With over 7,000 properties worldwide, Marriott International is one of the largest hotel chains globally. But with such a vast footprint, occasional guest complaints and issues are inevitable. If you’ve had a poor experience at a Marriott hotel, you may wonder what their complaint policy entails and how to have your concerns addressed properly.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline Marriott’s complaint process step-by-step, including how to file a complaint directly with the hotel or Marriott corporate and what kind of response or resolution you can expect. We’ll also provide tips for getting the best results from your complaint.

In short, Marriott’s complaint policy allows guests to file complaints directly with the hotel’s management or through their Customer Care team via phone, email or online form. Complaints are evaluated on a case-by-case basis but typically result in an apology, explanation, and some type of consolation such as a voucher, loyalty points or refund.

Filing a Complaint Directly with the Hotel

If you have a complaint during your stay at a Marriott hotel, it is best to address it directly with the hotel staff. They are usually the first point of contact and can assist in resolving the issue promptly. Here are three ways to file a complaint directly with the hotel:

Front Desk

The front desk is often the most accessible and convenient place to express your concerns. The hotel staff at the front desk are trained to handle guest complaints and will do their best to address the issue immediately.

They can help with a variety of concerns, such as room cleanliness, noise disturbances, or malfunctioning amenities. Remember to remain calm and polite when discussing your complaint, as it can lead to a more positive outcome.

Hotel General Manager

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction at the front desk, you may request to speak with the hotel’s general manager. The general manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of the hotel and ensuring guest satisfaction.

They have the authority to address more complex issues and may offer additional solutions or compensation. The general manager’s main goal is to ensure that you have a pleasant stay, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them if necessary.

Loyalty Program Desk

If you are a member of Marriott’s loyalty program, you can also contact the loyalty program desk to file a complaint. They have a dedicated team that handles member concerns and can escalate your complaint if needed.

Marriott values its loyal customers and strives to provide exceptional service, so reaching out to the loyalty program desk can be an effective way to have your complaint resolved.

Remember, when filing a complaint directly with the hotel, it’s important to provide specific details about the issue and any relevant documentation, such as receipts or photographs. This will help the hotel staff better understand and address your concerns.

Additionally, be patient and allow the hotel staff sufficient time to investigate and resolve the complaint.

For more information on Marriott’s complaint policy, you can visit https://www.marriott.com/help/rewards-customer-support.

Contacting Marriott Corporate Customer Care

Phone Support

Marriott understands the importance of addressing customer concerns promptly and efficiently. If you have a complaint or need assistance, one of the most direct ways to get in touch with Marriott’s corporate customer care is by phone.

Marriott provides a toll-free customer support hotline that is available 24/7. You can reach out to their dedicated team of customer service representatives who are trained to handle a wide range of issues.

They strive to provide excellent service and resolve any problems you may have encountered during your stay.


If you prefer to communicate in writing, you also have the option to contact Marriott’s corporate customer care via email. By sending an email detailing your complaint or issue, you can provide a thorough explanation of the situation and any relevant details.

Marriott aims to respond to all customer emails within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 24 to 48 hours. This allows them to carefully review your concerns and provide a personalized response that addresses your specific needs.

Online Form

In addition to phone support and email, Marriott offers an online form that allows you to submit your complaint or feedback directly through their website. This form is designed to gather important information about your experience, such as the date and location of your stay and the nature of your complaint.

By filling out this form, you can provide Marriott with the necessary details to investigate and address your concerns swiftly. The online form is a convenient option for customers who prefer a digital means of communication.

It is important to note that Marriott’s complaint policy may vary depending on the specific issue you are facing. For more information on how to contact Marriott’s corporate customer care and their complaint resolution process, you can visit their official website at www.marriott.com/help.

What To Include In Your Complaint

Reservation Details

When filing a complaint with Marriott, it’s important to include your reservation details. This includes your reservation number, the dates of your stay, and the name of the hotel you stayed at. Providing this information helps Marriott locate your specific booking and investigate the issue more efficiently.

Date/Time/Location of Issue

Another crucial piece of information to include in your complaint is the date, time, and location of the issue you encountered. Whether it was a problem with your room, a service issue, or any other complaint, specifying when and where it occurred helps Marriott identify any patterns or trends that may be affecting multiple guests.

Detailed Description of Problem

Be sure to provide a detailed description of the problem you experienced during your stay. Use specific language to clearly explain the issue, including any relevant details or circumstances that may have contributed to the problem.

The more information you provide, the better Marriott can understand and address your concerns.

Names of Employees Involved

If you interacted with any Marriott employees during the course of your complaint, it’s helpful to include their names in your report. This allows Marriott to investigate and address any potential misconduct or issues related to specific staff members.

