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Why Jessica Lange Did Not Appear in American Horror Story: Hotel?

American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth season of the popular horror anthology series, was one of the most anticipated TV shows of 2015.

However, fans were disappointed to learn that Jessica Lange, one of the show’s most beloved actresses, would not be returning for this season.

If you’re wondering why Jessica Lange is not in American Horror Story: Hotel, we’ve got the answers for you.

Jessica Lange’s decision to leave American Horror Story

It is worth mentioning that American Horror Story has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2011, and one of the most beloved cast members was Jessica Lange. However, fans were disappointed when she announced that she would not be returning for the fifth season of the series, American Horror Story: Hotel.

According to sources, Lange’s decision to leave the show was due to her desire to pursue other projects. She had been a part of the show for four seasons, and felt that it was time for her to move on to other opportunities.

In a statement about her departure, Lange said, “I’ve had a great run here. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I’ve had the opportunity to play. In all the madness, I’ve loved the writers, my actors, Ryan and the whole, I mean, insanity of it, shooting here, shooting in New Orleans, everything. I cherish every moment of it and I’m so glad for all the opportunities it’s given me. But, I have absolutely no regrets.”

Unfortunately, this news was disappointing for fans who had grown accustomed to seeing Lange’s incredible performances in the show. However, it’s important to remember that actors are people too and they have the right to make decisions about their careers.

On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that American Horror Story: Hotel was still a massive success without Lange. The show continued to attract a large audience and received critical acclaim. Fans were introduced to new characters portrayed by Lady Gaga and other talented actors.

It’s clear that Lange’s departure was a significant loss for the show, but it also allowed for new talent to shine and for the series to continue to grow and evolve.

The impact of Lange’s absence on American Horror Story: Hotel

It is worth mentioning that Jessica Lange was an integral part of American Horror Story since its inception in 2011. She portrayed some of the most iconic and memorable characters in the show’s history, including Sister Jude Martin, Fiona Goode, and Elsa Mars. However, her absence in American Horror Story: Hotel had a significant impact on the show.

One of the primary impacts of Lange’s absence was the loss of her iconic characters. Sister Jude Martin from American Horror Story: Asylum was known for her strict demeanor, while Fiona Goode from American Horror Story: Coven was the Supreme Witch and a fierce leader. Elsa Mars from American Horror Story: Freak Show was a German expatriate who ran a freak show in Jupiter, Florida.

Unfortunately, the introduction of new characters and storylines in American Horror Story: Hotel failed to fill the void left by Lange’s departure. Although Lady Gaga’s character, the Countess, was well-received by the audience, it did not match the impact of Lange’s characters.

On the other hand, some fans argue that Lange’s absence gave the show an opportunity to introduce new talent and characters. Sarah Paulson took on a significant role in American Horror Story: Hotel as Hypodermic Sally and won critical acclaim for her portrayal. Furthermore, the show also introduced characters like Liz Taylor, played by Denis O’Hare, and Ramona Royale, played by Angela Bassett.

Impact of Lange’s Absence Counter-argument
The loss of Lange’s iconic characters The introduction of new talent and characters
Decrease in overall viewership Continued success of the show without Lange

Despite these counter-arguments, it is important to remember that Lange’s absence was felt by many fans of the show. It is unclear whether Lange will return to American Horror Story in the future, but her contributions to the show will always be remembered.

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The future of Jessica Lange on American Horror Story

Since her departure from the series after the fourth season, Jessica Lange has been noticeably absent from the cast of American Horror Story. Many fans have speculated about her potential return to the show, but so far, there has been no official confirmation of her involvement in future seasons.

Despite this, show creator Ryan Murphy has expressed his interest in bringing Lange back for a reunion. In a 2019 interview with IndieWire, Murphy stated, “I would love to have Jessica back. I think she’s amazing.”

It is worth mentioning that Lange has previously stated her reasons for leaving the show, citing the intense filming schedule as a major factor. However, she has also expressed her admiration for Murphy and the American Horror Story series, so there is still a possibility of her return.

On the other hand, American Horror Story: Hotel marked the first season without Lange, and it received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. Despite this, the season still featured a strong cast including Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett.

In terms of future seasons, it is unclear whether Lange will make a return to the show. However, fans can still look forward to the unique storytelling, horror elements, and talented casts that American Horror Story continues to deliver.


In conclusion, Jessica Lange’s absence from American Horror Story: Hotel was a big disappointment for fans of the show.

However, her decision to pursue other projects was understandable, and the show managed to introduce new characters and storylines to keep things fresh.

As for the future, there’s always the possibility of a reunion between Lange and Ryan Murphy, which would surely be a treat for fans.