With its location right on the beach in Waikiki, the Hilton Hawaiian Village is a popular spot for extended vacations in Hawaii. But what if you need to wash clothes during your stay? Does this resort offer laundry facilities?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Yes, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has coin-operated laundry rooms spread across the property’s multiple towers and buildings for the convenience of guests.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide an in-depth look at all the laundry options within this sprawling resort. We’ll cover locations, costs, amenities, and tips to make doing laundry easy and affordable during your stay.

Overview of Laundry Locations at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

When staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, guests can rest assured that laundry facilities are available throughout the resort. With multiple towers and buildings, the Hilton Hawaiian Village ensures that guests have convenient access to laundry services to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Laundry in the Aliʻi Tower

For guests staying in the Aliʻi Tower, laundry facilities are conveniently located on the premises. The Aliʻi Tower offers self-service coin-operated washers and dryers, making it easy for guests to clean their clothes during their stay.

Whether you need to freshen up your beach towels or wash a few items of clothing, the Aliʻi Tower laundry facilities have you covered.

Laundry in the Tapa Tower

The Tapa Tower also provides self-service laundry facilities for guests. These facilities are equipped with washers and dryers, allowing guests to handle their laundry needs without having to leave the tower.

Whether you’re staying for a few days or a longer duration, the Tapa Tower’s laundry services offer convenience and ease for all guests.

Laundry in the Diamond Head Tower

The Diamond Head Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village features self-service laundry facilities as well. Guests staying in this tower can take advantage of the washers and dryers available within the building.

This added convenience ensures that guests can focus on enjoying their stay without worrying about their laundry needs.

Laundry in the Rainbow Tower

Similar to the other towers, the Rainbow Tower also provides self-service laundry facilities. Guests can easily access the washers and dryers within the tower, making it convenient to take care of their laundry needs.

Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, the Rainbow Tower’s laundry services ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Laundry in the Lagoon and Grand Waikikian Towers

The Lagoon and Grand Waikikian Towers at the Hilton Hawaiian Village also offer self-service laundry facilities. These towers provide guests with the convenience of on-site laundry services, allowing them to handle their laundry needs without leaving the resort.

Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful Lagoon Tower or the luxurious Grand Waikikian Tower, laundry facilities are readily available for your convenience.

Amenities and Pricing for Each Laundry Facility

Washers and Dryers

The Hilton Hawaiian Village offers convenient laundry facilities for guests to use during their stay. These facilities are equipped with a variety of washers and dryers to accommodate your laundry needs.

Whether you have a small load or a large load of laundry, you’ll find machines of different sizes to choose from. The washers and dryers are maintained regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.

Change Machines

For your convenience, the laundry facilities at the Hilton Hawaiian Village are equipped with change machines. If you need coins to operate the washers and dryers, you can easily exchange your bills for quarters at these change machines.

This eliminates the hassle of searching for change or making multiple trips to the front desk.

Daily Operating Hours

The laundry facilities at the Hilton Hawaiian Village are open daily for guest use. Whether you prefer to do your laundry in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you’ll find the facilities accessible at all times.

This allows you to plan your laundry schedule according to your convenience and ensures that you have clean clothes throughout your stay.

Cost per Load

The pricing for each load of laundry at the Hilton Hawaiian Village may vary depending on the size of the washer and dryer you choose. Typically, the cost per load ranges from $2 to $5. It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check with the front desk or the hotel’s website for the most up-to-date information on pricing.

Laundry Tips and Recommendations

When staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, you may be wondering if they have laundry facilities available for guests. While the hotel does not have a dedicated laundry service, there are several tips and recommendations to help you with your laundry needs during your stay.

Bring Your Own Detergent and Supplies

One of the first things you should do when planning to do laundry at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is to bring your own detergent and other necessary supplies. By bringing your own, you can ensure that you have your preferred brand and type of detergent, as well as any other items you may need, such as stain removers or fabric softeners.

Carry Quarters for Change Machines

While the Hilton Hawaiian Village does not have laundry facilities on-site, there are coin-operated laundromats nearby that you can use. To make sure you are prepared, it is a good idea to carry some quarters with you.

Many of these laundromats have change machines available, but it’s always better to have some on hand just in case.

Optimize Washer Capacity

When using a public laundromat, it’s important to make the most of the available washer capacity. This means filling the machine to its recommended load size without overstuffing it. Overloading the washer can result in inefficient cleaning and may cause damage to your clothes.

Check Dryer Settings

Just like with the washer, it’s essential to check the settings on the dryer before starting your laundry. Different fabrics require different drying temperatures, so be sure to select the appropriate setting based on the care instructions for your clothing items.

This will help prevent shrinkage or damage to delicate fabrics.

Use Drying Racks

If you have clothing items that are not suitable for the dryer or prefer to air dry your clothes, consider using drying racks. These can be especially helpful for items that are prone to shrinking or that require extra care.

Simply lay your garments flat or hang them on the racks and allow them to air dry naturally.

By following these laundry tips and recommendations, you can ensure that your clothes stay fresh and clean during your stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Remember to check the hotel’s website for any updates or additional information on laundry services.

Alternative Laundry Options Near the Hilton Hawaiian Village

While the Hilton Hawaiian Village does offer laundry facilities for its guests, there may be instances where you need alternative options. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to freshen up your clothes or need something more specialized like dry cleaning, there are several alternatives available near the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Independent Laundromats in Waikiki

If you prefer to handle your laundry yourself, there are independent laundromats in Waikiki that offer self-service options. These laundromats provide coin-operated machines and are conveniently located within walking distance of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Some popular choices include Waikiki Coin Laundry and Surf n’ Suds Laundromat. These facilities provide a clean and efficient environment for you to do your laundry while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Hawaii.

Hotel Valet Laundry Services

If you’re looking for a more convenient option, the Hilton Hawaiian Village offers valet laundry services. This allows you to simply drop off your laundry at the designated area in the hotel and have it returned to your room once it’s been cleaned.

While this service may come at an additional cost, it can be a great option for those who prefer not to spend their vacation time doing laundry.

Dry Cleaners Offering Laundry

If you have delicate or special garments that require dry cleaning, there are several dry cleaners near the Hilton Hawaiian Village that also offer laundry services. These establishments have professional staff who are experienced in handling different types of fabrics and can ensure that your clothes receive the care they need.

Some popular choices include Waikiki Dry Cleaners and Diamond Head Dry Cleaners. These establishments offer a convenient solution for travelers who want to keep their clothes fresh and clean during their stay.

Remember, no matter which option you choose, it’s always a good idea to check the operating hours and any additional fees that may apply. Doing so will ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free laundry experience during your time at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.


With multiple coin-operated laundry rooms spread across its many towers, the Hilton Hawaiian Village offers convenient washing facilities right on-site. By understanding locations, pricing, and best practices, you can easily handle laundry needs during your vacation without leaving the resort grounds.

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