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With the rise of mobile apps, travelers today expect hotels to offer apps to enhance their stays. Apps allow guests to check-in, access room information, order services, and more right from their phones.

If you’re wondering whether Omni Hotels has its own app, here’s the short answer: Yes, Omni Hotels does have an official app you can download and use during your stay.

An Overview of the Omni Hotels Mobile App

The Omni Hotels mobile app provides guests with a convenient way to manage their stay right from their smartphone. Here is an overview of some of the key features and benefits of using the Omni Hotels app.

Basic Features of the App

The Omni app allows you to easily book reservations, select your room preferences, manage upcoming and past stays, and access your Omni Select Guest loyalty program profile.

You can also get directions to any Omni hotel, see details on amenities, dining options, and local attractions. The app makes trip planning and management simple.

Mobile Check-In and Keyless Entry

One of the most useful features of the Omni app is mobile check-in. You can check-in via the app up to 6 pm on your scheduled arrival date and also confirm your preferred room.

Then, you can use your phone as your room key for a seamless, contactless check-in experience. This handy feature allows you to skip the front desk and go straight to your room.

Room Controls and Requests

Through the app, you can adjust temperature, lighting, and more all from your phone once checked into your room.

You can also make requests for amenities to be delivered, like extra towels or pillows. The app makes it easy to customize your in-room experience.

On-Property Services

In addition to the above features, the Omni app grants you access to hotel services during your stay. You can get information on the hotel’s dining outlets, fitness center hours, pool times, and more.

You can even order room service or make restaurant reservations right from the app. It really enhances your experience at the hotel and makes amenities easily accessible.

With its robust mobile check-in options, room controls, hotel service access and trip planning features, the Omni Hotels app provides a convenient way for guests to manage stays seamlessly. The app aims to elevate the guest experience and make hotel amenities easily accessible from your personal device.

Benefits and Conveniences of Using the Omni App

Access Useful Hotel Information

The Omni hotels app allows guests to view important details about the Omni property they are staying at in the palm of their hand. This includes information like check-in/check-out times, parking details, hotel services, local area guides and maps.

Guests can also get airline and airport terminal info for their current Omni hotel location. Having quick access to this type of practical information can really enhance the guest experience.

Message the Front Desk

Through the Omni app, hotel guests can directly message the front desk at their Omni location if they require any assistance or have questions during their stay. There is a live chat feature that connects right to the front desk staff, allowing for convenient two-way communication.

This enables guests to get prompt support from hotel staff instead of having to call the front desk and potentially wait on hold.

Order Room Service or Make Dining Reservations

Guests can use the Omni app to browse room service menus and place orders directly from their smartphone. This means they can order room service without having to call anyone.

The app also allows guests to make dining reservations at any on-site restaurants, providing a quick and easy way to book tables. According to the Omni website, guests can even pre-order food and beverages through the app.

Control Your In-Room Environment

At participating Omni properties with app connectivity features, guests can use the Omni app as a remote control for their in-room environment. Through the app, they can adjust lighting, control the TV, manage temperature, and more.

This provides a convenient way for guests to customize their room without having to get up and manually adjust in-room electronics and temperature controls.

Earn and Redeem Loyalty Points

Members of the Omni Select Guest loyalty program can manage their accounts and points through the Omni app. They can check their current point balance, see how points were earned, and redeem points for free nights or other rewards.

The app provides easy access to points info and instant redemption capabilities.

Differences Between the Omni App and Other Hotel Apps

Comparison with Marriott’s App

The Omni Hotels app has some distinct advantages compared to the Marriott Bonvoy app. Here are some key differences:

  • The Omni app allows you to book award stays and redeem loyalty points directly in the app, whereas Marriott’s app doesn’t have this functionality.
  • Omni’s app provides a smoother mobile check-in experience and sends room ready alerts, while Marriott’s version lacks these convenient features.
  • You can modify existing Omni reservations in the app, but not with the Marriott app.
  • The Omni app makes it easy to order room service and request hotel services like housekeeping or valet parking. Marriott doesn’t offer these in-app features.

Comparison with Hilton’s App

Hilton Honors members can take advantage of some useful features in Hilton’s app, but the Omni Hotels app still holds some key advantages:

  • Omni allows app check-in up to 6 pm on the arrival day rather than 4 pm for Hilton.
  • The Omni app makes it easy to extend a stay without rebooking, unlike Hilton.
  • Omni’s app provides an interactive map of the hotel property, while Hilton’s does not.
  • You can order room service directly through the Omni app, but not Hilton’s.

One area where Hilton’s app excels is digital key access to rooms, which Omni has not yet implemented. But for booking management and on-property services, Omni Hotels’ own app generally provides an advantage over Hilton’s solution.

Unique Aspects of the Omni App

Some interesting features that set the Omni Hotels app apart from competitors include:

  • Local Insider Guides to provide recommendations for dining, attractions, and things to do around each Omni property.
  • Omni Sensory Experience that allows you to preview relaxing playlists, aromatherapy, and even desserts you can enjoy during your stay.
  • One-touch buttons for immediate requests like luggage assistance, car retrieval, room service, housekeeping, or asking for restaurant recommendations.
  • Ability to book tee times at Omni golf courses and schedule spa appointments right through the app.

Omni Hotels clearly optimized their app to remove friction points and create a seamless, high-touch experience for guests. From curating local sights to anticipating service needs, the app provides unique benefits over the standard features found in apps from larger hotel chains.


In summary, Omni Hotels does have its own official app that guests can download to enhance their stays.

The app offers convenient features like mobile check-in, room controls, hotel messaging, and more.

While it has some similarities with apps from brands like Marriott and Hilton, the Omni app also has unique aspects tailored specifically for Omni guests.

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