes to staying at a hotel with your furry friend, it’s important to understand the different pet fees and charges that may be applied. These fees are typically put in place to cover any potential damages or extra cleaning that may be required due to having pets on the premises.

Non-refundable deposit

Many hotels require a non-refundable deposit when you bring your pet along. This deposit is usually a flat fee that you pay upfront and is intended to cover any damages that may occur during your stay.

It’s important to note that this deposit is typically non-refundable, so even if your pet doesn’t cause any damage, you won’t be able to get the deposit back.

Daily pet fees

In addition to the non-refundable deposit, some hotels also charge a daily pet fee. This fee is often per pet and is added to your daily room rate. The daily pet fee helps cover the cost of any additional cleaning that may be required in the room or common areas due to your pet’s presence.

It’s important to check with the hotel beforehand to understand how much the daily pet fee will be and if there are any restrictions on the number or size of pets allowed.

Cleaning fees

Hotels may also charge a separate cleaning fee to ensure that the room is thoroughly cleaned after your stay. This fee is usually in addition to the non-refundable deposit and daily pet fees. The cleaning fee covers the cost of deep cleaning the room to remove any pet hair, odors, or allergens that may have been left behind.

It’s important to keep in mind that if your pet causes excessive mess or damage, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee.

Damage fees

In the unfortunate event that your pet causes damage to the hotel room or its furnishings, you may be charged a damage fee. This fee is intended to cover the cost of repairing or replacing any items that were damaged.

It’s important to be diligent in supervising your pet and taking necessary precautions to prevent any damage from occurring. If your pet is prone to destructive behavior, it may be best to consider alternative accommodation options.

It’s worth noting that the specific fees and charges may vary from hotel to hotel, so it’s always a good idea to check with the hotel directly or visit their website for more information. Additionally, some hotels may have different policies depending on the size or breed of your pet, so it’s important to clarify any restrictions or additional fees before making a reservation.

Amenities and Services

When it comes to pet-friendly hotels, the amenities and services they offer can make a big difference in your pet’s comfort and your overall experience. Here are some key factors to consider:

Relief areas

Pet-friendly hotels often provide designated relief areas for your furry friends. These areas are typically equipped with waste disposal stations and are easily accessible for pet owners. Some hotels even go the extra mile by offering grassy play areas or pet-friendly parks nearby, allowing your pet to stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air.

Pet rooms vs. designated floors

Hotels may offer different options when it comes to accommodating pets. Some hotels have specific pet-friendly rooms, while others have designated floors where pets are allowed. It’s important to inquire about the specific policies and restrictions of each hotel to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your pet.

Pet beds, bowls, treats

Many pet-friendly hotels understand the importance of providing amenities specifically for pets. These may include comfortable pet beds, food and water bowls, and even welcome treats upon arrival. These small touches can make your pet feel right at home and add to their overall experience during their stay.

Pet sitting, walking, grooming

Some hotels offer additional services such as pet sitting, dog walking, or even grooming services. This can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule or want to pamper your pet while you’re away.

These services may come at an additional cost, so it’s important to inquire about availability and pricing beforehand.

Vet and emergency services

In case of any emergencies or health concerns, it’s reassuring to know that some pet-friendly hotels have vet services on call or can provide information about nearby veterinary clinics. This can give you peace of mind knowing that help is readily available if needed.

Booking Considerations

Calling ahead about policies

When booking a hotel, it is important to call ahead and inquire about their pet policies. Some hotels may have restrictions on the size or breed of pets allowed, while others may have specific rules regarding noise or behavior.

By calling ahead, you can ensure that your furry friend will be welcomed with open arms and avoid any surprises upon arrival.

Comparing pet fees

Another important consideration when booking a pet-friendly hotel is the pet fee. While some hotels may not charge any additional fees for pets, others may have a daily or one-time fee. It is important to compare these fees and factor them into your budget when making a decision.

Additionally, some hotels may require a refundable deposit, which will be returned to you upon check-out if there are no damages.

Proximity to pet parks, trails

If you are traveling with your pet, it is worth considering the proximity of the hotel to pet-friendly parks or trails. This will allow you to easily take your pet for walks or playtime, providing them with the exercise and stimulation they need.

Researching nearby pet-friendly amenities can make your stay more enjoyable for both you and your furry companion.

Cancellation policy if pet gets sick

While it’s never pleasant to think about, it’s important to consider what would happen if your pet were to fall ill during your trip. Some hotels may have strict cancellation policies, while others may be more lenient and understanding in such situations.

It’s a good idea to inquire about the hotel’s policy regarding cancellations or changes due to pet emergencies, so you can be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Securing a pet-designated room

When booking a pet-friendly hotel, it’s important to request a room that is designated for guests with pets. These rooms are typically located on lower floors or in specific areas of the hotel, making it more convenient for taking your pet in and out.

Additionally, these rooms are often equipped with amenities such as pet beds or food bowls to make your pet’s stay more comfortable.

The Best Pet Friendly Hotels

When it comes to finding the perfect hotel for you and your furry friend, there are several options to consider. Here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels that cater to the needs of both you and your pet:

Known pet brands like Kimpton

Kimpton Hotels is a well-known brand that has gained a reputation for being extremely pet-friendly. They welcome pets of all sizes and even provide pet beds, bowls, and treats in the rooms for your furry companions.

Kimpton Hotels go above and beyond to make sure that both you and your pet have a comfortable stay.

Hotels with pet concierges

Some hotels take pet-friendliness to the next level by offering dedicated pet concierges. These concierges are knowledgeable about local pet-friendly attractions, parks, and services. They can assist you in finding the best places to take your pet for a walk or even arrange for pet-sitting services if needed.

Resorts with pet amenities

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, there are resorts that offer pet amenities such as doggie spas, pet-friendly pools, and even pet room service menus. These resorts understand that pets are part of the family and strive to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

Locally-owned pet-friendly chains

In addition to well-known brands, there are also locally-owned pet-friendly hotel chains that offer a unique and personalized experience. These hotels often have a strong connection to the local community and may provide special amenities or services tailored specifically for pets.

When choosing a pet-friendly hotel, it’s important to consider your pet’s needs and preferences. Some hotels may have restrictions on pet size or breed, so it’s always a good idea to check their pet policies in advance.

Additionally, be sure to inquire about any additional fees or deposits that may be required when traveling with your pet.

Remember, finding the best pet-friendly hotel ensures that both you and your pet have a great time during your stay. So go ahead and plan your next trip with peace of mind, knowing that you and your furry friend will be well taken care of!


When searching for pet friendly accommodations, be sure to look beyond simply pet allowed hotels. Pet friendly hotels offer amenities, services and policies tailored specifically for pets. This allows you and your furry companion to relax and enjoy your trip without hassle or restrictions.

We hope this guide helps you determine the right pet friendly hotel for your upcoming travels!

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