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DoorDash makes it easy to get food, groceries, and more delivered conveniently to your hotel. But ordering to hotels does come with some unique considerations compared to residential deliveries.

If you’re short on time, here are the key things to keep in mind: Double check the room number, provide detailed delivery instructions, communicate with your Dasher, and meet them in the lobby if possible.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through all the steps, tips, and best practices for seamlessly getting DoorDash orders delivered to your hotel room.

Picking the Right Hotel for DoorDash Deliveries

When it comes to DoorDashing to hotels, choosing the right hotel is crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient deliveries. Here are a few factors to consider when picking the hotel:

Research Hotel Policies on Food Delivery

Before selecting a hotel for your DoorDash deliveries, it’s essential to research their policies on food delivery. Some hotels may have strict regulations or restrictions in place regarding outside food deliveries. 

  • Check the hotel’s website or call the front desk to ask about their food delivery policy. Many hotels will have information on whether they allow deliveries and any relevant instructions or restrictions.
  • Look for signs or notices about delivery policies posted in the lobby or around entrances. This could include permissible hours or where to meet drivers.
  • Search online reviews of the hotel to see if other guests have commented on the ease or difficulty of getting deliveries. This can reveal unstated policies.
  • When booking a room, you can ask the hotel directly about delivery policies as part of confirming the reservation.
  • Ask the front desk staff when checking in if you can get food delivered and if they have any advice or rules to follow.
  • Pay attention when first entering the lobby or grounds for evidence of previous food deliveries, like menus or drivers waiting around. This suggests it’s delivery-friendly.
  • Ask the driver to contact you when they’ve arrived so you can meet them rather than relying on access to your room.
  • Be prepared to meet the delivery person outside the hotel if lobby deliveries are not allowed.
  • Choose hotel brands that market food delivery partnerships or perks as they likely have delivery-friendly policies in place.

With a bit of research ahead of time, you can ensure a smooth food delivery experience at your hotel.

Prioritize Hotels with Clear Room Numbering

When DoorDashing to hotels, it’s helpful to prioritize hotels with clear room numbering systems. This will make it easier for you to locate the correct room and deliver the order promptly. Hotels with well-organized room numbering systems save you time and minimize any confusion or frustration during the delivery process.

For example, hotels like Hilton or Marriott usually have clear and consistent room numbering systems. Their rooms are often labeled with numbers or letters, making it easier for you to navigate and deliver the order efficiently.

Consider Hotels with Exterior Room Access

Another factor to consider when choosing a hotel for DoorDash deliveries is whether the hotel offers exterior room access. Hotels with exterior room access allow you to deliver the order directly to the guest’s room without having to go through the main lobby or reception. This can save you time and streamline the delivery process.

Hotels like Holiday Inn or Best Western often have exterior room access, allowing you to quickly and easily deliver the order without any unnecessary detours.

By considering these factors, you can pick the right hotel for your DoorDash deliveries and ensure a smooth and successful experience for both you and the hotel guests.

Placing Your DoorDash Hotel Order

Double Check the Room Number

When placing a DoorDash order to a hotel, it is crucial to double-check the room number provided by the customer. This ensures that the delivery is made to the correct room and avoids any confusion or delays. Inaccurate room numbers can lead to frustration for both the delivery driver and the customer, so taking a moment to verify the information can save time and ensure a smooth delivery process.

Make sure to include your full hotel name, room number, and any other relevant details in the delivery instructions section when placing your order. This helps the driver find you.

List your mobile number so the driver can contact you if they have trouble finding you.

Provide Detailed Delivery Instructions

Hotels can be large and have multiple entrances or reception areas. To make it easier for the DoorDash driver to locate the customer’s room, it’s important to provide detailed delivery instructions. This could include mentioning specific landmarks or landmarks near the entrance, such as “Deliver to the main entrance near the fountain.”

Additionally, providing information about the floor or wing of the hotel can further assist the driver in finding the correct location. Clear instructions help prevent any unnecessary confusion and ensure a prompt delivery.

