Red Portable Door Jammer for Travel Security


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Instantly Fortify Doors with the Portable Door Jammer

This industrial strength door stop wedge provides heavy-duty protection for travel, home, and everyday security needs. Just place under any standard door and turn the screw to barricade entry against intruders.

Upgraded 3rd Gen Design

An improved mechanical design wedges firmly under doors with incredible stopping power. Instantly jam entry points against forced entry attempts.

Durable Aluminum & Rubber

Constructed of hardened aluminum alloy and anti-slip rubber, this jammer is extremely sturdy for daily use. Grips tightly for maximum force displacement.

Fits 0.19 – 1 Inch Door Gaps

Designed to work on standard interior doors, fitting gaps between 0.19 – 1 inch high. Easily secures home, apartment, hotel, dorm room doors.

Ultra Portable & Discreet

Extremely compact at just 7.4oz, it fits into pockets and bags for easy, discreet transport. The included carrying pouch keeps it protected.

No Installation Required

This stand-alone door stop wedge needs no drilling or mounting. Just place, tighten the screw, and wedge firmly under the door in seconds.

Take control of your security with instant door fortification. The Portable Door Jammer is a robust, industrial strength stopper for travel and home.


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