If you don’t have the names, provide detailed descriptions of the employees involved, such as their physical appearance or position.

Steps Taken to Resolve

Lastly, it’s important to include any steps you have already taken to resolve the issue. This could include speaking with hotel staff, contacting Marriott’s customer service, or any other actions you have taken to address the problem.

By providing this information, Marriott can better understand the efforts you have made and provide appropriate assistance or compensation.

Remember, when submitting a complaint to Marriott, it’s essential to remain calm and polite. Clearly outlining the necessary information will help Marriott address your concerns in a timely and effective manner.

Marriott’s Complaint Investigation Process

When it comes to handling customer complaints, Marriott takes great care in ensuring a fair and thorough investigation. They have a well-established process in place that allows them to review the facts of the complaint, obtain statements from employees involved, and assess the validity of the complaint.

Let’s take a closer look at each step in Marriott’s complaint investigation process.

Reviewing Facts of Complaint

The first step in Marriott’s complaint investigation process is to carefully review the facts of the complaint. This involves gathering all relevant information, such as the date and time of the incident, the names of the parties involved, and any supporting evidence.

Marriott understands the importance of accurate and detailed information in order to address the complaint effectively.

During this stage, Marriott may also reach out to the customer who filed the complaint to gather additional information or clarify any details. The goal is to ensure that all aspects of the complaint are thoroughly understood before moving forward with the investigation process.

Obtaining Statements from Employees

Once Marriott has reviewed the facts of the complaint, the next step is to obtain statements from employees who were involved or witnessed the incident. This helps Marriott gain a comprehensive understanding of what happened and allows them to gather different perspectives on the matter.

Marriott places great importance on employee feedback and encourages open and honest communication during the investigation process. By obtaining statements from employees, Marriott is able to gather valuable insights that contribute to a fair and unbiased assessment of the complaint.

Assessing Validity of Complaint

After reviewing the facts of the complaint and obtaining statements from employees, Marriott then assesses the validity of the complaint. This involves carefully analyzing the information collected, comparing it to company policies and procedures, and determining if any wrongdoing or mistakes have occurred.

Marriott aims to resolve complaints in a fair and timely manner, and they take appropriate action based on the outcome of their assessment. This may involve offering compensation, implementing corrective measures, or providing additional training to employees involved.

It’s important to note that Marriott’s complaint investigation process is designed to prioritize customer satisfaction and maintain their high standards of service. They value customer feedback and continuously strive to improve their operations based on the insights gained from the investigation of complaints.

For more information on Marriott’s complaint policy, you can visit their official website here.

Types of Compensation Offered for Valid Complaints

When it comes to addressing valid complaints, Marriott goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Here are the various types of compensation they offer:


Marriott understands the importance of acknowledging their mistakes and taking responsibility. In cases where a valid complaint is received, they provide a sincere apology along with a detailed explanation of the issue at hand.

This helps customers understand that their concerns are being taken seriously and that steps are being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.


If a customer experiences a legitimate problem during their stay, Marriott is committed to making it right. Depending on the severity of the issue, they may offer a partial or full refund to compensate for any inconvenience caused.

This not only addresses the immediate concern but also ensures that customers feel valued and taken care of.

Loyalty Program Points:

As a way to show appreciation for their loyal customers, Marriott often offers extra loyalty program points as compensation for valid complaints. These points can be used towards future stays, upgrades, or other perks within the Marriott Rewards program.

This helps to further enhance the overall experience and build customer loyalty.

Food & Beverage Vouchers:

In situations where a customer’s dining experience falls short of expectations, Marriott may provide food and beverage vouchers as a form of compensation. These vouchers can be redeemed at the hotel’s restaurants or bars, allowing guests to enjoy a meal or drink on the house.

This gesture not only addresses the immediate issue but also encourages customers to give Marriott another chance.

Discounted or Free Night’s Stay:

In some cases, when a significant problem arises that significantly impacts a customer’s stay, Marriott may offer a discounted or even a free night’s stay as a way to make amends. This not only compensates for the inconvenience but also gives customers the opportunity to experience Marriott hospitality at its best.

It’s important to note that the type of compensation offered may vary depending on the specific situation and the severity of the complaint. Marriott aims to find a solution that is fair and satisfactory for both the customer and the hotel.

For more information on Marriott’s complaint policy and compensation options, you can visit their official website here.


In summary, Marriott provides guests multiple options to submit complaints about unsatisfactory stays or service issues directly to the hotel management or through customer care channels like phone and email.

They investigate each complaint thoroughly by gathering facts and statements before determining validity. For valid complaints, some type of conciliation like an apology, points, or voucher is typically provided.

Understanding Marriott’s complaint process helps ensure guest concerns are properly addressed.

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