Pack of 4 Portable Black Flexible Jammer


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Keep Doors Open Easily with the Portable Door Stopper Set

Tired of doors constantly sliding shut and having to reopen them repeatedly? End the hassle with this convenient set of flexible door stoppers. The compact wedging design holds doors open without any installation required.

Simply Place and Go

No nails, no tape, no tools needed! These door stoppers work on all floor surfaces. Just put them in place and they'll stay wedged under the door securely.

Fits Standard Door Gaps

The angled slope wedges most doors open up to 1 inch wide. And doubling them provides a wider 1.75 inch door jam. Sturdy enough for daily use.

Quick Access Between Rooms

Move freely from room to room without constantly reopening doors. Great for homes, offices, schools, businesses, and anywhere you need to keep doors open.

Portable and Discreet

The slim black door stoppers tuck away discreetly and are small enough to carry in bags and pockets. Take them anywhere you need temporary door holding.

This pack of 4 flexible door wedges provides an easy solution for keeping doors propped open. No more frustrations with constantly closing doors!


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