The famed Loews Hollywood Hotel located near the iconic Hollywood and Highland Center has a long and storied past. If you’re wondering what the Loews Hollywood Hotel was called before, read on to learn about the various names and incarnations of this historic Hollywood landmark over the decades.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Loews Hollywood Hotel was previously known as the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel from 2001 to 2006 and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel prior to that.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the rich history behind the Loews Hollywood Hotel building, from its beginnings as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in the 1920s, through various renovations and rebrandings over the decades, to its current incarnation today as the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

The Early Days as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Loews Hollywood Hotel, formerly known as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, holds a significant place in the history of Hollywood. Opening its doors in 1927, this iconic establishment quickly became a luxury hotspot for celebrities and visitors from around the world.

Opened in 1927 as a Luxury Hotspot

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was a symbol of elegance and sophistication from its very beginning. Designed by renowned architect Fisher and built by a partnership that included Hollywood moguls such as Louis B. Mayer and Sid Grauman, the hotel was a masterpiece in both design and opulence.

With its grand lobby, luxurious accommodations, and top-notch amenities, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel attracted the rich and famous like a magnet.

The early years of the hotel saw it become a favorite destination for Hollywood’s elite, who frequented its glamorous restaurants, vibrant bars, and lavish ballrooms. Its prime location on Hollywood Boulevard made it the go-to spot for both locals and tourists looking to experience the glitz and glamour associated with the entertainment industry.

Hosted Early Academy Awards Ceremonies

One of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s most notable claims to fame is its involvement in the early days of the Academy Awards. In fact, the hotel hosted the very first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929. Known then as the “Academy Awards of Merit,” this prestigious event took place in the hotel’s Blossom Room, which is still a part of the hotel today.

Over the years, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel continued to play a significant role in the Academy Awards. It hosted several ceremonies and became a popular gathering place for celebrities, filmmakers, and industry insiders during the awards season.

The hotel’s historical connection to the Academy Awards has cemented its status as an iconic landmark in Hollywood.

Popular With Stars of the Golden Age

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel became a second home to many of the era’s biggest stars. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and Shirley Temple were regular guests at the hotel, often seen mingling in its glamorous public spaces or relaxing by the poolside.

The hotel’s reputation as a celebrity hangout attracted countless fans who would gather outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel became synonymous with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, solidifying its place in the history of the entertainment industry.

Today, the Loews Hollywood Hotel continues to preserve the legacy of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel while offering modern amenities and a luxurious experience. It stands as a testament to the golden era of Hollywood and serves as a reminder of the rich history that defines this iconic hotel.

Decline and Renovations in the Mid-20th Century

The Loews Hollywood Hotel, formerly known as the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, has a rich history that spans several decades. In the mid-20th century, however, the hotel experienced a decline that led to its eventual renovation.

Fell Into Disrepair By the 1960s

By the 1960s, the hotel had fallen into disrepair. The glamour and allure that had once characterized the establishment had faded, and it struggled to attract guests. The surrounding area had also seen a decline, with the once vibrant Hollywood district losing its luster.

As a result, the hotel faced numerous challenges, including outdated facilities, declining revenues, and a tarnished reputation. It became clear that something needed to be done to revitalize the hotel and restore its former glory.

Underwent Major Renovations in the 1980s

In the 1980s, the Loews Hollywood Hotel underwent major renovations to address the issues it had been facing. The aim was to modernize the hotel, improve its amenities, and attract a new generation of guests.

The renovations included updating the rooms and common areas, adding state-of-the-art technology, and enhancing the overall guest experience. The hotel management also invested in marketing campaigns to rebrand the hotel and showcase its new and improved features.

These efforts proved successful, and the Loews Hollywood Hotel began to regain its status as a premier destination in the heart of Hollywood.

Reopened as the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

After the extensive renovations, the hotel reopened in the 1980s under a new name: the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. The name change reflected the hotel’s transformation and its renewed commitment to providing guests with a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel quickly became a popular choice among travelers, both for its convenient location and its world-class amenities. With its sleek and modern design, the hotel attracted a new generation of guests who were drawn to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Today, the Loews Hollywood Hotel continues to uphold its reputation as a premier destination in the heart of Hollywood. Its rich history, combined with its modern amenities and luxurious accommodations, make it a top choice for travelers from around the world.

The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel Era (2001-2006)

Operated By Renaissance Hotels & Resorts

The Loews Hollywood Hotel, known for its iconic location on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, was not always called by that name. From 2001 to 2006, it was known as the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. During this era, the hotel was operated by Renaissance Hotels & Resorts, a luxurious hotel brand known for its commitment to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for guests.

