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In the 1992 holiday classic Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Kevin McCallister checks into the luxurious Plaza Hotel during his adventures in Manhattan. He ends up in the splendor of the Plaza’s Royal Suite, with its palatial decor and stunning views.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: In 1992, Kevin’s hotel room at The Plaza in Home Alone 2 would have cost between $2,000-$4,000 per night.

In this in-depth article, we’ll look at the specific suite Kevin stays in, what a night there would have cost during the movie’s 1990s setting, and how much it costs to book the iconic ‘Home Alone 2’ suite today.

Identifying Kevin’s Suite

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie Home Alone 2 is when Kevin McCallister finds himself staying at the luxurious Plaza Hotel in New York City. But have you ever wondered how much Kevin’s hotel room actually costs? Let’s dive into the details and identify Kevin’s suite.

Plaza Hotel

The Plaza’s Royal Suite

In the movie, Kevin is mistakenly given the key to the “Royal Suite” at The Plaza Hotel. This suite is known for its opulence and grandeur, and it is no surprise that Kevin enjoys his stay in such a lavish setting. However, it is important to note that the actual cost of the suite may differ from what is depicted in the movie.

The Plaza Hotel is a real luxury hotel located in Manhattan, New York City. It has been a symbol of elegance and sophistication since its opening in 1907. The hotel offers a range of suites, including the famous Royal Suite, which is often chosen by celebrities and high-profile guests.

According to The Plaza Hotel’s official website, the cost of the Royal Suite starts at more or less $35,000 per night. This staggering price tag reflects the exclusivity and luxury that come with staying in such a prestigious establishment. However, it is worth noting that prices may vary depending on factors such as season and availability.

Suite Layout and Amenities

The Royal Suite at The Plaza Hotel is known for its spacious layout and luxurious amenities. The suite spans approximately 4,500 square feet, offering ample space for relaxation and entertainment. It features a separate living room, dining room, and bedroom, giving guests a sense of privacy and comfort.

The suite is elegantly decorated with classic furnishings and exquisite artwork, creating a sophisticated ambiance. The lavish marble bathroom is equipped with a deep soaking tub, a separate shower, and luxurious toiletries, providing guests with a spa-like experience.

In addition to its impressive interior, the Royal Suite offers stunning views of the city skyline, including Central Park and Fifth Avenue. Guests can enjoy these breathtaking views from the suite’s private terrace, which is perfect for savoring a morning coffee or enjoying a sunset cocktail.

Other amenities and services available to guests staying in the Royal Suite include personal butler service, complimentary access to the hotel’s fitness center and spa, and a dedicated concierge team to cater to their every need. These added perks contribute to the overall luxurious experience of staying in Kevin McCallister’s suite.

So, while we may not have an exact figure for the cost of Kevin’s hotel room in Home Alone 2, we can certainly appreciate the extravagance and allure of The Plaza Hotel’s Royal Suite. It serves as a reminder of the luxury and indulgence that can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

personal butler

1990s Room Rates at The Plaza

When it comes to the iconic Home Alone 2 movie, one of the most intriguing aspects is undoubtedly the luxurious hotel room that Kevin McCallister finds himself in at The Plaza. In the 1990s, The Plaza was a renowned hotel in New York City, known for its elegance and prestige.

Let’s take a closer look at the room rates during that time period.

Average Rates for Suites

The Plaza offered a range of suites, each with its own unique features and amenities. Back in the 1990s, the average rates for these suites varied depending on factors such as size, view, and level of luxury.

While precise data for Kevin McCallister’s room is not available, we can make some educated estimations based on the general rates of that era.

During the 1990s, a standard suite at The Plaza could cost anywhere from $300 to $800 per night. These suites typically featured a spacious living area, a bedroom, and a well-appointed bathroom. Some suites even included additional perks like a private terrace or stunning views of Central Park.

If Kevin McCallister’s room was a more extravagant option, such as a penthouse suite, the rates would have been significantly higher. Penthouse suites at The Plaza during the 1990s could range from $1,000 to $5,000 per night, depending on the specific amenities and luxuries offered.

Peak Holiday Season Prices

It’s worth noting that the rates mentioned above were average prices for a regular day at The Plaza. During peak holiday seasons, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the prices would have soared even higher due to increased demand and limited availability.

