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As a fan of the charming Danish period drama Seaside Hotel, you may be wondering if the latest season is available to watch on PBS. With its picturesque coastal setting and engaging characters, this series has won over many viewers since premiering on PBS in 2016.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Unfortunately, Seaside Hotel Season 9 is not currently available to watch on traditional TV channels through PBS as of August 2023.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about whether Seaside Hotel Season 9 is streaming on PBS right now.

Background on Seaside Hotel and PBS

Seaside Hotel is a popular Danish television drama series that has captivated audiences around the world with its compelling storyline and talented cast.

Set in the 1920s, the show follows the lives of the guests and staff at a luxurious hotel on the Danish coast. With its mix of romance, intrigue, and historical backdrop, Seaside Hotel has become a fan favorite.

Overview of the Seaside Hotel TV Series

Created by Stig Thorsboe and Hanna Lundblad, Seaside Hotel premiered in Denmark in 2013 and quickly gained a loyal following. The show has been praised for its stunning cinematography, well-developed characters, and intricate plotlines.

Each season of Seaside Hotel introduces new guests and staff members, adding fresh dynamics and storylines to the narrative. Throughout its run, Seaside Hotel has received critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the following:

  • Robert Awards (Denmark’s national film and television awards): Several nominations, including Best Actress for Rosalinde Mynster in Season 1.
  • Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize: Won by Season 5 of “Ride Upon the Storm,” another Danish drama produced by the same company as “Seaside Hotel.”
  • Monte-Carlo Television Festival: “Seaside Hotel” wasn’t nominated for any awards at this festival, but its spin-off series “Chorus Girls” won the Golden Nymph for Best Actress.

The show’s success has led to international distribution, with viewers in countries such as the United States eagerly awaiting each new season.

How Previous Seasons Have Aired on PBS

PBS, known for its commitment to quality programming, has been a home to many foreign television series, including Seaside Hotel. In the past, PBS has aired previous seasons of Seaside Hotel, allowing American viewers to enjoy the captivating drama.

Viewers can expect PBS to continue its tradition of bringing international dramas to American audiences. With its strong emphasis on storytelling and character development, Seaside Hotel is a perfect fit for PBS’s programming lineup.

While specific details about Season 9 on PBS in 2023 are yet to be confirmed, fans can look forward to the possibility of enjoying the next chapter of this beloved series on their screens.

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Current Streaming Status of Season 9

As of 2023, Season 9 of Seaside Hotel has not been added to the PBS streaming library. Fans of the popular show will have to wait a little longer to catch up with their favorite characters and storylines.

While this may be disappointing news for some, there are still options available to watch older episodes online.

Season 9 Has Not Been Added to the PBS Streaming Library

Unfortunately, PBS has not added Season 9 of Seaside Hotel to their streaming library at this time. This means that viewers who rely on PBS as their primary streaming platform will have to explore other avenues to watch the latest season of the show.

Keep an eye out for any updates from PBS regarding the addition of Season 9 in the future.

Where You Can Watch Older Episodes Online

If you’re eager to relive the earlier seasons of Seaside Hotel or catch up on any episodes you may have missed, there are alternative streaming platforms where you can find the show.

One option is to check out popular streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. These platforms often have a wide selection of TV shows, including older seasons of Seaside Hotel.

Another option is to visit the official Seaside Hotel website, where they may offer the ability to stream older episodes. It’s worth noting that availability may vary depending on your location, so be sure to check if the show is accessible in your region.

Additionally, some cable providers may offer on-demand options for Seaside Hotel, allowing you to watch older episodes at your convenience.

Remember, while waiting for Season 9 to become available on PBS or other streaming platforms, you can still enjoy the previous seasons of Seaside Hotel. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of this beloved show!

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Will Season 9 Come to PBS in the Future?

Seaside Hotel, the beloved drama series, has captured the hearts of viewers with its captivating storylines and talented cast. As fans eagerly await the possibility of a Season 9, one question remains: will it come to PBS in the future?

