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Ever dreamt of recreating Kevin McCallister’s iconic New York adventure from Home Alone 2? The grand Plaza Hotel, where Kevin spent his luxurious Christmas vacation, holds the key… and a hefty price tag.

If you’re short on time, here’s the key takeaway: Staying in the “Home Alone 2” suite at The Plaza can range from $2,000 to $4,000 per night, depending on the season and availability. However, the complete experience involves more than just the room, adding layers of expense to consider.

If you’re curious about the cost of indulging in this cinematic fantasy, buckle up for a detailed breakdown.

Deciphering the Room Rates: Standard Options and Luxurious Suites

Budgeting for a Basic Stay: Exploring Standard Room Costs

For budget-conscious travelers, The Plaza’s basic guest rooms start at around $1,100 per night. While not exactly cheap, these standard accommodations provide a comfortable and elegant base for exploring New York City.

The classic guest rooms feature luxurious bedding, marble bathrooms, and scenic views of the city or Central Park. To get the full “Home Alone 2” experience without breaking the bank, the standard room is a solid option.

Living Like Royalty: Unveiling Suite Options and Splurge Prices

For those looking to truly live lavishly, The Plaza offers ultra-luxurious specialty suites starting at $2,000 per night. The two-bedroom Plaza Suite offers park views, a separate living room, and 24-hour butler service.

Even more extravagant is the Royal Suite, with its own private elevator entrance, library, fitness room, and grand piano – all for a cool $30,000 a night. While out of reach for most, these iconic suites let guests live like Kevin McCallister on his dad’s credit card.

Peak Season Surprises: How Holidays and Events Bump Up the Cost

While The Plaza’s room rates are high year-round, they jump even higher during peak seasons in New York City.

Expect rates to skyrocket around the December holidays, when demand is at its peak. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of the most expensive times to visit. Other price hikes happen during major events like New York Fashion Week, the UN General Assembly, and Thanksgiving weekend.

For budget-minded travelers, it’s best to avoid these peak times or book well in advance to secure a better rate. The famous Home Alone 2 scenes may inspire a visit, but choosing an off-season date will make the trip more affordable.

Unveiling The Cost Of Staying In The Home Alone Room At The Plaza

Beyond the Room: Unveiling Additional Expenses

Home Alone Touches: Package Deals and Themed Activities

Staying in the iconic Home Alone 2 suite at The Plaza Hotel is just the beginning. Guests can truly immerse themselves in the McCallister experience by adding on special themed amenities and activities.

Popular package add-ons include:

  • A replica talkboy tape recorder
  • “Kevin’s Favorites” room service menu with pizza, ice cream sundae bar, and more
  • Complimentary viewing of Home Alone 1 & 2 in-room
  • “Booby trap” scavenger hunt activity throughout the hotel

These fun touches pay homage to iconic scenes and memories from the beloved Home Alone films. According to the Plaza’s website, the packages range from $50-150 per night.

Dining Like a McCallister: Exploring In-Hotel and External Options

Dining is a memorable part of the journey when channeling your inner Kevin. Guests can choose to eat like a McCallister in true New York style both in and outside the famed Plaza Hotel.

For a five-star dining experience without leaving the premises, notable on-site restaurants include:

  • The Palm Court – Afternoon tea in a historic grand hall frequented by the likes of Fitzgerald and Capote
  • The Champagne Bar – Elegant cocktails and gourmet bites in an intimate, upscale setting
  • The Rose Club – Trendy atmosphere with crafted cocktails and shareable plates

Venturing outside into the vibrant city, kids and kids-at-heart can indulge in kid favorites like pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream. Iconic NYC staples within walking distance or a short cab ride include:

Exploring In-Hotel Dining

Taxes and Fees: The Unforeseen Costs That Add Up

While the room itself covers the theming and basic amenities, additional taxes and fees at premier New York hotels can add up quickly.

Based on 2022 numbers, guests can expect to pay:

Occupancy Tax 14.75% of room rate per night
State Sales Tax 8.88% of room rate per night
Hotel Unit Fee $3.50 per night

These fees can tack on several hundred dollars to the final bill. On top of dining, activities, and incidentals, taxes and surcharges are an oft-overlooked expense. When planning a Home Alone-style Plaza Hotel stay, be sure to factor these costs into your budget!

Making it Worthwhile: Tips for Budget-Conscious Travelers

Off-Season Savings: Timing Your Trip for Optimal Pricing

One of the best ways to score a discount on the iconic Home Alone suite is to time your visit during the off-season.

According to research from Kayak, hotel rates in top destinations like New York City can be up to 60% cheaper from January through March. The Plaza’s rates tend to follow this trend, with late winter providing opportunities for huge savings compared to the high holiday season.

In addition to lower base rates, staying at The Plaza in the off-season means you’ll avoid surge pricing events like New Year’s Eve and Christmas week. While experiencing the iconic property fully decorated for the holidays has its own magic, opting for a winter midweek stay can save you upwards of $1,000 per night.

Alternative Accommodations: Nearby Options with a Home Alone Vibe

If staying at The Plaza is still outside your budget, consider more affordable New York hotel options nearby that can deliver a similar cozy, Home Alone experience. For example:

  • Row NYC – this modern Times Square hotel features stylish, apartment-style suites
  • citizenM New York Times Square – budget pods and suites with homey decor
  • The Renwick Hotel – charming petite hotel blending Old World and contemporary style

Rates for comparable dates at those alternatives run anywhere from 30-60% cheaper than The Plaza. And their locations right around the corner retain easy access to all the iconic spots from the film.