Give a Room Description for Identification

Hotels often have multiple rooms with similar numbers, especially in larger establishments. To avoid any mix-ups, it can be helpful to provide a room description when placing a DoorDash order.

For example, instead of just providing the room number “202,” you could specify “202 – Corner room with a view of the pool.” This additional information can make it easier for the delivery driver to identify the correct room and deliver the order accurately.

Add Special Requests if Needed

Customers may have specific requests or preferences when it comes to their DoorDash orders. If you have any special requests, such as requesting extra condiments or napkins, it’s important to mention them when placing the order.

  • Ask the driver to call or message when they’ve parked so you can meet them in the lobby. This saves them time finding your room.
  • Give instructions like “Meet at the side/back entrance” if that’s easiest for deliveries.
  • Provide your mobile number and ask to be called from the hotel’s gate if there is one.
  • Request contactless delivery if you have COVID-19 or other health concerns. This minimizes contact.
  • Ask that food be left with the front desk if you’ll be away from your room when it arrives.
  • If you have a disability, note clear instructions for the drop-off location and procedure.
  • Request plastic utensils and condiments if the hotel doesn’t provide them with rooms.
  • Note food allergy or dietary needs like “dairy-free” or “no peanuts.” Drivers can verify with restaurants.
  • Ask for chopsticks or extra sauces/napkins if needed.
  • Provide the entry code for gated entrances or secured buildings.
  • Give your room number even if meeting in the lobby so the order can be confirmed.

DoorDash drivers strive to provide excellent service, and accommodating special requests can enhance the overall customer experience. By clearly communicating your needs, you can ensure that your DoorDash order is tailored to your preferences.

Picking up Your Order from the Dasher

Opt to Meet in the Lobby

When ordering food delivery to your hotel, it is convenient to arrange a meeting point with your Dasher in the hotel lobby. This not only ensures that you can easily locate each other, but it also saves time for both parties. Additionally, meeting in the lobby allows you to avoid any confusion or delays that might arise from navigating through the hotel’s hallways or finding your room.

Provide Your Phone Number for Contact

One way to facilitate smooth communication with your Dasher is by providing your phone number when placing the order. This enables the Dasher to easily reach out to you if there are any issues or questions regarding the delivery. By sharing your contact information, you can quickly resolve any potential hiccups, ensuring that your food arrives promptly and accurately.

Give Updates on Access Issues

If your hotel has specific access requirements or restrictions, it is helpful to inform your Dasher about them. For example, if there is a separate entrance for deliveries or if they need to use a specific elevator, notifying the Dasher in advance will prevent any unnecessary confusion or delays. By giving clear instructions about access issues, you can ensure a seamless delivery experience.

Offer a Room Number Callback

In some cases, it may be more convenient for the Dasher to deliver the food directly to your hotel room. If this is your preference, you can provide your room number to the Dasher and request a callback when they arrive at the hotel. This way, you can be alerted when your food is just moments away, allowing you to be ready to receive it without any unnecessary waiting.

Tipping Your DoorDash Driver

When it comes to DoorDashing to hotels, tipping your driver is an essential part of the process. Just like any other delivery service, your DoorDash driver relies on tips to supplement their income and provide quality service. Here are some key points to consider when tipping your DoorDash driver:

Tip Based on Difficulty, Not Just Distance

It’s important to remember that delivering to hotels can sometimes be more challenging for drivers. With larger properties, navigating through parking lots or finding the correct entrance can take extra time and effort.

Consider this when determining how much to tip your driver. Rather than solely basing your tip on the distance traveled, take into account any additional difficulties they may have encountered during the delivery process.

A Minimum 20% Tip is Recommended

When it comes to tipping your DoorDash driver, a general rule of thumb is to provide a minimum tip of 20% of your order total. This ensures that your driver is adequately compensated for their time and effort.

