If you’ve ever compared hotel prices, you may have noticed that rates at casino hotels are often significantly cheaper than non-casino hotels in the same area. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the reasons behind the more affordable pricing of casino hotel rooms.

They Want to Attract Gamblers

One of the main reasons why casino hotels are often cheaper than other hotels is because they want to attract gamblers. Casinos make their profits primarily from gambling activities, so it is in their best interest to have as many people as possible spending money in their establishments.

By offering low room rates, casino hotels are able to entice people to stay on their premises.

Low room rates entice people to stay at the casino hotel

By offering lower room rates, casino hotels are able to attract a wider range of customers. This includes both avid gamblers and casual visitors who may not have initially considered staying at a casino hotel.

The affordable prices make it more enticing for these individuals to choose the casino hotel as their accommodation option.

Moreover, casino hotels often have a variety of amenities and entertainment options that appeal to a wide range of guests. These can include restaurants, bars, live shows, and even shopping centers. By offering lower room rates, casino hotels can attract not only gamblers but also individuals who are seeking a complete entertainment experience.

Gamblers will spend more money in the casino than on the room

Another reason why casino hotels offer cheaper rooms is because they know that gamblers will spend more money in the casino than on their accommodations. The primary goal of casino hotels is to maximize their gambling revenue, and they understand that the majority of their profits will come from the casino floor.

By offering discounted room rates, casino hotels are able to encourage guests to stay longer and spend more time gambling. The logic behind this strategy is that if guests are saving money on their accommodations, they will have more funds available to spend in the casino.

This benefits both the casino and the guests, as the guests can enjoy more time playing their favorite games while the casino increases its revenue.

Discounted rooms maximize gambling revenue for the hotel

Ultimately, the main reason why casino hotels offer cheaper rooms is to maximize their gambling revenue. By attracting more guests with affordable accommodations, they are able to increase the number of people spending money in their casinos.

This strategy allows the casino hotels to generate higher profits overall.

In addition, discounted rooms can also lead to increased customer loyalty. If guests have a positive experience at a casino hotel, they are more likely to return in the future and continue spending money in the casino.

This not only benefits the hotel in the short term but also ensures a steady stream of revenue from repeat customers.

The Casinos Subsidize the Rooms

One of the reasons why casino hotels are often cheaper than other hotels is because the casinos themselves subsidize the cost of the rooms. This means that the profits generated from the casino help cover the operating costs of the entire establishment, including the hotel.

Profits from the casino help cover operating costs

Casinos are known for their lucrative nature, with many patrons spending money on various games and entertainment options. These profits allow the casino to allocate a portion of their earnings towards covering the expenses associated with running the hotel.

By doing so, the casino can offer lower room rates compared to other hotels that solely rely on room revenue to cover their costs.

This allows the hotel to charge lower room rates

Because the casino is able to subsidize the cost of the rooms, the hotel can afford to charge lower room rates. This is a great advantage for travelers who are looking for affordable accommodation options without compromising on quality.

The lower room rates in casino hotels can be particularly attractive for budget-conscious tourists or those who are planning to spend more of their budget on casino games and entertainment.

Other amenities like restaurants are also subsidized

It’s not just the rooms that benefit from the casino’s subsidies. Many casino hotels also have a variety of dining options, ranging from casual eateries to high-end restaurants. These dining facilities often receive subsidies from the casino as well, allowing them to offer competitive prices for their food and beverages.

This means that guests can enjoy delicious meals at lower prices compared to standalone restaurants in other hotels or outside establishments.

They Have Lower Operating Costs

One of the reasons why casino hotels are often cheaper than other hotels is because they have lower operating costs. This can be attributed to several factors, including the fact that casinos own the hotels and therefore do not have to pay licensing fees.

Casinos own the hotels so there are no licensing fees

Unlike other hotels that may have to pay licensing fees to operate under a well-known brand, casino hotels have the advantage of being owned by the casinos themselves. This means that they do not have to pay any additional fees for the right to operate under a specific brand name.

This cost savings can be passed on to the guests, resulting in lower room rates.

They can buy supplies for hotels/casinos in bulk

Another way that casino hotels are able to keep their prices lower is by buying supplies for both the hotel and the casino in bulk. Since they have a large number of rooms to fill and a high demand for supplies in the casino, they are able to negotiate better deals with suppliers and purchase items at a lower cost.

