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When booking hotel rooms, you may come across the term ‘AAA rate’ listed alongside other options like rack rates and corporate discounts. But what exactly does AAA rate mean and how does it differ from standard prices?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick summary: The AAA rate is a discounted hotel room price available exclusively to AAA members. It is typically 10-20% lower than the hotel’s standard rack rates.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the American Automobile Association (AAA) member rate for hotels.

Understanding AAA Hotel Discounts

Offered at thousands of participating hotels

If you are a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA), you may be eligible for exclusive hotel discounts. The AAA hotel rate is available at thousands of participating hotels across the United States, making it convenient for members to save money on their accommodations.

Whether you are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, the AAA hotel discounts can help you find affordable and comfortable lodging options.

family vacation

Discount percentage varies by property

The discount percentage offered through the AAA rate can vary depending on the property. Some hotels may offer a fixed discount of a certain percentage off the regular rate, while others may offer a specific dollar amount off the room rate.

It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of each hotel to see the exact discount you can expect. Additionally, the discount may also vary depending on the time of year and availability.

Average savings of 10-20% off rack rates

On average, AAA hotel discounts can save you between 10 to 20 percent off the hotel’s rack rates. The rack rate is the standard rate for a hotel room before any discounts or promotions are applied.

So, by taking advantage of the AAA rate, you can enjoy significant savings on your hotel stay. This can make a big difference in your travel budget, allowing you to allocate those savings towards other expenses or experiences during your trip.

Valid for leisure and business travel

The AAA hotel discounts are not limited to any specific type of travel. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business purposes, you can take advantage of the AAA rate.

This can be especially beneficial for frequent business travelers who often need to book hotel accommodations. By using the AAA rate, you can reduce your travel expenses and maximize your budget for other work-related needs.

business travel

Booking Requirements

When it comes to availing the AAA rate for hotels, there are certain booking requirements that need to be fulfilled. These requirements ensure that the benefits and discounts are exclusively available to AAA members.

Let’s take a look at what these requirements are:

Must book directly through AAA Travel Agency

To enjoy the AAA rate for hotels, it is essential to make your booking directly through the AAA Travel Agency.

This ensures that you have access to the negotiated rates and special discounts that AAA has secured with various hotels. Booking through other platforms may not guarantee the same benefits.

Valid AAA membership number required

To avail the AAA rate, you will need a valid AAA membership number. This number serves as proof of your membership and eligibility for the discounts.

Make sure to have your membership number handy when booking your hotel to ensure a seamless process.

Membership levels include Plus, Premier, etc.

AAA offers different membership levels, such as Plus, Premier, and more, each with its own set of benefits.

The AAA rate for hotels is available to all AAA members, regardless of their membership level. However, members at higher levels may enjoy additional perks and benefits.

Discounts available for both individual & corporate members

The AAA rate for hotels is not limited to individual AAA members only. Corporate members can also take advantage of these discounts when booking hotels for business purposes. This makes it a great option for both individual and corporate travelers to save money on their hotel stays.

For more information on the AAA rate for hotels and to explore the available discounts, you can visit the official AAA website

Room Types Eligible for AAA Rates

Typically applies to standard room categories

When it comes to AAA rates for hotels, they usually apply to standard room categories. These are the most common types of rooms offered by hotels, and they provide all the basic amenities and comforts that guests need for a comfortable stay.

Standard rooms are typically equipped with a comfortable bed, a private bathroom, and essential amenities such as a television, a desk, and complimentary Wi-Fi. So, if you’re a AAA member looking to book a hotel room at a discounted rate, you can usually expect to find these rates available for standard rooms.

May exclude suites, club floors, villas, etc.

It’s important to note that AAA rates may exclude certain room types such as suites, club floors, villas, or other upgraded accommodations. These room categories often come with additional amenities and services that are not included in the standard room rate.

While AAA rates typically offer a discount on the regular rates, they may not be applicable for these premium room types. If you’re specifically looking for a suite or an upgraded room, it’s worth checking with the hotel to see if they offer any specific AAA rates for these accommodations.

Some blackout dates possible

While AAA rates can provide great savings on hotel stays, it’s important to be aware that some blackout dates may apply. Blackout dates refer to specific days or periods when the discounted AAA rates may not be available.

These blackout dates are usually determined by the hotel and are often during peak travel seasons or holidays when demand for hotel rooms is high. To avoid any disappointment, it’s always a good idea to check with the hotel in advance to confirm if there are any blackout dates for AAA rates during your desired travel dates.