Factors That Could Determine a PBS Premiere Date

The decision to air Season 9 of Seaside Hotel on PBS depends on several factors.

First and foremost, it relies on the availability of broadcasting rights. PBS must negotiate with the show’s producers and distribution networks to secure the rights to air the new season.

Another important factor is the financial feasibility of bringing Season 9 to PBS. The network must consider the production costs, licensing fees, and potential revenue from advertisements and sponsorships. If the financial aspects align, it increases the likelihood of the new season premiering on PBS.

Viewership and Popularity of the Show on PBS

PBS considers the viewership and popularity of a show when deciding whether to continue airing it.

Seaside Hotel has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years, and its previous seasons have performed well on PBS. The network takes into account the show’s ratings, audience demographics, and social media presence to determine its overall appeal.

The viewership numbers and positive reception of Seaside Hotel on PBS serve as a testament to the show’s strong following. This factor could work in favor of Season 9 eventually coming to the network.

Likelihood of Season 9 Eventually Airing

While there is no official confirmation of Season 9 coming to PBS at this time, there is reason to be hopeful. The show’s previous seasons have been well-received on the network, indicating a potential interest in continuing the series.

Additionally, the success of Seaside Hotel in other countries may also play a role in the decision to bring Season 9 to PBS. If the show continues to gain international acclaim and maintain its popularity, it could increase the chances of PBS picking up the new season.

It is important for fans to stay tuned for updates from PBS and the show’s producers regarding Season 9. While nothing is certain yet, the possibility of Seaside Hotel returning to PBS is indeed an exciting prospect for fans of the series.

How to Watch Seaside Hotel Season 9 Now

If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of Season 9 of Seaside Hotel and wondering how you can watch it, you’re in the right place. While it’s not currently available on PBS, there are still several options for you to catch all the latest episodes.

Paid Streaming Options for U.S. Viewers

If you don’t want to wait for the new season to air on PBS, there are paid streaming options available that allow you to watch Seaside Hotel Season 9 right now.

Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video often have the latest seasons of popular shows available for streaming. It’s worth checking these platforms to see if they have added Season 9 of Seaside Hotel to their catalogs.

Another option for U.S. viewers is to check if the show is available on streaming platforms specific to Danish television shows. These platforms often have a wide range of Danish series available for streaming, including Seaside Hotel. Be sure to check the subscription fees and any regional restrictions before signing up for these services.


Using a VPN to Access International Services

If Seaside Hotel Season 9 is available on international streaming services but not accessible in your region, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass these restrictions. A VPN allows you to connect to servers in different countries, making it appear as though you’re accessing the internet from that location.

By connecting to a server in a country where the new season of Seaside Hotel is available, you can access the streaming service and watch the latest episodes. However, it’s important to note that using a VPN may violate the terms of service of some streaming platforms, so proceed with caution.

Requesting Your Local PBS Station Acquire the New Episodes

If you prefer to watch Seaside Hotel Season 9 on PBS, you can take action by requesting your local PBS station to acquire the new episodes.

PBS stations often rely on viewer feedback and requests to determine which shows to air. Reach out to your local station through their website or social media channels and express your interest in watching the latest season of Seaside Hotel.

Additionally, consider reaching out to PBS directly and expressing your enthusiasm for the show. They may take note of the demand and work towards acquiring the rights to air Season 9 of Seaside Hotel.

Remember, while it may take some time for Season 9 of Seaside Hotel to become available on PBS, there are alternative ways to watch the show in the meantime. Explore paid streaming options, use a VPN to access international services, or request your local PBS station to acquire the new episodes.


While Seaside Hotel fans will have to continue waiting for Season 9 to make its way onto PBS, there are still a few legal ways to watch the newest episodes in the meantime. Paid streaming services like Amazon and iTunes offer the latest season for purchase, often just a day after airing overseas.

And with the show’s steady popularity on PBS over the years, it’s very possible Season 9 will eventually join the previous seasons on the public broadcaster down the line. So hang in there, Seaside Hotel devotees – we hope to see you checking in again soon!

Happy watching!

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