  • Navigating a hotel involves extra effort and time for the driver. Unlike homes, hotels can be like mazes for outsiders. A good tip compensates them for this.
  • Hotels often restrict direct access to guest rooms. This means the driver has to call/message and coordinate a lobby pickup, warranting a better tip.
  • There’s a greater chance of getting lost in a large hotel. Drivers appreciate when a good tip makes up for spending extra time finding the right room.
  • Tipping 20% or more leaves a positive impression and incentive for drivers to accept future hotel deliveries.
  • Since hotels don’t allow door-to-door delivery, drivers miss out on some of the convenience tips they may get with home deliveries.
  • A higher tip makes up for the driver potentially having to cover parking fees at hotels that charge for valet or self-parking.
  • Generous tipping for room deliveries can help boost overall tip percentages and earnings for delivery drivers.

So when that hotel food delivery arrives on time and accurately, make sure to tip at minimum 20% and preferably more to thank the driver for going the extra distance. They’ll remember your good tip next time!

Remember, your driver is working hard to ensure your meal arrives at your hotel promptly and in excellent condition. By tipping generously, you’re showing appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Cash Tips Can Supplement In-App Tips

While DoorDash does provide the option to tip your driver through the app, it’s worth noting that cash tips can also be a great way to supplement their income. Some drivers prefer cash tips as they receive them immediately, and it allows them to have more control over their earnings. If you choose to tip in cash, make sure to communicate this to your driver beforehand or leave a note in the delivery instructions to avoid any confusion.

Remember, by tipping your DoorDash driver appropriately, you’re not only supporting their livelihood but also encouraging a positive working environment. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference in their day. So, the next time you order food to your hotel through DoorDash, consider these tips and show your appreciation for your hardworking delivery driver!

Troubleshooting Common DoorDash Hotel Issues

Reconnecting with Your Dasher

One common issue that DoorDash customers encounter when ordering to hotels is difficulty in reconnecting with their assigned Dasher. This can happen if the Dasher is unable to find the hotel room or if there are communication issues. To resolve this problem, try the following steps:

  1. Double-check the delivery instructions you provided when placing the order. Make sure you have included clear directions to your hotel room, including any necessary information such as building or floor numbers.
  2. If the Dasher is having trouble finding your room, consider meeting them in the hotel lobby or another easily accessible location.
  3. If you are unable to reconnect with your Dasher, reach out to them via the DoorDash app or give them a call to provide additional instructions or clarify any confusion.

Incorrect Room Number Deliveries

Another issue that can occur with DoorDash deliveries to hotels is receiving orders meant for a different room number. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re hungry and eagerly waiting for your food. Here’s what you can do to address this problem:

  1. Double-check your delivery address and make sure you have provided the correct room number when placing the order. Small errors in the room number can lead to your order being delivered to the wrong room.
  2. If you receive an order meant for another room, contact the hotel front desk and inform them of the situation. They can help redirect the order to the correct room or assist in resolving the issue.
  3. Consider reaching out to DoorDash support to report the incorrect delivery. They can help ensure that the issue is resolved and provide any necessary compensation if applicable.

Contacting Support for Missing Orders

One of the most frustrating experiences when using DoorDash is when your order goes missing. While it doesn’t happen often, it can still occur, especially when delivering to hotels. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s what you can do:

  1. Check the DoorDash app or website for any updates on your order. Sometimes, there might be delays or issues with the Dasher that can cause a delay in delivery.
  2. If your order is significantly delayed or missing, contact DoorDash support through the app or website. They have a dedicated customer support team that can assist you in resolving the issue.
  3. When reaching out to support, provide them with the necessary details such as your order number, delivery address, and any other relevant information. This will help them investigate the issue more efficiently.
  4. DoorDash has a robust support system, and they strive to resolve any issues promptly. They will work with you to ensure that you receive the assistance you need and, if necessary, a refund or credit for the missing order.

Remember, while encountering issues with DoorDash deliveries to hotels can be frustrating, it’s important to remain calm and reach out for support. DoorDash has systems in place to address these problems and ensure that you have a positive experience with their service.

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With the right preparation and communication, getting food delivered from DoorDash to your hotel can be simple and straightforward.

Double check room details, provide clear instructions, tip generously, and be understanding of any navigation issues your Dasher may face.

Following these best practices helps ensure prompt, smooth deliveries so you can relax and enjoy restaurant meals in your room.

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