During these peak periods, rates for suites at The Plaza could easily double or even triple. This means that Kevin McCallister’s room, being in such a prime location and during the busy holiday season, would have been even more expensive than the average rates mentioned earlier.

While we don’t have exact figures for the specific room in Home Alone 2, it’s safe to say that Kevin’s stay at The Plaza would have been quite a costly affair. However, the experience of staying in such a luxurious and iconic hotel would have undoubtedly been worth every penny for the mischievous young protagonist.

For additional information on The Plaza and its historical room rates, you can visit their official website

Current Rates for the Home Alone 2 Suite

If you’re a fan of the classic movie “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” you’ve probably wondered how much it would cost to stay in the luxurious Plaza Hotel suite, where Kevin McCallister finds himself in the film.

While the exact price may vary depending on the time of year and any special packages available, we can give you an idea of the current rates for the iconic suite.

Booking the Iconic Suite Today

For those looking to experience a taste of movie magic, the Home Alone 2 suite at the Plaza Hotel is available for booking.

The suite offers a stunning view of Central Park, elegant furnishings, and all the amenities you would expect from a five-star hotel.  To check the current rates and availability, you can visit the official Plaza Hotel website. 

Keep in mind that the rates for the Home Alone 2 suite can be quite high, as it is a popular choice among movie enthusiasts and luxury travelers. However, for those who can afford it, the experience of staying in the same room as Kevin McCallister is priceless.

Special Holiday Season Packages

The Plaza Hotel often presents special offers and holiday season packages that include a stay in the Home Alone 2 suite. These packages can be a great way to make your trip even more memorable and festive. They may include perks such as tickets to the hotel’s holiday events, shopping discounts, or even a private tour of iconic filming locations from the movie.

During the holiday season, the rates for the Home Alone 2 suite may be higher due to increased demand. However, if you’re looking to celebrate the season in style and relive the magic of the movie, these packages can be well worth the investment. Be sure to check the Plaza Hotel’s website for any current holiday season offers.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Home Alone 2 or simply looking for a luxurious and unique hotel experience, the Plaza Hotel’s Home Alone 2 suite is a popular choice. Keep in mind that rates can fluctuate, so it’s always a good idea to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Happy booking!

Special Holiday Season

Adjusting 1990s Rates for Inflation

When it comes to determining how much Kevin McCallister’s hotel room in Home Alone 2 would cost in today’s dollars, one must take into account the effects of inflation.

Inflation is the gradual increase in prices over time, which erodes the purchasing power of money. To accurately calculate 1992 rates in today’s dollars, we can use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to adjust for inflation.

Calculating 1992 Rates in Today’s Dollars

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services. By comparing the CPI of 1992 to the current CPI, we can determine the inflation rate and adjust the prices accordingly.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CPI in 1992 was 140.3, while the most recent CPI is 260.8. To calculate the adjusted price, divide the current CPI by the CPI in 1992 and multiply it by the original price.

For example, if Kevin’s hotel room cost $200 in 1992, the adjusted price would be:

Adjusted price = ($200 * 260.8) / 140.3 = $371.19

Therefore, Kevin McCallister’s hotel room in Home Alone 2 would cost approximately $371.19 in today’s dollars.

How Prices Have Changed Over Time

It’s interesting to see how prices have changed over time due to inflation. Back in 1992, $200 might have seemed like a significant amount of money for a hotel room. However, with the effects of inflation, the same hotel room would now cost over $371.

Not only do hotel room prices increase over time, but other goods and services also become more expensive.

The cost of living has generally risen over the years, which means that the same amount of money doesn’t go as far as it used to. This is why it’s important to take inflation into account when comparing prices from different time periods.

If you’re interested in learning more about inflation and its impact on prices, you can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. They provide detailed information on the Consumer Price Index and how it is calculated.


Though Kevin McCallister enjoyed his Plaza suite free of charge, we can estimate it would have cost between $2k-$4k per night during that era – well beyond the McCallisters’ budget.

While prices have risen with inflation over the decades, fans can still live out their Home Alone 2 dreams by booking the iconic suite today – if they have the funds.

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