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When booking a hotel stay, additional charges beyond the room rate can quickly add up. Marriott International has received scrutiny for a mandatory fee referred to as a ‘destination amenity fee.’ If you’re confused about what exactly it covers, you’re not alone.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: A destination amenity fee is a mandatory daily charge tacked onto room rates at most Marriott hotels to cover certain amenities like WiFi, gym access, and shuttle services. The amount varies by property.

Background on Marriott’s Destination Fee

Marriott’s Destination Amenity Fee has become a topic of discussion among travelers in recent years. This fee, which is charged per day, is an additional cost that guests must pay on top of their room rate.

It is important to understand the background and details of this fee before booking a stay at a Marriott hotel.


When the fee was introduced

The Destination Amenity Fee was first introduced by Marriott in response to the changing landscape of the hospitality industry.

In an effort to offer more amenities and services to guests, Marriott decided to implement this fee as a way to cover the costs associated with providing these additional offerings. The fee was introduced a few years ago and has since been adopted by many Marriott properties across the globe.

How much it typically costs per day

The cost of Marriott’s Destination Amenity Fee varies depending on the location and specific hotel. On average, the fee ranges from $10 to $50 per day or higher.

This fee is typically added to the guest’s final bill and covers a variety of amenities and services that are available during their stay. It is important for guests to be aware of this additional cost when budgeting for their trip.

Backlash from consumers over lack of transparency

The introduction of the Destination Amenity Fee has not been without controversy. Many consumers have voiced their frustration over what they perceive as a lack of transparency surrounding this fee.

Some guests have reported feeling blindsided by the additional cost, especially when they were not made aware of it at the time of booking. This has led to negative reviews and a sense of dissatisfaction among some travelers.

Marriott has acknowledged these concerns and has made efforts to improve transparency by providing more information about the fee on their website and during the booking process.

Additionally, some consumer advocacy groups have called for more regulations and transparency in the hotel industry to ensure that guests are fully informed about any additional fees they may incur during their stay.

While the Destination Amenity Fee may be a point of contention for some travelers, it is important to consider the overall value and experience that Marriott hotels provide.

The amenities and services covered by this fee can enhance the guest’s stay and contribute to a memorable experience. It is advisable for travelers to research and consider the specific amenities included in the fee before making a decision.

What Amenities Are Included?

Complimentary WiFi

One of the amenities included in the Destination Amenity Fee for Marriott Hotels is complimentary WiFi. This means that guests can enjoy high-speed internet access throughout their stay without any additional charges.

Whether you need to check your emails, stream movies, or stay connected with loved ones, you can do so effortlessly with the complimentary WiFi provided by Marriott Hotels. This is especially convenient for business travelers who rely on a stable internet connection to stay productive.

Access to fitness centers and pools

Another amenity included in the Destination Amenity Fee is access to fitness centers and pools. Marriott Hotels prioritize the well-being of their guests and understand the importance of staying active and refreshed during their stay.

With this amenity, guests can enjoy state-of-the-art fitness facilities and take a dip in the swimming pool to relax and rejuvenate. Whether you prefer a morning workout or an evening swim, Marriott Hotels have you covered.

Access to fitness centers

Local shuttle transportation

Marriott Hotels also offer local shuttle transportation as part of the Destination Amenity Fee. This allows guests to conveniently explore the surrounding area without worrying about transportation logistics.

Whether you want to explore popular attractions, visit nearby restaurants, or attend business meetings, the local shuttle service provided by Marriott Hotels ensures a hassle-free experience. It’s a great way to save time and money while enjoying all that the destination has to offer.

Newspapers and/or bottled water

Additionally, guests staying at Marriott Hotels can enjoy the convenience of complimentary newspapers and/or bottled water as part of the Destination Amenity Fee.

Starting your day with a fresh newspaper or staying hydrated with bottled water is a small luxury that Marriott Hotels provide to enhance the overall guest experience. It’s a thoughtful touch that adds to the comfort and convenience of your stay.

Policies Around Discounts and Waivers

When it comes to the destination amenity fee at Marriott Hotels, there are certain policies in place regarding discounts and waivers. These policies are designed to ensure fairness and consistency for all guests.

No waivers for elite loyalty members

Marriott Hotels values its elite loyalty members and offers them a range of exclusive benefits. However, one policy that applies to all guests, including elite members, is that there are no waivers for the destination amenity fee. This fee is charged to all guests regardless of their loyalty status.