This allows them to offer more competitive rates to their guests.

In-house amenities cut costs by keeping guests on-site

Casino hotels often offer a wide range of amenities within the property, including restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and even shopping centers. By providing these in-house amenities, they are able to keep guests on-site, which in turn reduces the need for guests to spend money outside of the hotel.

This helps the casino hotels to cut costs and offer lower room rates to their guests.

The Rooms are Minimalist

One reason why casino hotels are cheaper than other hotels is because their rooms are often minimalist in design. Casinos understand that their guests are primarily interested in the gaming experience rather than extravagant room decor.

As a result, they avoid spending excessive amounts on expensive furnishings and decorations.

Casino hotels avoid expensive decor and furnishings

Casino hotels prioritize functionality over aesthetic appeal when it comes to their room design. Instead of investing in luxurious furniture and elaborate decorations, they opt for more affordable options. This allows them to keep the costs down and offer competitive rates to their guests.

By avoiding expensive decor and furnishings, casino hotels are able to provide rooms at lower prices compared to other hotels. This minimalist approach may not appeal to those looking for opulent accommodations, but it suits the needs of many travelers who are primarily interested in the casino experience.

Rooms have basic amenities needed for sleeping and getting ready

While the rooms in casino hotels may lack extravagant features, they still offer all the essential amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Guests can expect a comfortable bed, clean linens, and a functional bathroom.

These basic amenities are sufficient for most travelers who are looking for a place to sleep and get ready before exploring the casino or other attractions.

By focusing on providing the essentials, casino hotels are able to keep their room rates lower than hotels that offer more luxurious amenities. This allows budget-conscious travelers to enjoy their stay without breaking the bank.

Lower costs to decorate and maintain rooms

The minimalist design of casino hotel rooms not only helps to keep the initial costs low but also reduces the maintenance expenses. With fewer decorative elements, the rooms are easier to clean and maintain.

This translates to lower operational costs for the casino hotels, allowing them to offer more affordable rates to their guests.

Moreover, the simple and functional design of the rooms makes it easier for the hotel staff to take care of any repairs or replacements that may be needed. This efficiency in maintenance contributes to the overall affordability of casino hotel rooms.

They Use the Rooms Strategically

One of the reasons why casino hotels are often cheaper than other hotels is because they strategically manage their room rates. By implementing various pricing strategies, casino hotels are able to maximize their revenue while offering competitive rates to customers.

Cheaper weekday rates to fill empty rooms

Casino hotels often experience lower occupancy rates during weekdays compared to weekends. To fill these empty rooms, they offer cheaper rates on weekdays to attract more guests. This not only helps them generate revenue during quieter periods but also provides customers with an opportunity to enjoy a more affordable stay.

According to a study conducted by Hotel News Resource, casino hotels typically have a higher occupancy rate on weekends, with a significant drop in occupancy on weekdays. By offering lower rates during weekdays, they can entice more guests to book rooms and make use of the facilities, such as the casino, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Higher weekend rates when demand is higher

On the other hand, casino hotels take advantage of the higher demand for rooms during weekends by increasing their rates. Since weekends are typically more popular for leisure travelers and those seeking a casino experience, the hotels can charge higher rates to maximize their revenue.

According to a report by Statista, casino hotel occupancy rates tend to be higher during weekends, reaching their peak on Friday and Saturday nights. By adjusting their rates accordingly, casino hotels can capitalize on this demand and generate more revenue during these peak periods.

Dynamic pricing maximizes revenue

Casino hotels often use dynamic pricing strategies to adjust their room rates based on factors such as demand, seasonality, and even time of day. This allows them to optimize their revenue by charging higher rates during periods of high demand and offering discounts during quieter times.

By leveraging data analytics and advanced pricing algorithms, casino hotels can continuously monitor and adjust their rates in real-time. This enables them to respond to changes in demand and market conditions, ensuring they are always offering competitive rates while maximizing their revenue.


In summary, casino hotels can afford to charge less for rooms because their main revenue source is gambling. The casino subsidizes operating costs and they utilize strategies to maximize hotel occupancy and gambling revenue.

The combination of lower expenses and strategic pricing allows casino hotels to undercut other hotels in the area.

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