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When searching for a luxury hotel, you may have come across Omni Hotels & Resorts. With dozens of upscale properties across North America, Omni has built a reputation for excellent service and amenities.

But is Omni part of a larger hotel group or chain? Let’s take a closer look.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Omni operates as an independent brand that is not part of a major hotel chain. However, it is fully owned by parent company TRT Holdings.

Keep reading to learn more about Omni’s ownership and history as an individual luxury hotel brand.

Omni’s Status as an Independent Hotel Brand

Not affiliated with a hotel chain or conglomerate

Unlike many other hotel brands, Omni is not affiliated with a hotel chain or conglomerate. It stands proudly as an independent brand, offering a unique experience to its guests.

This independence allows Omni to have complete control over its operations, from the design of its hotels to the services it provides.

Maintains its own branding and standards

As an independent hotel brand, Omni maintains its own branding and standards. This means that each Omni hotel has its own distinct personality and style, while still adhering to the high standards that the brand is known for.

Whether you’re staying at an Omni hotel in New York City or in a smaller town, you can expect the same level of quality and service.

Omni Hotel

Manages operations separately from other brands

One of the benefits of being an independent hotel brand is that Omni manages its operations separately from other brands. This allows them to focus solely on their own hotels and the guest experience, without having to worry about the operations of other properties.

It also gives them the flexibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of their guests, without being tied to a larger corporate structure.

Ownership Under TRT Holdings

Omni Hotels & Resorts, an independent luxury hotel brand, is wholly owned by TRT Holdings, a Dallas-based company. TRT Holdings has been the parent company of Omni since its inception in 1958.

This ownership structure allows Omni to operate as an independent brand while benefiting from the support and resources provided by TRT Holdings.

Significant investments from TRT Holdings

TRT Holdings has made significant investments in Omni Hotels & Resorts over the years, allowing the brand to grow and expand its presence in the hospitality industry. These investments have enabled Omni to enhance its offerings and provide exceptional experiences for its guests.

With the financial backing of TRT Holdings, Omni has been able to renovate its existing properties, acquire new hotels, and implement innovative technologies to improve guest satisfaction.

Omni Hotels & Resorts

Access to resources as a subsidiary

As a subsidiary of TRT Holdings, Omni Hotels & Resorts has access to a wide range of resources that contribute to its success. This includes financial backing, operational support, and expertise in various areas of the hospitality industry.

By leveraging the resources provided by its parent company, Omni can stay competitive in the market and continue to deliver exceptional service to its guests.

TRT Holdings has a proven track record in the hospitality industry and is committed to the success of Omni Hotels & Resorts. Their ownership and support have played a pivotal role in establishing Omni as a leading luxury hotel brand, known for its exceptional service, world-class amenities, and memorable experiences.

Omni’s Unique Position in the Hospitality Industry

When it comes to hotel groups, Omni stands out as an independent brand with a unique position in the hospitality industry.

Despite not being part of a larger hotel chain, Omni has managed to establish itself as a formidable competitor in the market.

Competes with major chains as an individual brand

Unlike other hotel groups that are part of larger chains, Omni operates as an individual brand. This gives them the freedom to create their own identity and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Despite not having the backing of a parent company, Omni has managed to compete on a level playing field with major hotel chains.

With a focus on delivering exceptional service and providing top-notch facilities, Omni has been able to attract a loyal customer base. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Known for exceptional service and facilities

One of the key reasons why Omni has been able to establish itself as a successful independent brand is its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and world-class facilities.

From the moment guests step into an Omni hotel, they are greeted by warm and friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay.

Omni hotels are known for their luxurious amenities, including well-appointed rooms, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and exquisite dining options. Whether guests are traveling for business or leisure, they can expect a level of comfort and sophistication that is synonymous with the Omni brand.

To know more about Omni hotels, visit their official website.

Caters to business and leisure upper-upscale market

Omni hotels cater to the upper-upscale market, targeting both business and leisure travelers. Their properties are strategically located in key destinations, making them an ideal choice for corporate events, conferences, and meetings.

Business travelers appreciate Omni’s commitment to providing a seamless experience, with amenities such as high-speed internet, spacious work areas, and access to business centers. Leisure travelers, on the other hand, are drawn to Omni’s luxurious accommodations, on-site spa facilities, and proximity to popular tourist attractions.

History and Growth of Omni Hotels

Founded in 1958 in Dallas, Texas:

Omni Hotels has a rich history that dates back to 1958 when it was founded in Dallas, Texas. The company started as a small hospitality venture and quickly gained recognition for its exceptional service and luxurious accommodations.

Since its inception, Omni Hotels has been committed to providing guests with unforgettable experiences and creating a home away from home.

Steady expansion over 60+ years:

Over the past 60+ years, Omni Hotels has experienced steady growth and expansion. The company’s dedication to excellence and commitment to guest satisfaction has propelled it to become one of the leading hotel groups in the industry.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and personalized service, Omni Hotels has consistently exceeded the expectations of its guests and set new standards for the hospitality industry.

Now 60+ properties across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico:

Today, Omni Hotels boasts a vast portfolio of over 60 properties spread across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. From iconic city landmarks to stunning resort destinations, each Omni property offers a unique experience tailored to the specific needs and desires of its guests.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious urban retreat or a relaxing beach getaway, Omni Hotels has a property that will exceed your expectations.

Growth of Omni Hotels


In summary, Omni Hotels & Resorts operates as an independent brand, unaffiliated with any hotel chains.

However, its parent private company TRT Holdings provides the financial backing and support for Omni to compete successfully on its own across the luxury hotel market.

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