While elite members enjoy other perks such as room upgrades and late check-outs, they are still required to pay the amenity fee like any other guest.

Discounts for longer stays

While the destination amenity fee is non-negotiable, Marriott Hotels does offer discounts for longer stays. Guests who book an extended stay of multiple nights may be eligible for a reduced amenity fee.

This policy encourages guests to stay longer and make the most of the amenities provided by the hotel. It’s a win-win situation where guests can enjoy a discount while experiencing all that the hotel has to offer.

Fees charged regardless of amenity usage

Another important policy to note is that the destination amenity fee is charged regardless of whether or not guests utilize the amenities. This fee covers the cost of providing amenities such as Wi-Fi, pool access, fitness center usage, and other services.

Even if a guest chooses not to use these facilities, they are still responsible for paying the fee. This policy ensures that the cost of providing amenities is spread out among all guests, regardless of their individual usage.

It’s important for guests to be aware of these policies when booking a stay at a Marriott Hotel. While there may not be waivers for elite members and the amenity fee is charged regardless of usage, the discounts for longer stays can be a great way to save money while enjoying a luxurious experience.

pool access

How Marriott Compares to Other Brands

When it comes to destination amenity fees, Marriott is not alone. In fact, most major hotel chains have started implementing these fees in recent years.

The concept behind these fees is to cover the costs of providing additional amenities and services to guests during their stay. While some travelers may see these fees as an inconvenience, others appreciate the added value they bring to their overall hotel experience.

Most major chains now charge destination fees

It’s not just Marriott that has implemented destination amenity fees. Most major hotel chains in the United States now charge destination fees. This indicates a growing trend in the industry. Other well-known hotel brands, such as Hilton, Hyatt, and Sheraton, have also adopted this practice.

These fees can vary in amount and are typically charged per night, on top of the regular room rate. They are meant to cover the costs of amenities like Wi-Fi, fitness centers, pool access, and even local phone calls.

Marriott’s fee among the highest

While many hotel chains have implemented destination amenity fees, Marriott’s fee is often considered to be on the higher end. The exact amount of the fee can vary depending on the specific property and location, but it is generally higher compared to some of its competitors.

Marriott’s destination amenity fee can range from $20 to $40 per night. This is higher than the fees charged by other major hotel brands, which typically range from $10 to $30 per night.

Promotions don’t always exclude fee

One thing to note is that even when Marriott is running promotions or offering discounted rates, the destination amenity fee may still be applicable. This means that travelers should be aware that even if they are getting a great deal on their room rate, they may still need to budget for the additional fee.

It’s always a good idea to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of any hotel booking to avoid any surprises when it comes to fees and charges.

Tips for Avoiding the Fee

Book through less expensive channels

If you’re looking to avoid the destination amenity fee at Marriott Hotels, one way to do so is by booking your stay through less expensive channels. While the fee may be included when booking directly through the hotel’s website or calling their reservations line, you may be able to find lower rates on third-party travel websites.

These websites often negotiate discounted rates with hotels and may not include the destination amenity fee in their pricing. So, be sure to compare prices on different platforms before making your reservation.

Look for special packages or deals

Another way to potentially avoid the destination amenity fee is by looking for special packages or deals offered by Marriott Hotels. Sometimes, hotels offer promotional rates that include additional perks or amenities, which could offset the cost of the fee.

Keep an eye out for these packages when searching for accommodations, as they may provide a more cost-effective option for your stay.

Consider nearby non-Marriott alternatives

If you’re determined to avoid the destination amenity fee altogether, you may want to consider staying at a non-Marriott hotel nearby. Many cities have a variety of accommodation options, and by exploring alternatives outside of the Marriott brand, you may find a hotel that offers comparable amenities without the additional fee.

Websites such as TripAdvisor or Expedia can be useful resources for finding and comparing different hotels in your desired location.

Remember, while the destination amenity fee has become more common in the hotel industry, it’s not a mandatory charge. By being proactive and exploring different options, you can potentially avoid this fee and make your stay more budget-friendly.


Marriott’s mandatory destination amenity fees, ranging from $20-$40 per day, have drawn customer ire over a lack of transparency in pricing. However, they are in line with industry trends as hotels look to supplement revenue.

While the fees can’t be waived entirely, travelers can mitigate the impact through strategic booking and flexibility. Understanding what’s covered by the fee at each property can help set expectations and budget accordingly.

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