Creative Cost-Cutting: Exploring Free Activities and Entertainment

Once in New York, take advantage of all the free and affordable things to do to make your Home Alone-themed trip easy on the wallet. For example:

  • Visit Central Park and Bethesda Terrace, where Kevin saw symphony performers in the movie
  • Snap selfies in front of Plaza landmarks like the Grand Staircase, the Christmas Tree, and the magical Fifth Avenue lobby
  • Experience free museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, both under a 20-minute walk away
Activity Cost
Central Park visit Free entrance
The Plaza selfie session Free
Metropolitan Museum of Art Suggested donation

Taking advantage of freebies and discount entertainment will provide heaps of affordable fun for fans wanting the full Home Alone in New York experience. 👍

Living the Dream vs. Reality: Weighing the Cost and the Experience

The Intangible Magic: Beyond Numbers, Understanding the Value

Staying in the iconic Home Alone suite at The Plaza Hotel is about more than just a room. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic and nostalgia of one of the most beloved holiday films of all time.

Though the price tag is steep, being able to sleep in the same room where precocious Kevin McCallister set his clever traps and enjoyed his independence is priceless for diehard Home Alone fans.

There’s an intangible value in revisiting your childhood and experiencing those feelings of excitement, mischief, and wonderment.

Just like Kevin gazing at the Plaza’s grand Christmas tree and decor, being surrounded by that lavish Old World elegance and making those memories in such an iconic, storied setting has a special meaning that’s hard to quantify.

Financial Feasibility: Setting Realistic Expectations and Planning

At around $2,000 a night during the holiday season, staying in the Home Alone 2 suite is certainly a splurge for most families and travelers. The daily rate rivals most other luxury suites in Manhattan. Realistically assessing your budget and financial situation is crucial before booking.

Some tips: save up for the experience for a special occasion like a big anniversary or milestone birthday rather than purposing it for an annual holiday tradition. Split costs by pairing up with another family or group of friends to make the stay more affordable.

Go during off-peak seasons like January when average rates are around $800/night. And remember additional costs like room service, dining, and hotel amenities that can quickly add up.

Alternatives to Consider: Replicating the Home Alone Spirit Within Budget

If staying in the real Home Alone suite is beyond reach, all hope is not lost for living out your McCallister dreams. Here are some creative ideas to capture the experience for less:

  • Book a standard room at The Plaza during the holidays to soak up the same elegant yuletide atmosphere and visit the Home Alone 2 suite.
  • For families, plan a Home Alone movie marathon sleepover either in your own home theater or an Airbnb with friends.
  • Visit iconic Home Alone locations like the Plaza Lobby, Central Park, and Duncan’s Toy Store in New York City.
  • Create clever booby traps and homemade forts at home to let your inner Kevin shine.

With a little imagination, you can curate memorable adventures and quality family bonding time without breaking the bank. The Plaza and NYC will always hold that magical Home Alone spirit no matter where you rest your head at night.

Final Verdict: Is the Home Alone Experience Worth the Price?

For True Fans: Justifying the Splurge and Making Memories

For die-hard Home Alone fans, the steep price tag of $25,000 for the Plaza Hotel’s Kevin McCallister experience may be totally worth it. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live out childhood dreams and nostalgia in the actual on-screen location.

As Kevin famously said, “This is my house, I have to defend it!” Now superfans can defend the home base from the cozy comfort of the Plaza suite.

The interactive elements like re-enacting iconic scenes, participating in treasure hunts, and seeing props from the movie bring the fantasy to life. And having full reign of the Plaza with special amenities and treatment makes fans feel like VIPs.

For some, it’s the ultimate Christmas gift to themselves or to share with family and friends. The cost per night breaks down to a more reasonable $833 if the full capacity of 5 guests is used.

As one happy guest raved on Instagram, “Staying in the Home Alone 2 suite at the Plaza Hotel has been a dream come true! They went above and beyond. Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience!”

Home Alone Experience

For Budget-Minded Adventurers: Embracing Alternative Home Alone Escapes

For those seeking the Home Alone magic without the five-figure price tag, plenty of affordable alternatives exist. Adventurous travelers can book a standard room at the Plaza for under $1,000 per night and still soak up the ambiance where key scenes were filmed.

New York City offers endless opportunities for holiday fun, people watching, and exploring parks featured in the movie like Central Park.

Fans could also rent a cozy Airbnb with elements of a classic 1990s Christmas, complete with a VHS player and retro family games. Baking Kevin’s famous mac and cheese pizza or his mom’s to-do list could satisfy Home Alone cravings in your own kitchen. Even watching the movie at home with friends while sipping hot cocoa captures the heartwarming spirit.

For a bigger splurge, one money-savvy fan suggests, “Get three or four friends together and rent the McCallister suite for one night only and split the cost. You’d stay under $500 each for an amazing and unforgettable night!”

The Ultimate Answer: It Depends on Your Priorities and Dreams

At the end of the day, deciding if the Home Alone suite is worth the astronomical cost comes down to personal preferences and finances.

For some, a chance to immerse themselves in their favorite childhood film is priceless. For others, practicality wins out. One travel blogger wisely recommends setting a budget of what you can afford before getting swept up in the hype. “Figure out your Home Alone dream experience, and find creative ways to make it happen on any budget,” she says.

With creative planning, cherished memories with family and friends can be made this holiday season, whether at the Plaza Hotel or even in your own home.


While living like Kevin McCallister comes with a hefty price tag, the experience undoubtedly carries sentimental value for die-hard fans.

However, with careful planning and creative alternatives, capturing the essence of Home Alone doesn’t necessarily require breaking the bank.

Ultimately, the decision rests on your personal priorities and budget. So, whether you choose to splurge on the iconic suite or recreate the adventure on your terms, remember, the true magic lies in embracing the spirit of self-reliance and holiday cheer.

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