SABRE Door Security Bar


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Instantly Boost Home Security with the SABRE Door Bar

The SABRE Door Security Bar is an easy-to-install door stop alarm that provides instant protection against home intrusions. Just slide the adjustable steel bar underside your door handle to fortify entry points in seconds.

Reliable Built-In Alarm

The integrated alarm senses vibrations from attempted entry and triggers a 95dB siren to deter intruders. Loud enough to alert occupants.

Fits Most Doors

This universal door jammer extends 28.5 to 45 inches to secure hinged and sliding doors. Foam end caps prevent floor scratches.

No Installation Required

Unlike hardwired alarm systems, this stand-alone door bar needs no drilling, wiring, or hardware. Just slide it into place for instant reinforcement.

Steel Construction

Made from strong steel, this high-quality door stop bar delivers heavy-duty protection and withstands daily use. A must-have home security layer.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing doors are reinforced against intrusions. The SABRE Door Security Bar combines a sturdy door stop with a built-in vibration-detecting alarm to deter unwanted entry.


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