Hosted High-Profile Events and Celebrities

The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel era was marked by a series of high-profile events and celebrity guests. The hotel became a popular destination for awards shows, premieres, and other glamorous events. Its grand ballrooms and state-of-the-art facilities made it an ideal venue for hosting red carpet events.

Celebrities from the entertainment industry, including actors, musicians, and filmmakers, were regular guests at the hotel. Some of the most memorable moments of this era include the hosting of the Academy Awards and the Grammy Awards.

Known for Elegant Art Deco Design

During the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel era, the hotel was known for its elegant Art Deco design. The architecture and interior design of the hotel paid homage to the golden age of Hollywood, with its glamorous and timeless aesthetic.

The lobby featured exquisite chandeliers, marble floors, and intricate detailing, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication. The guest rooms were tastefully decorated with plush furnishings and modern amenities, providing a comfortable and stylish retreat for guests.

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Rebranded as the Loews Hollywood Hotel in 2006

The Loews Hollywood Hotel, located in the heart of Hollywood, California, has become an iconic destination for travelers seeking a taste of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. However, before it became the Loews Hollywood Hotel, the property underwent a significant transformation.

Purchased and Refurbished by Loews Hotels

In 2002, Loews Hotels purchased the former Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, which was originally built in 1972. Recognizing the potential of the property and its prime location, Loews embarked on an extensive renovation project that would transform it into the luxurious destination it is today.

The refurbishment included updating the guest rooms, lobby, and common areas to reflect a more modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The hotel’s facilities were also upgraded to cater to the needs and expectations of today’s discerning travelers.

Maintains Historic Hollywood Glamour

Despite its modern upgrades, the Loews Hollywood Hotel has managed to maintain the historic Hollywood glamour that the property was known for. The hotel’s design pays homage to the golden age of Hollywood, with elegant touches and vintage-inspired decor throughout.

Guests can still experience the allure of old Hollywood as they walk through the hotel’s hallways adorned with black and white photographs of iconic movie stars. The grand lobby, with its impressive chandeliers and plush furnishings, creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Popular Site for Movie Premieres and Industry Events

One of the reasons the Loews Hollywood Hotel has become a sought-after destination is its close proximity to many iconic Hollywood landmarks and entertainment venues. The hotel is located just steps away from the Dolby Theatre, where the Academy Awards are held annually.

As a result, the Loews Hollywood Hotel has become a popular choice for movie premieres and industry events. Celebrities and industry insiders often choose to stay at the hotel, making it a hub of activity and excitement during major film festivals and award seasons.

The Future of the Loews Hollywood Hotel

The Loews Hollywood Hotel, a renowned landmark in the heart of Hollywood, has an exciting future ahead. With its prime location on Hollywood Boulevard, the hotel has been a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike.

As the hotel looks to the future, there are plans in place for expansion and renovations to ensure that it remains a top choice for visitors.

Plans for Expansion and Renovations

The Loews Hollywood Hotel has ambitious plans for expansion and renovations. The hotel aims to enhance its facilities and amenities to provide an even more luxurious and comfortable experience for guests.

This includes increasing the number of guest rooms, upgrading the existing rooms with modern features and technology, and adding new dining options and entertainment venues.

The hotel is also looking to improve its conference and event spaces to attract business travelers and host larger gatherings. With state-of-the-art meeting rooms and event facilities, the Loews Hollywood Hotel aims to become a premier destination for conferences and special events in the area.

Will Continue Legacy as Hollywood Landmark

Despite the planned changes, the Loews Hollywood Hotel remains committed to preserving its legacy as a Hollywood landmark. The hotel has been a part of the Hollywood landscape for many years and has hosted countless celebrities, movie premieres, and red carpet events.

It will continue to embrace its rich history and maintain its iconic status in the entertainment industry.

The Loews Hollywood Hotel will also continue to offer its guests the signature Hollywood experience. From its stylish decor to its attentive service, the hotel strives to provide a memorable stay that captures the glamour and excitement of Tinseltown.

Remains a Fixture of Hollywood Boulevard

As one of the most recognizable buildings on Hollywood Boulevard, the Loews Hollywood Hotel will remain a fixture of the iconic street. Its prime location allows guests to easily explore famous attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theatre, and the Dolby Theatre.

With its proximity to popular shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations, the Loews Hollywood Hotel will continue to be a convenient and desirable choice for visitors to Hollywood. Whether guests are in town for business or pleasure, the hotel offers a central and vibrant location to experience the best of what Hollywood has to offer.

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The storied history of the Loews Hollywood Hotel reflects the changing tides of Hollywood itself. Though its name and ownership has evolved over the decades, it remains an iconic fixture on the Hollywood landscape, continuing to evoke Old Hollywood glamour.

So next time you find yourself strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, look up at the towering white art deco building and remember—that’s not just the Loews, it’s the site of over 90 years of Hollywood history.

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