Advance booking requirements may apply

When it comes to booking hotels at AAA rates, some hotels may have advance booking requirements. This means that you may need to make your reservation a certain number of days or weeks in advance to be eligible for the discounted rate. This allows hotels to better manage their inventory and ensure availability for AAA members.

The specific advance booking requirements can vary from hotel to hotel, so it’s advisable to check the hotel’s website or contact their reservations department to find out the exact details and ensure that you meet the necessary criteria to secure the AAA rate.

Advance booking

Vs. Senior, Military, AARP Discounts

When it comes to hotel discounts, many travelers are familiar with the benefits of being a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA).

However, it’s important to understand how the AAA rate for hotels compares to other discounts, such as those available for seniors, military personnel, and members of AARP.

AAA rates can be combined with other discounts

One of the advantages of the AAA rate for hotels is that it can often be combined with other discounts. This means that AAA members can take advantage of additional savings on top of the already discounted rate.

For example, if a hotel offers a 10% discount for seniors and a 15% discount for AAA members, a senior who is also a AAA member could potentially save 25% on their hotel stay.

May offer a better rate than senior, military, etc.

In some cases, the AAA rate for hotels may offer a better rate than discounts available for seniors, military personnel, or members of AARP. This is because AAA negotiates special rates with hotels on behalf of its members, often resulting in significant savings.

It’s always worth comparing the AAA rate with other available discounts to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Allows earning hotel loyalty program points/status

Another benefit of booking the AAA rate for hotels is that it usually allows you to earn hotel loyalty program points and status.

This means that in addition to enjoying discounted rates, AAA members can also earn valuable rewards for their stays. These rewards can include free nights, room upgrades, and other perks that enhance the overall hotel experience.

It’s important to note that not all hotels offer AAA rates, and the availability of discounts may vary depending on the location and season.

To ensure you’re getting the best rate, it’s always a good idea to compare different discounts and rates before making a reservation.

Global Recognition and Participation

The AAA rate for hotels is a highly recognized and valued benefit for AAA members. It is a program that allows members to enjoy exclusive discounts and perks when booking accommodations at thousands of hotels in the U.S. and worldwide.

This rate is a testament to the trust and credibility that AAA has established with hotel chains and independent properties around the globe.

Valid at thousands of hotels in the U.S. and worldwide

When it comes to the AAA rate for hotels, members have access to a vast network of participating establishments. Whether you’re planning a vacation within the United States or venturing abroad, you can take advantage of this special rate at various hotels.

From luxury resorts to budget-friendly options, AAA has partnered with hotels across different price ranges to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its members.

The AAA rate for hotels is not limited to a specific region or country. Members can enjoy discounted rates and added benefits when staying at hotels in popular destinations such as New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, and Tokyo, among many others.

This global reach ensures that AAA members can make the most of their membership benefits, no matter where their travels take them.

New York City

International partnerships with similar auto clubs

AAA has established international partnerships with similar auto clubs around the world. These partnerships allow AAA members to enjoy reciprocal benefits when traveling abroad.

For example, if you’re a AAA member planning a trip to Europe, you can receive discounts and benefits through partnerships with auto clubs like the Automobile Association (AA) in the United Kingdom or the Australian Automobile Association (AAA).

These partnerships enhance the global recognition and participation of the AAA rate for hotels. AAA members can enjoy a seamless experience when booking accommodations overseas, knowing that they will receive the same level of quality and service that they have come to expect from AAA-approved establishments.

Look for “AAA/CAA Preferred” when booking abroad

When booking accommodations abroad, AAA members should keep an eye out for the “AAA/CAA Preferred” designation. This indicates that the hotel is part of the AAA network and offers special rates and benefits for AAA members.

By choosing these preferred hotels, members can maximize their savings and enjoy a more personalized and enhanced travel experience.

It’s important to note that while the AAA rate for hotels is widely recognized, availability may vary depending on the specific hotel and location. Members are advised to check the AAA website or contact their local AAA club for the most up-to-date information on participating hotels and any special offers or promotions that may be available.


The AAA discount can lead to substantial savings for hotel stays, making it a valuable benefit of AAA membership.

By comparing AAA rates to other available pricing, asking about applicable room types, and taking advantage of combinable discounts, travelers can maximize their savings potential at hotels across the globe.

The AAA member rate provides a little extra ease and affordability for both leisure and business trips.

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